Supreme Conquering System/C57 Congratulations Young Man You Have Won Two Great Generals
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Supreme Conquering System/C57 Congratulations Young Man You Have Won Two Great Generals
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C57 Congratulations Young Man You Have Won Two Great Generals

Baili Yan.

He had a handsome face and was clad in black armor. His hair was tied up in a black jade crown and his eyes were shining with a threatening light.

This is the successor of the Hidden Sect!

Mo Meng.

His figure was tall and sturdy, and his stature was extraordinary. His fists were clenched so tightly that they were the size of a baby's head. At a glance, he gave off an oppressing feeling.

He was the grandson of the great general of Unfailing God of Army!

Qin Yi sized the two of them up and down, sighing with emotion.

Never would he have thought that there were actually two such people hidden within this small Yuanjiang City.

It could be said that Qin Yi had unwittingly gained two more helpers after taking the two as his subordinates.

The first, was Hidden Sect.

In terms of Unfailing Dynasty, amongst the tens of thousands of sects, the strongest were only the three great sects.

The chief of the righteous path, True Martial Arts Mountain!

The chief of the devil way, Heavenly Devil Dao!

And there was also the incomparably mysterious Hidden Sect which believed in neutrality!

The Hidden Sect had always been a mystery, and the whereabouts of the disciples could not be traced.

There had been very few successors in the history of the Hidden Sect, and most were single successors, but it could not be denied that every single person in the Hidden Sect could not be underestimated.

Every time a descendant of the Hidden Sect came into being, the interior of the Unfailing Dynasty would be filled with endless storm clouds.

This time, the successor of Hidden Sect, Baili Yan, was under his command.

This also meant that the Hidden Sect's resources and connections would all belong to Qin Yi.

As long as Baili Yan was loyal to him, then even the demons from the previous generations would not be able to escape from his grasp.

Thinking about it, Qin Yi could not help but smile.

The other support was from Unfailing God of Army.

This Mo Meng, was the grandson of the Unfailing God of Army.

Mo Meng was loyal to him, so if he made this connection, then General Mo would probably pay attention to him as well.

With a little bit of planning, he would be able to bring General Mo to his side. That would be a huge gain.

General Mo was the general of Unfailing Dynasty and was in charge of millions of soldiers!

It could be said that the illustrious reputation of the Unfailing Dynasty originated mostly from General Mo!

Hundred battles and 100 victories! Unfailing God of Army!

It was because of General Mo that the surrounding empires dared not to make a move because he was guarding the border!

General Mo's prestige in the army was even comparable to Unfailing Royal Monarch!

As long as Qin Yi could pull General Mo into his own faction.

The gap between him and the First Prince could be filled in an instant!

Even if First Prince had the support of the hundred civil and military officials, and Qin Yi had the support of General Mo alone, it was still comparable to the hundred civil and military officials!

The only issue that needed to be considered was that General Mo was the chief elder of the three dynasties.

From the moment he joined the army until now, he had been a member of the imperial clan for more than two hundred years, and had never participated in the battle between the Royal Clans.

The Mo Clan had always believed in self-preservation, and they would never interfere in matters of the royal clan!

The only thing that the Mo Clan was loyal to was Unfailing Dynasty, and once the new king ascended the throne, they would be loyal to the new king!

The Mo Clan never cared about the matters before the new King ascended the throne.

Right now, Qin Yi should be troubled about how to bring General Mo into his camp.

Very quickly, Qin Yi relaxed again, the corners of his mouth revealing an evil smile.

The grandson of General Mo was also here. Was he still afraid that General Mo would not come?

Moreover, even if General Mo did not intervene and gained two talents, to Qin Yi, that was already more than enough!

Having two talents reaching the rank of A was already a pretty good gain.

Judging from the system's evaluation criteria, their talents were already extraordinary.

One had to know that even if it was just his talent, he was still a dual A Rank talent.

The potential of these two was only a level lower than his.

Qin Yi had once asked the System how strong the [A] class Inherent Skill was.

The System only replied once, "Please pick one!"

The talent of Baili Yan and Xiao Bai, was one out of a million!

He could be called a heaven's pride expert!

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