Supreme Conquering System/C54 We Are Here to Submit to His Royal Highness the Ninth Prince
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Supreme Conquering System/C54 We Are Here to Submit to His Royal Highness the Ninth Prince
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C54 We Are Here to Submit to His Royal Highness the Ninth Prince

There was always a saying passed down through the Unfailing Dynasty.

The person who could trigger the Storm of Spiritual Qi, would definitely step into the Grandmaster Realm one day!

What is a Grandmaster, the Martial Cultivator that has stepped onto his own path, is a Grandmaster!

It was all the Dao of the Heavens and the Earth!

Unfailing Dynasty, three master's!

The first was the Unfailing God of Army, General Mo. He guarded the Five Mountain Great Pass and suppressed them to the point where it was difficult to invade the Unfailing Dynasty in a hundred years!

Second, as the master of the Martial Arts's Sacred Grounds and the True Martial Arts Mountain's Mountain Lord, he single-handedly suppressed millions of sects to the point where they couldn't even raise their heads!

The third was the Free and Unrestrained Cultivator, the Sky Blade Master.

These three, represented the peak of individual combat strength!

One person was equivalent to one hundred thousand teachers!

On the path of martial dao, there was a possibility that anyone below the Grandmaster Realm could be surrounded and killed by thousands upon thousands of men and horses.

But once one reached the Grandmaster Realm, no matter how much Sky-Sergeant one had, it would not be able to cause much harm to a Grandmaster!

Furthermore, a heaven's pride level expert who could trigger a Storm of Spiritual Qi, not only did he manage to become a Grandmaster, he also had a seventy to eighty percent more chance than an ordinary person.

At least, these three people, when they stepped into the Upper Heaven Stage, had all triggered Storm of Spiritual Qi s before!

But now, Qin Yi had activated the Storm of Spiritual Qi in front of everyone, and this was enough to prove that Qin Yi was a Peerless Proud Son of Heaven!

A Heaven's Pride who was strong enough to step into the Zongshi realm!

As for the phenomenon of the golden fog, it was rarely mentioned in the legends.

So, in fact, in the entire Yuanjiang City, there were not many people present who understood the meaning of this.

But anyone with a discerning eye would be able to see that Qin Yi was extraordinary.

No matter what, Qin Yi had already stepped into the Upper Heaven Stage!

And it was also thanks to the help of the system that he did not need to spend time to stabilize his cultivation before standing firmly on top of his Upper Heaven Stage!

A flash of happiness flashed across Qin Yi's face, but quickly, it disappeared.

Now was not the time to be happy. The trouble before him had yet to be resolved.

Three thousand Iron-Armored Army!

Qin Yi's expression became heavy. He had already entered the Innate Realm, adding the fact that they had two Upper Heaven Warrior s on their side.

However, facing the three thousand Iron-Armored Army, his chances of victory were still not high.

After all, Qin Yi's side still had a lot of useless trash!

Moreover, what made Qin Yi most afraid to relax were the two leading soldiers.

The aura of these two people was obscure and difficult to describe.

Even if Qin Yi broke through Upper Heaven Stage, he would still not be able to see through their cultivation!

Then, there was only one possibility, the two of them were both from Upper Heaven Warrior, their cultivations were even deeper than Qin Yi's!

Two Upper Heaven Warrior and three thousand elite soldiers!

It seemed like a fierce battle was unavoidable!


Since this king has beheaded the Dog officer, I am not afraid of a battle!


The faint sound of a sword could be heard. With the sword in hand, he pointed at the three thousand elite soldiers!

"A person who helps evil to oppress others, how can we fear a battle!"

Qin Yi looked coldly in front of him, and shouted loudly.

"We will fight!"

Qin Yi waved his arms and shouted.

Countless men from the Yuanjiang City shouted in unison, glaring at their opponents!

Even if they knew that they were no match for him, even if they would lose their lives because of this, they would not be afraid!

Today, Ninth Prince is going to kill Dog officer, then we will kill all the dogs in Dog officer!

The three thousand elite warriors had a serious look on their faces, ready to fight at any moment!

The white Qi Function firmly locked onto the two leading innate soldiers!

The war between the two sides was on the verge of breaking out!

"We have heard of the mighty His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince, how we killed the people of the Dog officer, and how fast we can move their hearts!

We three thousand officers have come specially to submit to the His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince! "

Just when everyone thought that a battle was inevitable, the heroic warrior suddenly bowed his head in submission!

Three thousand Iron-Armored Army, followed suit, kneeling on the ground!

"We have come specially to submit to the His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince!"

His bell-like shout caused everyone to be stunned.

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