Supreme Conquering System/C8 The White of Power the Flower of Surrender
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Supreme Conquering System/C8 The White of Power the Flower of Surrender
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C8 The White of Power the Flower of Surrender

An extremely stifling wave of power spread out from Byakuya’s body.

A black robe fluttered although there wasn’t wind, producing a fierce sound.

It didn't seem like Genuine Qi, but it was more oppressive than Genuine Qi. There was even a hint of chilliness in it.

"Is this the spiritual pressure, or a spiritual pressure mutation?"

Qin Yi looked at Byakuya in shock and said with interest.

It was only then that Qin Yi completely relaxed. With Byakuya there, his life was no longer in danger.

Although Byakuya was not at his peak state, defeating or even killing Mister Blossom was not a problem!

Byakuya was strong like that!

"This person is aggressive! I’d better run!"

Mister Blossom's pupils constricted as such a thought flashed through his mind.

Whether it was the slash just now or the imposing aura he was displaying, Byakuya was more powerful than he had imagined.

To think that the Ninth Prince had such a powerful subordinate, he was wondering what the intelligence department of the First Prince had been doing!

He decided that he would definitely come to the First Prince on this matter!

Mister Blossom thought bitterly, and without further hesitation, he was turning to leave.

With a move, the Mister Blossom had already flown out of the window.

"Want to leave? No way!" Byakuya shouted coldly.

Without extra move, Byakuya just slightly tapped his feet,

and in the next moment, as his figure was blurred, he had already appeared behind Mister Blossom!


Qin Yi's eyes lit up. This was one of the Death God's signature skills and it could greatly increase the Death God's speed.

Moreover, Byakuya was one of the most proficient experts in this field.

"Byakuya, leave his life for me!"

Suddenly, Qin Yi seemed to have something popped in his mind, and said quickly.

When Byakuya heard this, his was a little bit startled and the power of his Senbonzakura naturally weakened slightly..


The sword separated into numerous blades and was slashed at the four limbs of Mister Blossom.

Although Mister Blossom's entire body was protected by his Genuine Qi, Spirit Pressure around the Senbonzakura crushed it the instant they met.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Swish!

That’s the sounds of blades piercing through flesh. Mister Blossom's tendons in his arms and legs were all broken.

Then, Byakuya took a step forward and patted Mister Blossom's chest. Spirit pressure was built up in his body and suppressed his Genuine Qi, so he was unable to move.

After doing all of this, Byakuya turned to Qin Yi and apologized, "Young Master, I’m sorry that I came late!"


Qin Yi waved his hand carelessly and did not blame Byakuya at all.

But for Byakuya’s rescue, he would have been long gone.

What’s more, he felt rather excited at the strength of Byakuya.

He thought he had exaggerated Byakuya’s strength at most, but the incidence showed he actually underestimated..

One move! He kicked Mister Blossom’s ass with only one move.

Although Mister Blossom neglected defense when he was so intent on escaping.

Byakuya was far stronger than ordinary Upper Heaven Warrior!


Qin Yi moved a few steps, which pulled the wound on his left arm and made him grin in pain.

But, he clenched his teeth, and slowly walked to the front of Mister Blossom.

At this time, Mister Blossom freaked out.

The mission he thought as easy as pie ended up with succeeded unexpected accidents.

It never occurred to him that Qin Yi could actually be able to avoid his fatal move.

What’s more unexpected was the powerful strength of Byakuya.

One false move could ruin everything.

And now he ended up as dead meat in front of Qin Yi.

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