Supreme Conquering System/C53 A Natural Emperor a Wise King Since Ancient Times
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Supreme Conquering System/C53 A Natural Emperor a Wise King Since Ancient Times
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C53 A Natural Emperor a Wise King Since Ancient Times

South of Yuanjiang City City.

Liu Estate.

This was the residence of the former Prime Minister of the current dynasty, the Old Master Liu.

No matter what kind of storm or clouds the Yuanjiang City created, it would not affect this place.

As long as the Old Master Liu was still here, the Liu Estate would be as stable as Mt. Tai!

Even the current Unfailing Royal Monarch s and First Prince s would frequently send people over to pay their respects to the Old Master Liu.

At this moment, the phenomenon that was happening in the direction of the City Governor's Mansion was spreading all the way up to the sky above the Liu Estate.

"This is the Storm of Spiritual Qi! It's actually the Storm of Spiritual Qi! "

Old Master Liu was sitting upright on a rattan chair in the courtyard.

"The direction of the City Governor's Mansion?"

Old Master Liu suddenly stood up, a light flashing across his eyes.

How is this possible?

It was impossible for one to possess such an extraordinary heaven's pride level expert in the City Governor's Mansion!

While Old Master Liu was still confused, he suddenly remembered that a servant had come to report so His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince brought Yi Yi to the City Governor's Mansion.

"Could it be the His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince?" The Old Master Liu muttered.

It seemed to be a question, but Old Master Liu already had an answer.

"As expected of a natural Imperial Monarch. As expected of her bloodline, it is indeed extraordinary!"

Old Master Liu stroked his beard, looking into the distance with misty eyes.

"However, this strange scene spread throughout the city.

He who should have seen it, had seen it. He who should not have seen it, had seen it.

This is a blessing and a disaster! "

After a long while, Old Master Liu finally regained his senses, shook his head and sighed.

"His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince is still very weak. His power, foundation and strength have not fully formed yet.

I'm afraid it will be difficult to resist the First Prince's reckless methods! "

Old Master Liu frowned, his heart was filled with worry.

If this matter were to spread to First Prince s, they would definitely anger him!

Qin Yi's talent was enough to make First Prince throw away his face, just to get rid of Qin Yi.

At that time, with Qin Yi's current power, he would have to face the First Prince in control.

Qin Yi simply did not have any means of resistance.

"Perhaps, I, this old man, will step onto the Capital City again!

For the His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince, for her bloodline, for the Unfailing Dynasty.

This old man should be able to help out too! "

The light in the Old Master Liu's eyes became solid, firm and powerful, not like the eyes of a dying man.

At this moment, Old Master Liu seemed to have returned to his youth.


"Is he breaking through his Upper Heaven Stage?"

The two leaders of the three thousand Iron-Armored Army, the muscular man who was out of the ordinary, couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

"Kill the enemy with your heart of thought, Sky Bridge!

A born Imperial Monarch, born for slaughter, established an unparalleled dynasty through slaughter!

This is the Bright Monarch that I am looking for! "

The other heroic soldier could not help but reveal a joyful smile.

On the other side, Qin Yi's mind was still immersed in making a breakthrough.

The breakthrough this time had also originated from the system.

"Ding!" Congratulations to the Host for killing an Elite, currently at the 3rd level of the Innate realm.

Above three realms of host, experience points and killing points will be drawn. "

"Ding!" "Congratulations to the Host for obtaining one hundred and fifty experience points and 15 slaughter points."

"Ding! Host's current experience is full!"

The system will automatically judge, empty out the current experience, and advance to the next realm! "

This was because Qin Yi had killed City Governor Liu and obtained a large amount of killing experience.

Therefore, Qin Yi also broke through the Upper Heaven Stage at the same time!

Regarding this point, Qin Yi had already expected it, it was just that he did not anticipate the battle formation for his breakthrough, it was so huge!

Storm of Spiritual Qi!

Golden mist!

These phenomena, only when the super heaven's pride level experts or Martial Cultivator s with noble bloodlines break through, would they have such a shocking force!

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