Supreme Conquering System/C50 People Exhort How to Do
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Supreme Conquering System/C50 People Exhort How to Do
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C50 People Exhort How to Do


Qin Yi's sword stopped less than an inch away from City Governor Liu's neck.

Qin Yi frowned, and he gripped the sword tightly as though he was thinking about something.

"Your Highness, as long as you let me go.

I can let bygones be bygones. You guys can feel free to disperse."

Seeing that, City Governor Liu's face revealed joy, thinking that Qin Yi was afraid. He immediately opened his mouth to push harder.

As long as he could escape, he would avenge everyone present.!

City Governor Liu looked worried, but in fact, he was secretly betting big.

Now, as long as Qin Yi put down the sword, City Governor Liu would have won!

"Your Highness must think this through.

There are three thousand strong soldiers. I don’t think your man can fight them!”

Suddenly, Qin Yi's hand trembled slightly, and the sword tip drawing a line of blood on City Governor Liu’s face, scaring City Governor Liu out of his cold sweat. City Governor Liu spoke repeatedly.


Many people looked at Qin Yi who was hesitating, and their expressions became complex.

Many people hoped that the Ninth Prince could kill the Dog officer in one slash.

However, they all understood that, as the Dog Officer said before, their lives were up to Qin Yi..

If Qin Yi killed the Dog officer, everyone present would lose their lives!

The three thousand strong soldiers were no joke. They could easily hang everyone present to death if they wanted.

If Qin Yin didn't kill him and allowed this Dog officer to live and continue controlling Yuanjiang City, they were reluctant!

However, what could they do for being reluctant? No one here should be killed!

Furthermore, their hero, the Ninth Prince, was present.

Without the Ninth Prince, they would have always been kept from the truth, and the Dog officer would continue bullying them!

The Ninth Prince who told them the truth was their savior!

Even if their enemy couldn’t be killed, they could not let their hero, the Ninth Prince, be injured!

"Your Highness, please stop. We will remember your kindness for all of us!

We can't sacrifice your life for the life of the Dog officer!"

"Of course not. Your Highness are a noble one. You are different from us common people.

If we were the only ones here, even if we had to risk our lives, we would kill this Dog officer.

But, you're different; you can't be in trouble!"

"Your Highness, please hold back. Madam is still here. Both of you should be safe!"

The men of Yuanjiang City shouted at the same time.

Some of them were already kneeling on the ground, begging Qin Yi to stop!

Their thoughts were very simple. Qin Yi was their savior. Even more, he was the Ninth Prince. So, he shouldn’t get into troubles because of them.

Since he was the hero, they wished he was safe!

This was the simplest and truest thought for the commoners!

They didn't even consider their own lives but were only thinking about Qin Yi and Liu Yiyi.

"Your Highness, please stop!"

In the end, a myriad of words converged into one sentence.

Even Byakuya was moved by this heaven-shaking shout.

"Ugh …"

Liu Yiyi covered her own mouth, and her eyes were red. These simple and honest people made her feel touched.

They would rather let go of their enemies who killed their own people and sold their daughters than let Qin Yi be harmed!

"Husband, stop!"

Liu Yiyi choked with sobs, begging Qin Yi.

Seeing the people begging Qin Yi, City Governor Liu was extremely happy.

Soon, he just pushed harder and his little life would be saved!




At this time, outside the City Governor's Mansion came the measured footsteps, the sound of weapon clash and the neighs. .

His Iron-Armored Army arrived!

His three thousand soldiers arrived!

His little life could be saved!

City Governor Liu's face immediately revealed a look of ecstasy!

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