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Supreme Conquering System/C56 Ingenious Intelligence Non-existent
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C56 Ingenious Intelligence Non-existent

"System, what is a Soul of Military?"

Qin Yi looked at the Stats Window and asked.

"Ding!" Soul of Military is the soul of an army. "


Qin Yi's expression froze, he almost wanted to curse out loud.

Of course he knew that the Soul of Military represented the soul of an army!

Qin Yi helplessly looked up to the sky. Why is someone else's system so intelligent, why is his system so rigid?

Otherwise, he could just pretend that he didn't say anything.

"System, can you explain the Soul of Military to me in detail?"

Qin Yi took a deep breath, and asked with a deep voice at the bottom of his heart.

"Ding!" The Soul of Military s were the most important foundation of an army.

Man-made, soul created!

Only when an army condenses a Soul of Military can they truly be called an army.

Soul of Military will not be exterminated, this army will not be defeated!

An army with Soul of Military s, even if they only have a few dozen people, can still display power that surpasses their numbers by a hundred times! "


Hearing that, Qin Yi could not help but take in a breath of cold air, fully displaying a hundred times the battle power!

For an army to be able to unleash over a hundred times the battle power, how terrifying must that be!

Imagine an army that could gather Soul of Military. Even if it was just a thousand people, they could still defeat a hundred thousand enemies!

Qin Yi could no longer imagine what kind of power and influence this could wield!

"Ding!" The strength and weakness of a Soul of Military formed by an army depended on the commander of the army.

At the same time, the minimum standard for condensing Soul of Military is a three-star army. "

The System added.

"A three-star army?" "And how are the ranks of this army divided?"

Qin Yi raised his eyebrows and asked.

"The military hierarchy is divided into nine stars, with one star being the lowest and nine stars being the highest.

As for the classification, the host is invited to explore it on his own! "

"I... "Go!"

Qin Yi could not help but curse at the bottom of his heart, feeling extremely helpless.

I said the system is highly intelligent, but my care is still intelligent!

Exploring by myself, what the hell am I exploring by myself!

Qin Yi was helpless in his heart. He was already completely disappointed in his own system.

Fine, I'll explore on my own.

Just as Qin Yi was conversing with the System in his heart, the three thousand Iron-Armored Army stood at their original positions, waiting for Qin Yi's orders.

"Warriors, have you two had the time to ask for your names?"

Qin Yi regained his senses, and asked the two in front of him with a smile.

"I am Baili Yan, greetings His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince."

The heroic warrior clasped his fists as he spoke.

"I am Mo Meng, greetings His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince!"

The valiant general laughed heartily as well. His voice was so sonorous that it made one's eardrums buzz.

The words' his voice is like a bell 'was clearly visible on his body.

"Ding!" Congratulations to the two generals! "

As the two of them self-destructed, the system's mechanical sound rang out once again.

"Hmm? "Open the properties panel."

Qin Yi was startled, and then called out the attribute panel.

He saw that under the white list of characters, there were two extra attributes.

"Character: Baili Yan;

Identity: The 300th generation successor of Hidden Sect;

Cultivation Stage: Third level of the Congenital Realm;

Weapons: Hundred Li Jingyun Spear;

Martial Arts: Hundred Bird Rising Phoenix Spear;

"Talent: A"

"Character: Mo Meng;

Identity: grandson of the Unfailing God of Army;

Cultivation Stage: Third level of the Congenital Realm;

Weapons: Blades;

Martial Arts: Mo Clan's Saber Art, Reverse Scaled Sabre Technique;

"Talent: A"


When the information of the two entered Qin Yi's eyes, it immediately caused him to inhale a breath of cold air.

A descendant of the Hidden Sect! The grandson of the Unfailing God of Army!

In this tiny Yuanjiang City, two fierce people suddenly appeared!

The identities of these two people were extremely terrifying, and even shocked Qin Yi!

Moreover, these two people would have to seek refuge under him!

This caused Qin Yi to be overjoyed!

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