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C55 Hey This Script Isn't Right

"Ah?" "What's going on?!"

This script isn't right!

Qin Yi was startled, what was going on?

The heroic warrior and the fierce man had actually led the three thousand Iron-Armored Army s to kneel at his feet?

These three thousand Iron-Armored Army are obviously City Governor Liu's private soldiers, they should be loyal and devoted to the City Governor Liu.

But now, it had instead given in to him with such decisiveness, which made Qin Yi's heart slightly tighten.

Could it be that there was some conspiracy?


A white silhouette suddenly appeared in front of Qin Yi, blocking his path.

Obviously, Bai Yu was also worried about this.

However, Qin Yi muttered to himself as he walked out from behind Bai Yu, and stood proudly in front of everyone.

He even stood in front of the two heroic soldiers!

"Young master …"

Bai Yu opened his mouth, as though he was trying to advise Qin Yi against it.

Qin Yi shook his head imperceptibly, indicating for Bai Yu to not mind.

He could tell that these two heroes had sincerely brought these three thousand Iron-Armored Army to submit to him.

If, just because it was a little dangerous, he was afraid of people behind him.

Then, this would only disappoint those who came to submit to him!

Even the proud Qin Yi would not allow himself to do such a timid thing!

I am the king, I will do as you say!

There was nothing he could do, he could only follow closely behind Qin Yi and increase his vigilance to prevent any mishaps.

"Warriors, please rise!"

Qin Yi said loudly to the three thousand Iron-Armored Army with a light smile at the corner of his mouth.

"Thank you, His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince!"

Three thousand Iron-Armored Army s roared together, and stood up in an orderly fashion.

As they knelt, the soldier was solemn and did not make a single sound!

Qin Yi nodded his head in satisfaction, with such a military presence, he was indeed an elite.

"Ding!" Congratulations to the Host for taking over the first army and obtaining a reward of 20 slaughter points! "

"Ding!" "Legion system activated!"

The cold mechanical voice of the System resounded in his mind.

Qin Yi heaved a sigh of relief as the system notification sounded out.

It seems that these three thousand Iron-Armored Army have sincerely submitted to him.

The system's judgement should not be wrong.

The reason why Qin Yi dared to face off against three thousand Iron-Armored Army, aside from his own confidence, was also because he was prepared.

Qin Yi would not be so careless as to stand in front of the two Upper Heaven Warrior s.

At such a close distance, with the explosive power of the Upper Heaven Warrior, it disappeared in a blink of an eye!

Even if he had already been promoted to Upper Heaven Warrior and had his guard up there, he still wouldn't be completely safe.

And the reason why Qin Yi dared to do so was because of the system.

Aside from the main system, the Unparalleled Conquest System also had many supporting systems.

The legion system was one of them.

But there was only one way to activate the legion system, and that was to subdue an army that belonged to him.

The appearance of these three thousand Iron-Armored Army met the requirements to activate the legion's system.

As long as the legion system was activated, it would mean that the three thousand Iron-Armored Army s had sincerely submitted to him.

However, luckily Qin Yi won the bet!

All three thousand Iron-Armored Army s were taken under his command!

He now had his first army, a strong, iron-blooded army!

"Activate Legion System!"

Qin Yi could not help but cry out softly in his heart.

A square screen appeared in front of Qin Yi's eyes, and what was displayed on it was no longer Qin Yi's attributes, but Qin Yi's army.

"Name of Legion: Iron-Armored Army (One Star Army)

Soul of Military: None

Military: None

Population: 3000

Equipment: Iron Battle Armor

Note: Black Armor is like a mountain, Golden Dagger-axe stands tall!

This is an army that has gone through the baptism of war, but is still far from being able to form Soul of Military! "

The content on the panel was very simple, there wasn't any unnecessary content in it, but the information that it revealed was worthy for Qin Yi to think about carefully.

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