Supreme Conquering System/C9 Angry Youngsters Hit Hit
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Supreme Conquering System/C9 Angry Youngsters Hit Hit
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C9 Angry Youngsters Hit Hit

"Ninth Prince, I have underestimated you, so does the First Prince!"

Seeing Qin Yi walking over, Mister Blossom forced himself to cheer up and said with his hoarse male voice,

which was his true voice. By then, he could no longer pretend to be a woman.

"What?! Where is that arrogant look?"

Qin Yi sneered. His eyes were as cold as frost as he looked down at Mister Blossom.

The other way around now!

Just a moment ago, the Mister Blossom was so arrogant in front of him. Now, it was his turn to look down on the Mister Blossom!


Qin Yi stomped on the chest of Mister Blossom heavily and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

As the tendons in Mister Blossom's arms and legs had been cut off, and the Genuine Qi in his body had been suppressed, he was unable to resist.

"Nine … Ninth Prince … His Royal Highness, please let me go! "

At this moment, Mister Blossom finally panicked. He did not want to die here

in the hands of a useless prince like Qin Yi. He was still young!

So, he begged!

"Oh? Well, it seems that you know fear?"

Qin Yi scoffed, bent slightly, and suddenly slapped Mister Blossom heavily on his face!


This slap was clear and loud.

Mister Blossom's left cheek instantly swelled up and blood was seen at the corner of his mouth. A few teeth in his mouth flew out and fell to the ground.


Mister Blossom glared at Qin Yi fiercely in a fit of resentment and shame.

He was an Upper Heaven Warrior, but he was actually slapped by the prince, who was famous for his uselessness in the Capital City!

What a humiliation it is!

"This one is for Yiyi. She's my concubine, not someone you can pretend to be!"

Qin Yi sneered in a cold tone.

A spasm of anger flitted across Mister Blossom’s face, who opened his mouth and was about to speak.


However, with a move of right hand, Qin Yi slapped Mister Blossom's left cheek backhand!

Before long, the corners of Mister Blossom's mouth also started to swell.

"This is for me, the honorable Ninth Prince of the Unfailing Dynasty.

How dare you insult me! "


"This is for my wonderful books damaged by the sturdy room.

All of them are gifts from my mother. Not something you are qualified to ruin! "

"Wait, is it that I can’t be compared with those tattered books?"

Mister Blossom struggled to quest with his eyes wide open on hearing Qin Yi’s words.

A dignified Upper Heaven Warrior as he could not even be compared with these tattered books?

Mister Blossom was extremely humiliated!

"In my eyes, you can't even be compared with a filthy mouse. You disgusting sissy!"

Qin Yi did not stop the motion of his hands. He flapped Mister Blossom’s right cheek and left cheek in succession and the continuous flapping sound could be clearly heard.

"Ah, you're the sissy!"

The Mister Blossom was enraged by Qin Yi’s words, and struggled to resist.

"Oh, you still have the energy to resist!"

Qin Yi raised his eyebrows, and gave Mister Blossom another overbearing slap, without any mercy at all!

The crisp sounds of slaps echoed in the study room continuously.

Byakuya beside was in shock. Qin Yi had always been an elegant young master in his mind.

But now, he was like insane.

However, this look was even more admirable!

Confronting enemies, one should be domineering like this!

It was only after a long while that Qin Yi finally stopped as he panted, and the pent-up anger in his heart finally was vented out.

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