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Supreme Conquering System/C70 People's Hearts
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C70 People's Hearts

"His Royal Highness The Ninth Prince, in recent days, you have beheaded City Governor Liu and won the hearts of the people.

His actions were not bad, but it attracted more attention from the people of First Prince, causing him to fall into a dangerous situation.

Old Man Liu pointed it out right on the nail on the head. Qin Yi's current predicament.

Qin Yi remained silent. Just as the Old Man Liu had said, Qin Yi's current situation was not too good.

That day, when Qin Yi killed City Governor Liu, although it looked like he was mighty on all sides, he had actually exposed himself.

Not only did it expose his cultivation in Upper Heaven Stage, it also exposed the fact that he had broken through the Innate realm and activated the Storm of Spiritual Qi.

With only these two, the killing intent the First Prince had towards Qin Yi would increase!

So much so that even the Third Prince and Fifth Prince who were confronting the First Prince in the Capital City might step in!

After all, Qin Yi, who had activated the Storm of Spiritual Qi, was most likely in the Genuine Essence Grandmaster realm!

A prince with royal blood flowing through his veins, coupled with such natural talent.

If this news were to spread to the Capital City, it would affect the lives of First Prince and the others, causing waves to occur while they were fighting for the throne!

In the end, the Martial Cultivator s respected the Unfailing Dynasty, even the Tianyao Continent!

As long as Qin Yi possessed such talent, it would allow many people to choose to support him to ascend to the throne.

No matter what considerations were involved, First Prince and the rest would not tolerate Qin Yi's existence.

As long as First Prince and the others in the Capital City knew about this, the Killing Action would definitely come!

To them, killing Qin Yi to prevent future troubles was undoubtedly the best choice!

"When this old one goes to the Capital City s, he will definitely be able to hold the attention of First Prince and the rest.

I presume that this old one has the ability to do so! "

Old Man Liu smiled and said to Qin Yi.

With regards to Old Man Liu's words, Qin Yi did not doubt them one bit.

Given his status as a Old Man Liu, appearing in the Capital City would inevitably be a storm.

The attention of First Prince and the rest were mostly on the Old Man Liu.

After all, it was true that Qin Yi could trigger the Storm of Spiritual Qi, but that was it.

Qin Yi was unable to grow into a Grandmaster Realm warrior in a short period of time.

With the birth of a Grandmaster, even if Qin Yi had extraordinary talent, he would still need a lot of time.

During this period of time, Qin Yi was completely unable to pose a threat to them.

As for Old Man Liu, it was different.

To win over the Old Man Liu, they had to win over the countless officials who had received favors from the Old Man Liu.

To First Prince and the rest, it was obvious who was more important at a glance.

At that time, a large portion of the pressure on Qin Yi would be shared with the Old Man Liu.

"Old Man Liu, please be straightforward with what you need Qin Yi to pay!"

Qin Yi's eyes were gloomy, he remained silent for a long while, and then said.

The relationship between Qin Yi and Old Man Liu was not deep.

Even with Liu Yiyi as their bond, the two of them understood that this relationship wasn't strong.

Therefore, Qin Yi had reason to believe that the Old Man Liu must have something on his mind.

However, since the Old Man Liu was willing to take the risk for him.

Then, as long as the request from the Old Man Liu wasn't too excessive, he would agree to it.

"Hahaha, Your Highness doesn't need to think too much. This old man has no other intentions."

Old Man Liu laughed heartily and shook his head happily.

"If Old Man Liu needs Qin Yi, feel free to speak of what you have done."

Qin Yi was startled, obviously not believing that Old Man Liu was telling the truth.

"No, no, no. This old one truly has no other intentions.

If Ninth Prince truly wishes to, remember our agreement from the beginning. When you ascend to the throne in the future, you will bestow upon my daughter the title of emperor.

Hearing this, the Old Man Liu laughed as he stroked his beard.

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