Supreme Conquering System/C72 The First Prince's Anger
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Supreme Conquering System/C72 The First Prince's Anger
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C72 The First Prince's Anger

Unfailing Royal City.

This was a thousand year old ancient city. The Capital City s here were simple and flourishing.

Unfailing Palace.

It was located in the most central area of the Unfailing Royal City, which was where the massive and solemn palace was constructed.

Cultivating Heart Palace, also known as Crown Prince's Palace.

Ever since the Old Unfailing Royal Monarch was laid on the bed, all of the orders, big and small, came from this place.

And today, the person in charge of the Heartbreak Palace was the First Prince.

At this moment, the Heart Nurturing Palace was brightly lit as though it was day.

Upon closer inspection, there were several figures kneeling within the palace.

"Interesting. Is this how you say it is?"

First Prince scolded the people in front of him angrily.

"Your Highness, this subordinate did not expect that there would be an expert hiding by the side of Ninth Prince."

Faced with First Prince's questioning, the kneeling crowd did not dare to even breathe, and one of them clenched his teeth and explained to First Prince.

"Didn't expect it?

Heh, that's your reason, my Sima! "

Hearing that, First Prince's face immediately darkened, his expression became extremely gloomy!

Anyone could tell how terrible First Prince was feeling right now.

Sending a Level 3 [Innate] Ranker to assassinate Qin Yi would only result in a wasted effort!

How could the First Prince not be angry!

"As the Sima who possesses Unfailing Dynasty, he is the head of the largest intelligence agency in the dynasty.

You actually told me, you didn't expect it? "

First Prince slapped the table and stood up abruptly, looking coldly at Lu Si.

"The expert following beside Ninth Prince acted as if he had jumped out from a crack in the rock.

This subordinate tried his best but was still unable to find any information regarding him. "

Lu Si's body trembled, he immediately kowtowed to First Prince and explained.

"With all our might? If you try your best, you won't be able to find out anything?

A living person, and an expert capable of killing a Mister Blossom, is not a nameless person! "

The First Prince was so angry that he started laughing.

"Your Highness, this subordinate has really done everything I can.

Half of Heaven Supervising Department's people were sent by this subordinate to investigate, but they still gained nothing! "

In fear and trepidation, Sima Cheng tried his best to explain to First Prince.

"Even half of our men couldn't figure it out?

Heh, a bunch of useless people! "

First Prince sneered, the discontent in his eyes growing stronger.

"Your Highness, please give me another month … no, half a month. Your subordinate will definitely be able to find out his identity."

First Prince's gaze made Lu Si's heart tremble, and he hurriedly promised First Prince.

If First Prince was dissatisfied, then his Heaven Supervising Department would also come to an end!

"Half a month?

This King doesn't want to wait a day. This King wants the results now! "

First Prince's face was sinister as he said with hatred.

"I'm afraid you all still don't know, but Qin Yi has already killed me, a city guard, who was embedded in the Yuanjiang City!

"Using his blood to exchange for a large amount of people's hearts!"

With every sentence he said, the anger in the bottom of First Prince's heart grew even stronger.

"Use my people in exchange for the hearts of the people. My dear Ninth Brother, you sure know how to do business!"

Furthermore, my ninth brother stepped into the Innate Realm in front of everyone with Yuanjiang City and activated his Storm of Spiritual Qi!

They had even lured three thousand elite soldiers under his command!

This is Lu Si, the Ninth Prince that you speak of without any skills and only has the cultivation of the fourth heaven realm! "

In the end, the First Prince could no longer suppress the anger in his heart and shouted at Lu Sima.

"Lu Si, what do you think I should do?"

His roar resonated throughout the entire Heartrest Palace!

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