Supreme Conquering System/C65 A Vast System of Knowledge
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Supreme Conquering System/C65 A Vast System of Knowledge
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C65 A Vast System of Knowledge


Qin Yi took another deep breath, calming the agitation in his heart.

"Sick, let's go. I'll take you out of here."

Qin Yi took a step forward and placed a hand on Huo Qubing's shoulder.

This dark space was the system's special summoning space.

Only when Qin Yi came into contact with the retainers that he had summoned, would he be able to bring them out of the space.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Huo Qubing said respectfully.

"Retreat from the Summoning Ring!"

Immediately, Qin Yi muttered in his heart.

That familiar wave of Suction Strength appeared again, and in the blink of an eye, it devoured the two of them.

Both of them were dazed for a moment, but after they regained their senses, they had already appeared in Qin Yi's study.

"Ss, it hurts like this every time!"

Returning back to the study room, Qin Yi muttered to himself as he rubbed his glabella.

According to the system, every time Qin Yi brought out a subordinate or brought it in, it would consume Qin Yi's mental energy.

As for the amount of spiritual force consumed, it would depend on the strength of the retainer.

Last time, in order to bring Bai Dai out of the System Space, he made Qin Yi lie on the bed for two whole days, before finally recovering.

This time, Qin Yi was originally worried that he would not be able to bring Huo Qubing out of the System Space.

Thus, compared to last time, Qin Yi's strength had improved by leaps and bounds.

After breaking through the Upper Heaven Stage, not only would the physical body be nourished by the nature's spirit energy.

During the time of the breakthrough, Qin Yi's soul was also nourished by the spirit energy of heaven and earth.

Thus, this time, he was able to bring Huo Qubing out of the System Space so easily.

"Your Majesty, how do you feel? Do you need this subject to call upon the imperial physician for you?"

Seeing that Qin Yi was not feeling well, Huo Qubing immediately asked.

"It's fine, just wait for me to take my time."

Qin Yi waved his hand, signalling to Huo Qubing not to worry about it.

On the other hand, when Qin Yi looked at Huo Qubing's expression and saw that he was calm, he nodded slightly.

Just like how he was indifferent after arriving in this world, Huo Qubing did not have any thoughts of resisting coming to another world.

In fact, Huo Qubing and Bai Yu were quite familiar with the customs and cultures of Tianyao Continent.

In the past, Qin Yi had asked Bai Wu insinuatingly about this issue.

The answer was simple: "When young master created us, he already told me about this world's information."

It could be said that in their hearts, Qin Yi was the god who created them!

This made Qin Yi exclaim once again, the system is truly resourceful.

He had tampered with his memories and instilled them with new ones!

However, this was to be expected.

If the System did not tamper with the memories of Huo Qubing and the others, their loyalty to him would not have reached its maximum.

"Oh right, go and get sick. This King has yet to ascend to the throne."

In front of outsiders, please address me as young master, and not be called your servant. "

Soon after, Qin Yi thought of another question and changed his topic.

"This... Your Majesty, this is impolite! "

Huo Qubing hesitated, he was a little hesitant.

Just as was hesitating, he didn't quite agree with Qin Yi's suggestion at first.

"Sick! This is an order!"

However, the experienced Qin Yi spoke with a solemn face.

"Yes, Your Highness …" "Young Master!"

Huo Qubing was helpless, and could only agree.

"Hahaha, that's more like it."

Seeing that Huo Qubing had agreed, Qin Yi laughed.

"Bai Yu, go and call Baili Yan and Su Yun over."

Soon after, Qin Yi spoke out to the people outside.

"Yes, young master."

Bai Yu, who was outside the door, responded.

Ever since the incident with the Mister Blossom, he had paid more attention to Qin Yi's safety.

It was so much so that, he directly took over the task of protecting Qin Yi, and did not lie to others.

Qin Yi tried to advise him a few more times, but to no avail, he could only follow him.

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