Supreme Conquering System/C68 Recruitment Plan Training Plan
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Supreme Conquering System/C68 Recruitment Plan Training Plan
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C68 Recruitment Plan Training Plan

"This thing can train an invincible cavalry called Black-Armored Cavalry!

"Within a few months, we can become an army!"

Qin Yi felt the two of them, and said somewhat arrogantly as he gave a faint smile with his burning gaze.

"Hiss!" It will only take a few months to become an army! "

Baili Yan and the others all sucked in a breath of cold air, opened their eyes wide, and looked at the array in Qin Yi's hands even more fervently.

It would only take a few months to become an army!

This meant that this array was the peak Military Formation Diagram!

To seize the fortune of the heaven and earth, to be born within a single formation diagram!

A priceless treasure!

Baili Yan and Mo Meng looked at each other and saw through each other's thoughts.

No matter what kind of Military Formation Diagram it was, they were all priceless treasures.

Moreover, this sort of treasure was extremely rare, so it was naturally incomparably precious, not to mention the one at the top.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call it a priceless treasure!

With what Qin Yi had mentioned, the battle power of Military Formation Diagram s with Black-Armored Cavalry would undoubtedly skyrocket!

This would be a qualitative leap!

This time, of course I can do it. It won't be long before I become powerful enough to fight in a few months!]

Baili Yan and Yue Shan had thought that it would be difficult for Qin Yi to own a Military Formation Diagram.

But who would have thought, they had still underestimated the Military Formation Diagram in Qin Yi's hands.

A single peak Military Formation Diagram could even be considered a small empire!

In other words, the Military Formation Diagram in Qin Yi's hands was already worth the entire Unfailing Dynasty!

The appearance of such a treasure in Qin Yi's hands had deepened their thoughts.

Qin Yi had a huge background!

Only, the two of them did not understand that with Qin Yi's background, he would actually be demoted to such a state.

Although they did not understand, it did not stop them from deepening their determination to follow Qin Yi.

"That's right!"

Huo Qubing accepted the array diagram from Qin Yi as the corners of his mouth curled into a smile.

To Huo Qubing, who liked to fight the most, it would be most painful if he did not have any troops under him.

Of course, it was a great pity for him to not have any strong troops under his command.

At this time, how could Qin Yi not be happy to send him such a strong soldier?

"I will not disappoint you …" Young master, what you have in mind!

I will train an invincible cavalry unit for Young Master and help Young Master build his territory! "

Huo Qubing kneeled on one knee. He was so excited that he almost blurted out the word 'Your Majesty' when he heard this.

"Then I will calmly wait for your good news!"

Hence, Qin Yi did not mind and smiled indifferently.

"Your Highness, Old Master Liu has been waiting for you in the hall."

Just as Qin Yi, Huo Qubing and the rest were giving their instructions, a servant knocked on the door.

"Old Man Liu?"

Qin Yi was startled for a moment, but quickly recovered.

"I understand. You can leave now."

Qin Yi said loudly to the servants outside the door.

With that, Qin Yi stood up.

"Young master, we will take our leave first!"

In time, Huo Qubing and the other two also took their leave.

"Go, I await the appearance of my Black-Armored Cavalry!"

Qin Yi did not urge her to stay any longer, and closed her eyes slightly.

"I will not disappoint you!"

Huo Qubing and the other two responded with a deep voice.

Soon after, Huo Qubing and the other two left the study room.

Under Baili Yan and Yue Yang's lead, Huo Qubing headed out of the city toward the place where the three thousand Iron-Armored Army were stationed.

Huo Qubing's idea was simple, to help Qin Yi train his Black-Armored Cavalry as soon as possible.

Time waited for no one, once he trained Black-Armored Cavalry, Qin Yi would be able to return to Capital City a day earlier!

As the subject of Qin Yi, I will definitely help you out!

As for Qin Yi, after Huo Qubing and the other two had left, he too brought Bai Yun Che to the main hall of the City Lord Palace.

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