Supreme Conquering System/C62 Young Man Another Retainer Is Running Towards You
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Supreme Conquering System/C62 Young Man Another Retainer Is Running Towards You
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C62 Young Man Another Retainer Is Running Towards You

Regardless if it was for the system's reward or the hearts of the people, Qin Yi chose to spend all his money.

Looking at the current situation, Qin Yi had profited.

As for now, it was not the time for Qin Yi to care about his gains and losses.

Now, the most important thing was to summon a retainer.

A new retainer!

A retainer from the unknown world!

The reason for this summoning opportunity came from the system quest that Qin Yi had completed, the extermination of Black Wind Robber.

Within the City Governor's Mansion, the First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers cooperated very well with Qin Yi.

But from start to finish, Qin Yi had never promised to let her go.

Qin Yi had no reason to let such an evil person go.

In the end, Qin Yi did not make a move and instead handed it over to the citizens of Yuanjiang City.

This undoubtedly made the fate of the First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers even more miserable.

Those commoners who had lost their families and suffered terrible deaths at the hands of the Black Wind Robber had long hated the First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers to the bone.

If there was a chance, to be able to vent the hatred in his heart, to be able to kill his enemy, how could the citizens of Yuanjiang City possibly endure that!

In the end, First Chieftain of Black Wind Robbers was beaten to death by countless angry Yuanjiang City citizens!

Recalling that day, the anger of the people of Yuanjiang City, Qin Yi could not help but be shocked.

All of a sudden, the people who were being suppressed and had accumulated a huge amount of anger exploded. It was an earth-shattering scene.

However, this action caused the hearts of the common people to feel gratitude to Qin Yi to rise to another level.

Because it was Qin Yi who helped them fulfill their wish.

This undoubtedly made Qin Yi gain another wave of reputation points!



Qin Yi shook his head, abandoning all other thoughts in his mind.

At this moment, even with his personality, he was still quite nervous.

Every summoning opportunity was extremely precious to Qin Yi, as it affected the growth of his power.

If he was able to summon another powerful expert that was comparable to the White Emperor, then he would be able to earn a huge sum of money.

With two Martial Cultivator of the Innate Fourth Layer as subordinates, their power and potential were not weaker than the experts that the First Prince could mobilize.

At that time, he would have the confidence to face the First Prince head on!

Whether or not he could succeed would depend on whether he could summon them this time.

"System, use summoning chance!"

Qin Yi took a deep breath, and said with a deep voice at the bottom of his heart.


A crisp sound rang out, followed by a powerful suction force appearing out of thin air.

The Suction Strength became bigger and bigger, and in the blink of an eye, it had completely sucked Qin Yi's consciousness into the darkness.

In this dark space, there was only darkness everywhere. There was only a gigantic Disk that was as tall as a person in front of him!

The surrounding Disk were carved with mysterious patterns, revealing a strange sense of beauty.

The Disk's entire body was white, sparkling and translucent. It emitted a faint light that attracted the eyes.

The Disk was divided into seven areas, with one to seven written on top, there was nothing else.

Qin Yi looked at the scene in front of him in shock. This wheel should be a system item used in the lottery.

However, there were only a few numbers written on it, which was completely different from the method Qin Yi had expected.

Without waiting for Qin Yi to think, the Disk slowly started to spin.

As time passed, the Disk became faster and faster.

At the beginning, with Qin Yi's eyesight, he was still able to see the numbers on the Disk. Very quickly, the numbers on the Disk had already blurred.

It was so much so that the more Qin Yi stared at the Disk, the more he felt dizzy and the more dazzling the Disk became.

Qin Yi had no choice but to look away, no longer looking at the Disk.

"Ding!" "Congratulations to the host for summoning a character, now linked to the world..."

Not long after, a mechanical sound came out from the system and entered Qin Yi's ears.

Qin Yi raised his head and looked at the Disk, the needle on it steadily stopped at the area with the number 'Six' written on it.

"Ding!" To connect to the Qin and Han worlds, would you like to draw? "

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