Supreme Conquering System/C71 Young Man There Is Someone Defending You from the Blade
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Supreme Conquering System/C71 Young Man There Is Someone Defending You from the Blade
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C71 Young Man There Is Someone Defending You from the Blade

"Old Man Liu?"

Qin Yi was startled, he never expected that Old Man Liu would say this.

This was the agreement that the Old Man Liu made with him back then. If he was to become a Unfailing Royal Monarch in the future, he would then bestow Liu Yiyi the title of concubine!

Qin Yi didn't even need to pay anything. As long as he agreed to this little request, Old Man Liu would strongly support him.

With regards to this point, Qin Yi really couldn't understand where the Old Man Liu got his confidence from.

If Old Man Liu chose First Prince, it would still be understandable.

In the current Unfailing Dynasty, there were more than half of the officials who were obviously riding carriages in support of the First Prince.

No matter who it was, they would think that it was certain that the First Prince would become the Unfailing Royal Monarch.

But Old Man Liu was certain that Qin Yi could snatch the position of Unfailing Royal Monarch from her hands.

If he did not believe in the power of the system, Qin Yi would have suspected that the Old Man Liu knew that he possessed the system.

"Your Highness, no matter what, this old man is your father-in-law.

It is only natural for your father-in-law to help your son-in-law! "

Faced with Qin Yi's hesitation, the Old Man Liu said this as he emphasized the word 'father-in-law'.

"It seems like he's trying to make up for it!"

Qin Yi's expression froze, he deeply looked at Old Man Liu, and after a long while, he finally took a deep breath and said.

Just as Old Man Liu had said, no matter what, Qin Yi and Old Man Liu had a son-in-law relationship.

Ever since Liu Yiyi had become Qin Yi's concubine, their relationship grew closer.

The relationship between the two was no longer purely related to the interests of each other.

From a certain point of view, the relationship between and Old Man Liu could be considered as one.

If Qin Yi continued to talk about benefits, it would not be appropriate.

"Your Highness, it's best if you can understand."

Seeing that Qin Yi had woken up, the Old Man Liu stroked his beard with a smile.

"Since that's the case, this old one should move out and head for the Capital City now."

With that, Old Man Liu stood up.

"Old Man Liu, why don't you wait for Yiyi and bid her farewell."

Qin Yi stood up immediately and asked her to stay.

"No, it's not like we're leaving each other forever. I'll have to trouble Your Highness to pass a message on."

Old Man Liu shook his head and refused.

"But …"

Qin Yi wanted to say more, but was interrupted by the Old Man Liu.

"Your Highness, we will part ways here."

With that, the Old Man Liu bowed.

"Alright, Old Man Liu, please!" Qin Yi immediately returned the greeting.

Immediately, the Old Man Liu did not linger any longer.

Old Man Liu strode out of the City Lord Mansion and stepped onto the carriage he had prepared.

"Your Highness, this old one is waiting at the Capital City for your arrival!"

Standing on the carriage, Old Man Liu looked back at Qin Yi and said.

Qin Yi was not surprised that the Old Man Liu could see through his plans.

Half a year later, Qin Yuji would be forced to marry to the Wang Family's silkpants.

With Old Man Liu's understanding of Qin Yi, Qin Yi would definitely go and stop this matter.

Only then would Old Man Liu say these words, and wait patiently for Qin Yi's arrival in the Capital City.

"Hahaha, of course!"

Qin Yi's tone was filled with confidence. In less than half a year, he would definitely return to the Capital City.

Not for anything else, just for Qin Yuji and his Royal Mother!

The word 'kinship' meant 'going through fire and water'!

"Then this old man shall wait and see!"

Old Man Liu laughed and said loudly.

Then, the Old Man Liu stepped onto the carriage.

The coachman raised his whip and spurred his horse forward. The carriage began to move slowly towards the distance.

"Your Highness, please take good care of Yiyi for me!"

Before he left, Old Man Liu parted the curtains as he spoke to Qin Yi with a stern expression.

"Kid, you did not disappoint me!"

Qin Yi laughed lightly, and answered with a clear voice.

As the carriage gradually moved further and further away, Qin Yi still stood at his original position.

As he watched the carriage depart, he remained silent. No one knew what he was thinking.

Today, he hadn't interacted much with the Old Man Liu, but he was very touched by it.

Although the Old Man Liu tried his best to cover it up, Qin Yi could still detect his concern for Liu Yiyi from his words.

It was just that this concern was hidden so deeply that no one noticed it!

Blood is thicker than water!

Family love could never be replaced. Even the Old Man Liu, which had dominated the government for dozens of years, valued this point.

Qin Yi understood, this trip to Old Man Liu was not only for him, but also for Liu Yiyi.

Even though it was the Old Man Liu who had taken Liu Yiyi as his concubine.

But the Old Man Liu could not sit idly by and allow his daughter's happiness to be ruined by others!

To be a father, to be a daughter, to live a happy life, to give up everything!

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