Supreme Conquering System/C7 I'm Going to Die It Doesn't Exist
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Supreme Conquering System/C7 I'm Going to Die It Doesn't Exist
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C7 I'm Going to Die It Doesn't Exist

"The power of an Upper Heaven Warrior?

Big time! But I am not that easy to be killed either! "

Qin Yi remained calm as he muttered to himself.


The sound of Sword Qi piercing through flesh rang out, and Qin Yi was sent flying backwards.


Qin Yi's body crashed onto the bookshelf, which collapsed instantly. The books fell and buried Qin Yi within.

"What a pity!"

Mister Blossom stood with his hands behind his back, looking at the pile of books and Qin Yi under that, and then sighed and shook his head.

Then, just as Mister Blossom was about to step forward to check, a loud noise came out and froze him for an instant.


The pile of books that covered Qin Yi were suddenly scattered.

A palm stretched out. It was Qin Yi's palm!


Mister Blossom frowned and looked towards the location of Qin Yi with surprise and suspicion.

"Ahem, ahem!"

Qin Yi held onto his left arm and stood up from the pile of books. His face was pale white, and he spat out blood.

Mister Blossom's ace attack had only crippled Qin Yi's left arm, instead of killing him.

Qin Yi knew he could not rival Mister Blossom, so he tried his best to dodge the attack and then he narrowly escaped death.


Mister Blossom's eyes flashed; his interest in this Ninth Prince was growing.

Mister Blossom was very clear of the power of his move, and that explained why he was stunned at the result that it was dodged by the Ninth Prince, who was only at the fifth level of acquired stage?

However, that was all the Prince could do!

He had already made his move, so he would definitely return with the head of the Ninth Prince!

Mister Blossom's eyes turned cold. Just as he was about to attack, he saw that Ninth Prince had let out a sigh of relief and revealed a smile!

"What are you smiling at!"

Mister Blossom said somewhat angrily.

Mister Blossom had already been very dissatisfied at that Qin Yi survived a move that he thought would kill him without doubt.

Now, the smile on Qin Yi's face made him even more infuriated.

Appreciation he had for Qin Yi had long been forgotten.

"I want you dead!"

Mister Blossom bellowed, just as he was about to make his final move,

Qin Yi laughed, "You’ve lost your chance!"


Hearing that, Mister Blossom was startled, and confused about what Qin Yi had said.

"Young Master means that you won't have the chance!"

At this time, a cold voice filled with killing intent sounded out in the Mister Blossom's ears.


Mister Blossom was shocked, knowing that things were not going well.

An extremely sharp blade light flashed by, cutting through the air and coming toward him from the right!

The blade light was so fast that most people could react in time.

Fortunately, Mister Blossom, as a veteran Upper Heaven Warrior, had a lot of battle experience, and reacted quickly by stepping to the side.

The blade brush against Mister Blossom's face, and the tip cut off his hair.

It was only then that Mister Blossom saw a cold and detached man appeared in front of him, who wore a black robe and hold a strange long sword.

It was the Upper Heaven Warrior he had noticed earlier.

"How dare you harm Young Master! You must die a thousand times for your crimes!"

Byakuya held his soul-cutting sword in one hand and stared coldly at Mister Blossom with killing intent.

Byakuya felt a lingering fear. If he hadn't heard the commotion and rushed over, his young master's life would have been in danger.

This brat actually injured the young master, and almost endangered his life.

This was an unpardonable crime!

Then, he could only use his life to atone for the offense!

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