Supreme Conquering System/C67 Training Array of Black Armored Cavalry
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Supreme Conquering System/C67 Training Array of Black Armored Cavalry
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C67 Training Array of Black Armored Cavalry

This was because the more soldiers they had to support, the higher the military expenditure would be.

With just the power of a city, they were simply unable to support too much military expenditure.

Even if it was the Yuanjiang City city guards, for them to be able to support three thousand Iron-Armored Army, it was because they were greedy enough!

He was so greedy that people would resent him!

This allowed him to have such a large family fortune, and was even able to support the military needs of the three thousand Iron-Armored Army.

For example, it was already quite good for any other city to have one to two thousand soldiers.

But Qin Yi was different, even though his Yuanjiang City was great, he would not stay there for long.

In half a year, with only half a year left, Qin Yuji would be forced by the First Prince to marry to the Wang Family's silkpants!

Qin Yi had to be there before that, to think of every possible way to increase his strength!

This way, Qin Yi would have the strength to fight his way back to Capital City and rescue Qin Yuji and his Royal Mother.

Three thousand Iron-Armored Army was not enough, so he had to recruit four thousand Iron-Armored Army!

Four thousand Iron-Armored Army was not enough, so he had to recruit five thousand Iron-Armored Army!

Until no one could recruit him!

"Regarding military expenditures, the three of you don't have to worry. I have already exchanged the properties for the City Governor's Mansion.

This amount of money is enough to support eight thousand soldiers. "

Qin Yi said confidently, looking at the money as if he saw it as money.

The luxurious City Governor's Mansion s in the houses in City Governor Liu were all sold out by Qin Yi in batches.

In total, Qin Yi obtained over ten thousand gold coins!

The current Qin Yi had the confidence to say such bold words!

"Yes, Young Master!" The three of them replied in a low voice.

"For this, we will focus on getting sick, and Mo Meng will help out with it."

Qin Yi thought for a while, then added.

This sentence, undoubtedly confirmed the position of the three of them with Huo Qubing taking the lead.

"Yes, young master."

However, Huo Qubing and the other two did not have any objections to this.

Since Huo Qubing did not say it, Baili Yan and the other woman did not have any objections.

Huo Qubing's unfathomable strength was enough to make Baili Yan and Yue Shan respect him.

Furthermore, looking at Huo Qubing's face, he was the same age as them, and might even be a lot younger.

How could the two of them not wholeheartedly accept such a heaven's pride expert?

"Since that's the case, I'll hand this over to you guys as well."

Saying that, Qin Yi took out an item that looked like a scroll.

The material used to make this scroll was neither gold nor silk. It was unknown what material it was made of.

Its entire body was a bright gold, light silver, and mysterious engravings were engraved all around the scroll.

This item was the Black-Armored Cavalry Training Array Diagram obtained from the system!

"This is the Military Formation Diagram!"

Baili Yan looked at the Black-Armored Cavalry Training Array Diagram in Qin Yi's hand, and its pupils contracted, as it immediately cried out.

"Oh? Hundred miles, you know about this? "

Qin Yi's brows twitched as he asked in surprise.

He never thought that Baili Yan would actually recognize the Training Array Diagram in his hands.

Although the name was different, looking at its expression, it should be clear what the Training Array Diagram called it.

"The Military Formation Diagram is a treasure deduced from the military great masters using the Dao of array formations combined with the Dao of weapons.

Possessing this item could greatly shorten the time needed to train a particular troop.

This was a treasure that all the great empires yearned for in their dreams, spending a huge sum of money to reward this kind of treasure.

It is rumored that the top Military Formation Diagram among them will be formed by themselves within a few months! "

Baili Yan had yet to reply, but Mo Meng, who was at the side, stared at the Training Array Diagram in Qin Yi's hands with fiery eyes, and asked.

"So that's how it is."

Hearing that, Qin Yi's eyes flashed.

In this world, there were also treasures similar to the Training Array Diagram in his hands.

However, the Military Formation Diagram was created by a grandmaster of a military family and was divided into different grades.

From the time spent training the soldiers, the Black-Armored Cavalry Training Array Diagram produced by the system could be compared to the most top-notch Military Formation Diagram among them!

"Young master, what kind of troops and Military Formation Diagram is this?"

Mo Meng retracted his gaze from the Black-Armored Cavalry Training Array Diagram, and directly looked at Qin Yi in a daze.

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