Supreme Conquering System/C64 The Three Brave Champions of the Three Forces the Nobles of the Champions
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Supreme Conquering System/C64 The Three Brave Champions of the Three Forces the Nobles of the Champions
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C64 The Three Brave Champions of the Three Forces the Nobles of the Champions

"Hahaha, there is no need to be like this.

You are my Champion Marquis, so you don't have to be too formal. "

Qin Yi laughed heartily and went forward to help Huo Qubing up.

"Your Majesty, etiquette cannot be wasted!"

Huo Qubing's expression was solemn, and rebutted with a serious expression.

Qin Yi laughed, and did not mind.

There was no need for him and the servants that the system had recruited him for a bit of etiquette.

He was born with a maximum loyalty, so he didn't need these complicated etiquette methods to prove his loyalty.

However, since Huo Qubing wanted to, he didn't dare oppose it either.

Following that, Qin Yi opened up the attributes panel, and looked at the human attributes on Huo Qubing.

"Character: Huo Qubing;

Identity: Heavenly Army Champion Marquis, General of the Divine Dragon Army;

Realm: Seventh Level of Upper Heaven Stage;

Weapons: Champion Wang Hou Jian, Ghost Cry Bow;

Martial Arts: Azure Dragon Sky Breaking Art;

"Talent: AA"


Qin Yi looked at Huo Qubing's Stats Window in shock. Everything else was within his expectations.

Double [A] class talent, not inferior to Xiao Bai's.

But, Huo Qubing's cultivation level caused Qin Yi to be extremely shocked.

Seventh Level of Upper Heaven Stage!

Such a cultivation already belonged to the late Xiantian realm!

In this era where there were few Grandmasters and not a single trace of them was to be found, this kind of cultivation level belonged to the first class of experts!

At the very least, Qin Yi had stayed in the Capital City for a long period of time.

Moreover, looking at Huo Qubing's face, he could see that even though he was not even twenty, he had such a cultivation.

Qin Yi's face was flushed red, this time his goal had been completely achieved, and had even surpassed by too much!

Previously, his goal was to summon a retainer of the fourth level of the Innate realm.

However, the System had given him a big surprise!

Huo Qubing's cultivation had not only reached the fourth stage of the Innate realm, but he also reached the Seventh Level of Upper Heaven Stage!

Furthermore, Huo Qubing was a victorious general who won every battle ever again!

His cultivation base was high, and his leading ability was strong!

This time's summoning, could be said to be Qin Yi taking a huge advantage!

A single Champion Marquis was comparable to a million strong army!

Huo Qubing's appearance filled up the gap in the number of experts under Qin Yi's command.

Seventh Level of Upper Heaven Stage Martial Cultivator s, perhaps the entire Tianyao Continent was nothing much.

But in the area of Unfailing Dynasty, he was an overlord.

Just Huo Qubing alone, gave Qin Yi the confidence to face the First Prince head on!

At least, after spending such a long time in the Capital City, he had never heard of First Prince recruiting Martial Cultivator s with Seventh Level of Upper Heaven Stage above that level.

In other words, in terms of experts, Qin Yi could completely crush First Prince!

The only thing left to worry about was the army that the First Prince could order around.

As a Crown Prince, in name, any army in the Unfailing Dynasty must obey his orders.

Even if he could execute all the skills, he might not be able to do so completely.

But this kind of advantage for Qin Yi, was still an enormous pressure.

A magnificent army of ten thousand men had surrounded and killed a supreme expert.

This kind of thing had happened before in the Unfailing Dynasty.

It could be said that if the First Prince had sent an army to surround and kill Qin Yi, it would be impossible for Qin Yi to escape from this calamity.

Therefore, Qin Yi's situation was definitely dangerous.

However, Qin Yi was also not able to resist.

"Three thousand Black-Armored Cavalry, coupled with the leadership of the Champion Marquis, it's enough to unleash a dozen times the battle prowess!"

Qin Yi smiled and looked, his expression was solemn, but he thought in his heart.

A three star army plus the brave three star army of Champion Marquis.

If the First Prince dared to send troops to surround and kill him, then he would give the First Prince a huge surprise!

Huo Qubing would definitely be willing to use this victory to announce his arrival!

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