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Supreme Conquering System/C52 Young Man Even the Heavens Want You to Act Cool
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C52 Young Man Even the Heavens Want You to Act Cool

"City Governor Liu is dead!"

Everyone looked at the scene in front of them in shock.

"His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince, we really killed this Dog officer!"

Everyone's eyes blurred, they never expected that Qin Yi would actually dare to kill City Governor Liu!

To kill their commander in chief in front of all the Iron-Armored Army!

This was disregarding their own life and death, taking revenge for them!

Everyone understood, there was no need for Qin Yi to do this, even if City Governor Liu was allowed to leave, they would not have any complaints.

However, Qin Yi did not care about his own safety, and decisively killed City Governor Liu, for the sake of their savior!

Qin Yi proudly stood up, his clothes white like snow, and the shining treasured sword in his hand dripping with blood, as though he was an unrivaled hero who could support both heaven and earth!

Sunlight poured down from the heavens and sprinkled all over his body like divine light from the heavens!

This was their His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince, the great benefactor of Yuanjiang City!

As if a god had descended, he beheaded the Dog officer!

"Long live His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince!"

Everyone's eyes were burning with passion as they could not help but shout out.

"Long live His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince!"

"Long live His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince!"

With this shout, countless people instantly responded.

Even Liu Yiyi, and even Xiao Yu, shouted out loudly.

Hundreds of people shouted in unison. Their voices shook the skies, stopping Xingyun!

Even if this slogan was disrespectful, even if it was a bit outrageous!

Ten thousand years old, that title could only be used by Unfailing Royal Monarch s. Although Qin Yi was a Ninth Prince, he could not enjoy such a noble title!

However, these men of Yuanjiang City were willing to shout!

He shouted at the top of his lungs!

He shouted with all his heart!

His shout was earth-shattering!

It was shouted for the entire city to know!

Some of them were even crying because they were too excited!

A man made of iron would not shed tears, but only to the point of being hurt!

They had been waiting for an enlightened ruler for a long time!

But now, they had finally arrived!

At this moment, His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince was the king that no one could replace in their hearts!

Qin Yi was the god they worshipped!

Seemingly to match with the crowd's shouts, the aura on Qin Yi's body grew exponentially!

In the sky, the winds and clouds were stirring as spiritual energy gathered!

Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth gathered here like a swimming dragon!

Storm of Spiritual Qi suddenly formed above the Yuanjiang City!

Countless amounts of spiritual qi from the heaven and earth poured down from the sky, entering Qin Yi's Hundred Convergence Acupuncture Point!

But then, Qin Yi suddenly released a hazy and dense gold divine light, like rippling water waves, it lingered on!

This beautiful golden light gathered at the back of Qin Yi's head.

It was as if a great sun had risen behind Qin Yi, causing people to not dare look straight at it!

The dense mist circulated, and quickly turned into a halo of light the size of a wheel, floating behind Qin Yi's head!

Under the contrast of the halo, Qin Yi was like a celestial being who had descended from the heavens to the mortal world!

His body emitted a sacred aura, making people unable to help themselves from bowing in worship!


After a series of sounds of kneeling, everyone fell to their knees!

The His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince was the reincarnation of the Supreme Being Immortal!

This was what everyone was thinking!

The God's blessing Yuanjiang City, allowed them to welcome the City Lord that was akin to an immortal!

His cold face could no longer maintain its original indifference, and the disbelief in his eyes was no longer concealed.

"So this is my husband, the Immortal?"

Liu Yiyi's red lips slightly opened as she muttered to herself.

The crowd of Iron-Armored Army and three thousand elite soldiers were completely shocked by this phenomenon!

Each of their eyes was as big as bells, and their legs were tottering, as if they couldn't help but join the worshipping team.

In front of the overwhelming might of the heavens, the fact that they were able to stand was already something that filled their hearts with unswerving determination.

It was simply impossible for them to act against Qin Yi!

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