Supreme Conquering System/C6 My Life Is over I'm Going to Die
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Supreme Conquering System/C6 My Life Is over I'm Going to Die
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C6 My Life Is over I'm Going to Die

"The news that the Ninth Prince hanged himself due to fears for the pain of military service at the border would be spread in Yuanjiang City tomorrow!"

Following that, a murderous aura pervaded the entire study room, as if the temperature had dropped by a few degrees.

"Nice of First Prince!"

Hearing the Mister Blossom's words, Qin Yi became even more indignant.

He finally understood why the First Prince had sent the Mister Blossom to assassinate him after he had been demoted to the border by an edict.

He came for both his life and reputation!

The Unfailing Dynasty advocated sword instead of pen. Numerous cultivators gave birth to countless problems.

The abundance of cultivators also popularized the view that reputation was more important than life in the Unfailing Dynasty..

If it were the real Ninth Prince, he would wish he had never born after this kind of humiliation!

However, although Qin Yi was not the real Ninth Prince, he was still furious!

And in the next moment, Qin Yi was worrying.

Because Byakuya was not there, and with cultivation at the fifth level of Acquired Stage, he was not a match for Mister Blossom.

It was not that he did not think of escaping, but the Qi Function of the Mister Blossom had been locking onto him tightly and he couldn’t manage to escape.

Mister Blossom was an Upper Heaven Warrior famous for a long time and should not be considered weak among the Upper Heaven Warriors.

Facing such an expert, he had no chance at all!

Could it be today the date of my death? I am not resigned.

Time traveler?

Without power or strength in hand, any time traveler would be dead meat !

With the help of the System?

So what? He was too weak himself and cannot hold until Byakuya came to help.

Just if he was just strong enough to resist Mister Blossom until Byakuya detected in time, he wouldn’t be in danger like this!

Qin Yi was regretful.

If he had come to this world earlier, he would not have ended up like this with his intelligence and the support of the System.

Unfortunately, there were no ‘if’s in life, Qin Yi had been demoted to Yuanjiang City right after he came to this world.

With the help of the System and his effort over the past months, he had built some power..

But who knew that the First Prince did not give him any chance of survival and made several sequential moves.

Pitifully! If he had been given enough time, the First Prince would have been defeated!

Well, regrets were useless by then.

If he had to die, he would die with his head up high!

Qin Yi’s blood was not cold yet!

"It won't be that easy to take my life.

Although I am weak, I’m not afraid of a battle! "

Qin Yi took a deep breath, suppressed the surging regret, and regained his composure.

He slowly stood up with his head up high and pulled out the sword leaning against his chair.


The cold light reflected by the sword was on Qin Yi's resolute and calm face, making him look determined and stern..

"Bring it on!"

Qin Yi bellowed, and pointed his sword at the Mister Blossom.

"Good, I increasingly admire you!"

Mister Blossom was startled, and then laughed.

"Then I'll send you to your grave!"

Suddenly, the smile on Mister Blossom’s face turned into sneer. He waved his right hand, causing the Spirit Qi in the area to fluctuate, and transformed it into a Sword Qi that shot towards Qin Yi.

To control the spirit energy of heaven and earth was the power of an Upper Heaven Warrior!


The Sword Qi quickly expanded to at least three meters long.

Before Qin Yi moved, the Sword Qi already cut through the void and came towards him like a stream of light!

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