Supreme Conquering System/C69 Old Man Liu's Plan
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Supreme Conquering System/C69 Old Man Liu's Plan
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C69 Old Man Liu's Plan

In the hall.

The great hall of the City Lord Palace was not luxurious, it was related to the fact that all of the previous City Lord s were suppressed by the City Governor Liu s.

Now, although Qin Yi had already killed City Governor Liu.

But Qin Yi did not make any changes to the furnishings of the City Lord Palace.

As for Qin Yi, he did not care about these things, what he cared more about was his own strength.

At this time, in the main hall of City Lord Palace, there was an old man waiting for Qin Yi.

This old man had a lively and healthy appearance. As he sat there, he gave off an imposing air, even though he was not angry.

"Old Man Liu is here, Qin Yi welcomes you from afar!"

Qin Yi, who had just stepped into the hall, recognized the old man.

However, Old Man Liu's attire surprised Qin Yi.

A dark blue robe with red cloud patterns embroidered on the collar extended behind the ears. The dark blue ribbon around the waist tightly wrapped around the waist.

A crown on a mountain. This outfit was a common attire used by the Old Man Liu when they were their prime ministers!

The Old Man Liu had been home for many years.

Today, Old Man Liu had once again put on his official robe. What was the purpose of coming to visit him?

For a moment, Qin Yi couldn't figure out what the Old Man Liu was thinking.

As an old fox who had roamed the government for dozens of years, he had never been overjoyed.

Qin Yi could not see any clues from Old Man Liu's face.

"His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince, this old one will not nag you anymore.

This time, this old one is here to bid you farewell! "

Thus, Old Man Liu did not waste any words, and directly revealed his goal.

"Farewell? Old Man Liu, where are you going? "

Qin Yi was surprised, and immediately asked.

After all, Old Man Liu was once the Prime Minister of the Unfailing Dynasty, and even more so, was a elder of two dynasties.

Even after many years, the Old Man Liu's influence in the imperial court had yet to completely decline.

The every move that the Old Man Liu took, involved the hearts of many people, Qin Yi was no exception.

Furthermore, Qin Yi had an agreement with the Old Man Liu, and now, Qin Yi could be considered his son-in-law.

Be it in the public or the private, it was necessary for Qin Yi to ask about it.

"This old one has only gone back to Capital City to see my old friend."

Old Man Liu smiled lightly and explained to Qin Yi.

"Return to the Capital City?"

Qin Yi was shocked, he knew how much energy Old Man Liu used in order to escape the muddy waters of Capital City.

From the memories of his previous self, Qin Yi, it was also because his previous self had coincidentally helped the Old Man Liu.

To help the Old Man Liu escape from the Capital City, he finally connected with the Old Man Liu.

But now, the Old Man Liu had to return to the Capital City and wade through muddy water again. How could this not surprise Qin Yi?

The current Capital City is even more chaotic than it was a few years ago.

The battle for the throne had already caused the undercurrents within the Capital City to surge!

At this time, Old Man Liu had chosen to step into the Capital City.

"Hahaha, this old one, this old one, doesn't have many years to live, so His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince doesn't need to worry about me!"

Old Man Liu's eyes were sharp like a torch, he saw through Qin Yi's thoughts with a glance and laughed.

"This old one will go to Capital City and help His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince and the others delay them.

At least half a year, at most one year. First Prince and the others have no way of fighting, and are here to target Your Highness.

Your Highness, you can take this opportunity to develop your power! "

Old Man Liu had a smile on his face as he looked deeply at Qin Yi.

"Old Man Liu, this!"

Qin Yi was surprised, and immediately spoke out.

So it turned out that the reason Old Man Liu suddenly stepped into the Capital City was to help him delay First Prince and the rest.

This was completely out of Qin Yi's expectations.

He was friends with the Old Man Liu mostly because they had benefits for each other.

Old Man Liu's actions were completely not in his interest.

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