Supreme Conquering System/C66 Meeting of Subordinates
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Supreme Conquering System/C66 Meeting of Subordinates
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C66 Meeting of Subordinates

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Soon, there were footsteps outside the door.


Three shadows pushed open the door and entered the study. It was Bai Yu, Baili Yan and Mo Meng.

"Young Master!"

The three of them bowed towards Qin Yi.

"Young Master, this is?"

The three of them looked up and immediately noticed Huo Qubing, who was standing beside Qin Yi.

The three of them were shocked, and they instantly became even more nervous!

He was very nervous.

Judging from this person's condition, he must have been in this room for a long time.

Whether it was just a moment ago or now, it was impossible for them to sense this person's existence.

His presence and presence were all suppressed to the extreme by the other party!

If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they wouldn't have believed there was another person here!

The only explanation was that this person's strength far exceeded theirs!

Right now, such an expert was standing beside Qin Yi.

With such a close distance, how could they not worry about Qin Yi's safety?

"Let me introduce to you the great generals that this king has recently recruited!

Huo Qubing, General Huo! "

Qin Yi acted as if he did not realize this, and laughed while introducing Huo Qubing to the three of them.

"Sick! These three are capable generals under my command! Bai Yu, Baili Yan, Mo Meng!"

Qin Yi turned and introduced the three of them to Huo Qubing.

"Greetings General Huo!"

Hearing that, the three of them looked happy, and immediately cupped their fists towards Huo Qubing.

So this was the new general that the young master had recruited.

Having understood what was going on, the three of them heaved a sigh of relief. As long as they weren't enemies, it would be fine.

Honestly speaking, with the strength of Bai Yu's group of three, they had no confidence in winning against the unfathomable Huo Qubing.

If Huo Qubing was an enemy, then the three of them were prepared to exchange their lives for Qin Yi's.

Thus, Huo Qubing was recruited by Qin Yi as a subordinate, thus avoiding a battle.

"Huo Qubing greets the three of you!"

Huo Qubing also cupped his fists and replied.

At the same time, Huo Qubing nodded his head slightly, acknowledging the three of them.

The three people by his side were not weak at all.

Especially since it was such a waste of strength, it made Huo Qubing feel apprehensive!

Huo Qubing could clearly feel that Bai Yu was currently in a weak state, and a terrifying energy was hidden within his body.

As for Baili Yan, both of them were not weak either, their talent was not weak either.

With such a background from His Majesty, coupled with his help, the outcome could be dire!

"The four of you know each other.

Now, go to Sick, Hundred Miles, and Mo Meng, there's something that I need you three to do. "

Qin Yi's face suddenly became serious, and said solemnly.

"Please enlighten me, young master!"

Huo Qubing and the other two immediately replied respectfully.

"Under this king's command, I now have three thousand Iron-Armored Army, so I'm an elite master.

According to the laws of the dynasty, City Lord can recruit six thousand soldiers as their City Guard. "

Qin Yi knocked on the table and said to the three of them.

The Unfailing Dynasty was still strong, and there were no tough rules regarding the guards of each city.

As long as the number of people didn't exceed six thousand, the City Lord would be able to support them and each City Lord could recruit them.

Firstly, these City Guard can protect the peace of a city!

Secondly, these City Guard can also be considered as the reserve of Unfailing Dynasty.

If there was a large-scale war, they could all be sent away.

This action, could be considered as making use of the hands of the various City Lord s and city guards to train the troops and to split the military expenses of the various empires.

However, most city guards and City Lord s would not choose to raise too many City Guard.

And because of this, the Yuanjiang City City Guard only raised three thousand Iron-Armored Army.

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