Supreme Conquering System/C63 Silver Robed War Armor Marquis of the Champions
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Supreme Conquering System/C63 Silver Robed War Armor Marquis of the Champions
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C63 Silver Robed War Armor Marquis of the Champions

"Qin and Han world!"

Qin Yi's expression became excited.

The Qin and Han world was a world where immortals could be found, where Qi warriors and Martial Cultivator existed side by side!

In this world, there were many retainers that Qin Yi could summon.

Deicide Bai Qi!

Tiger General Wang Jian!

Unrivaled Super Hottie, Han Xin!

To think that he was better than Zhang Liang!

This group of experienced and well-versed invincible warriors and strategists all belonged to this world.

If he could just summon one of them, it would be able to cause Qin Yi's power to rise greatly!

Qin Yi's face was filled with excitement, he was really looking forward to what kind of retainer he could recruit this time around!


With a ripple, the complex patterns on the Disk lit up slightly, emitting a dazzling light.

The six characters carved half a Disk, gradually enlarged and in the blink of an eye, occupied the entire Disk.

Suddenly, a blood-red light beam flew out from the dark space.

The red light fell on the Disk and dyed it blood-red!

When the red light dissipated, the Disk seemed to have turned into Spatial Channel that was covered with a layer of red film!

The blood-red bolt of lightning flashed and leaped, heading into the unknown depths of the world!

"Rushing for a thousand miles, defeating the Huns!

Feng Liuxiu was howling through the sky!

Silver cloak Battle Armor, Champion Marquis! "

Gradually, the sound of soldiers roaring could be heard from within the tunnel. It was completely shocking!

"Champion Marquis?!"

This time, Qin Yi could not hold on any longer, his face was excited, his fists clenched tightly.

Qin Yi even continued to look towards the blood red passageway.

If the retainers that Qin Yi had recruited this time were truly him, then this time, Qin Yi's summoning would be worth it.

Furthermore, he had made a ton of money!


An unswerving, powerful arm pierced through the blood-colored membrane.

Soon after, a figure slowly stepped out of the blood-red tunnel.

This person was not tall, and was only seven feet tall. His entire body emitted a feeling as if he was the sky and the earth, supporting the Vast Expanse.

He wore a red helmet, a white robe from the Silver Armor, a red shoulder robe from the Golden Armor, and a pair of martial boots.

"Champion Marquis, Huo Qubing!"

Qin Yi was extremely blessed, as he exclaimed in surprise.

"Ding!" Congratulations to the host for summoning the famous general of the Han Family, Huo Qubing! "

At the same time, the system notification rang out.

"Hahaha, it's really Huo Qubing!"

Qin Yi laughed a little crazily. He never thought that he would actually summon Huo Qubing!

This was a high-ranking officer of the entire army, his battle record was something that had been passed down through the ages!

Huo Qubing went on a lifetime of war, winning a hundred battles and winning a hundred victories, killing the Huns until they were terrified!

Under his lead, the Han Army charged forward for a thousand miles, breaking through the Huns' Royal Court and exterminating the Huns' ancestral courtyard!

In front of him, the Huns would flee thousands of miles away!

More importantly, Huo Qubing was an expert in cavalry fighting.

A thousand li of rushing was the best proof!

Coincidentally, Qin Yi had already acquired the Black-Armored Cavalry's Training Array Diagram.

With Black-Armored Cavalry combined with the Champion Marquis, what kind of sparks would Qin Yi be hoping they would be able to create if the two were to combine!

At least, Qin Yi was certain that the Black-Armored Cavalry would release an even more dazzling light in Huo Qubing's hands.

This was the power of the Champion Marquis!

"This subject, Huo Qubing, is under His Majesty's command!"

After Huo Qubing left the blood colored passage, he walked in front of Qin Yi with large strides.

"This subject will use this subject's ability to help His Majesty establish his territory!

"I will fight for His Majesty in the four directions with my blood boiling!"

Huo Qubing held onto his shoulder with one hand, lowered his head, and solemnly swore an oath to Qin Yi.

Her voice was sonorous and powerful, representing Huo Qubing's loyalty!

This was Qin Yi, the second subordinate from the system!

Champion Marquis, Huo Qubing!

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