Supreme Conquering System/C61 Young Man Money Is Not a Problem
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Supreme Conquering System/C61 Young Man Money Is Not a Problem
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C61 Young Man Money Is Not a Problem

In the study.

Qin Yi was listening to Bai Dai's report about the situation in the past two days.

"Young Master, in these few days, we have already spent most of the funds that we obtained from City Governor's Mansion.

However, the corresponding thing is that most of the homeless people who were persecuted by the City Governor Liu have been settled down. "

Bai Yu still carried a cold expression, and expressionlessly reported to Qin Yi about the situation that he knew of.

However, although Bai Yu's face was expressionless, his heart was full of doubts.

He did not understand why Qin Yi was doing this.

He had spent all the money he had, but in the end, he had gotten nothing.

However, these were not things that he should consider.

What he needed to consider was how to complete what Qin Yi had ordered him to do.

"En, not bad. Go down and supervise them. Make sure that every citizen is properly settled down."

Qin Yi slightly closed his eyes, and instructed Bai Yu.

"Yes, young master."

Bai Yu responded with a sound. Then, his figure flashed and disappeared from the spot.

"System, System, you really do harm to me."

As soon as Bai Yu left, Qin Yi's face immediately darkened, and he muttered under his breath with a bitter face.

A treasure that was worth a total of fifty thousand gold ingots was spent entirely by Qin Yi just like that!

"Ding!" Host, you can choose not to complete this mission. "

"Cough, cough!"

The system's words immediately made Qin Yi choked, and he began to cough non-stop.

This broken system, since when did it become so good at making up for it!

If it weren't for the generous rewards, who would be willing to complete this task?

So it turned out that on that day when Qin Yi found out that the City Governor Liu had saved up for many years from the City Governor's Mansion, the system also refreshed a mission for him.

"Mission: Disperse ten thousand gold (simple level mission)"

Description: Under the oppression of the City Governor Liu, the citizens of Yuanjiang City have been suffering from cold and hunger for a long time.

As the City Lord of the Yuanjiang City, the host should save the entire population, for the sake of righteousness and justice.

Reward: Black-Armored Cavalry Training Array Diagram. "

The so called Training Array Diagram was a treasure created by the system.

With this treasure, he would be able to train a specific type of soldier.

Black-Armored Cavalry Training Array Diagram were one of them.

According to the explanation given by the system, the Black-Armored Cavalry was from a three-star army!

Compared to the current level of the Iron-Armored Army, it was two stars higher!

They had even reached the minimum standard of an army that could form Soul of Military!

This reward made Qin Yi envious.

Without hesitation, Qin Yi accepted the mission.

A Black-Armored Cavalry Training Array Diagram, was undoubtedly a treasure that could strengthen the foundation of Qin Yi's power.

With the Black-Armored Cavalry Training Array Diagram, he would be able to train his Iron-Armored Army into a Black-Armored Cavalry, causing his Iron-Armored Army's fighting strength to soar!

Qin Yi's strength greatly increased against the First Prince.

Time passed by slowly. In less than half a year, Qin Yuji would be forced by the First Prince to marry that playboy from the Wang Family.

Qin Yi had to possess the power to fight back against Capital City within this half a year!

This way, Qin Yi would be able to save his sister and her Royal Mother, both alive and well!

Therefore, even though the price for completing the mission was high, Qin Yi had no regrets.

Furthermore, he had not only received the system's reward for completing this quest.

The gold is all gone!

To Qin Yi, the so-called money could not even compare to the hearts of the people.

He had dissipated all his wealth, but had obtained the hearts of the common people in the Yuanjiang City!

He had used some money in exchange for the respect of countless citizens.

This was a huge profit!

Right now, his foundation within the Yuanjiang City had already become as firm as a rock, and he was unable to move at all.

The people were like water, water could carry a boat, but it could also overturn a boat.

With the support of countless citizens, Yuanjiang City was his most solid rear.

Qin Yi had even heard that when this news spread, there were even some residents of other cities in the Mi Jiang Country who brought their families and mouths as they headed towards the Yuanjiang City!

All of these were things that Qin Yi could not afford even if he used all his might!

But now, all of this belonged to Qin Yi!

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