Supreme Dragon System/C1 Divine Dragon's Supreme System
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Supreme Dragon System/C1 Divine Dragon's Supreme System
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C1 Divine Dragon's Supreme System

Nine Dragons Continent, Sky Wind Country, Linshang County.

Cackle! Cackle!

One early morning in the Nanqing Village, a multicolor rooster decided to raise its head, and crackle with all its might. The cackling was so loud that it reverberated and woke up the entire village.

“Damn chicken! One of these days, I'ma roast you real good!”

Clutching his ears, Zhan Tianming turned over, not wanting to get up at all.

“Wait… Something's wrong, I can feel it.”

Zhan Tianming abruptly rolled over and sat up.

“If I'm not wrong, today is the 99th day since the day I have been here. And my transmigrator's gift? This useless Divine Dragon's Supreme System!"

He was soon reminded of how he was successfully able to endure the suffering that this damn world put his through for 98 entire days. Thinking about his achievement, Zhan Tianming was overjoyed.

Today... today was going to be different. It wasn't going to be a day of great suffering; it was going to be a day of great blessings. Today, the glorious him would make the comeback of the century.

"Finally! Today, I will show all those bastards what crushing defeat looks like!"

With a single thought from him, a virtual image of his own body appeared in Zhan Tianming's mind.

Host: Zhan Tianming, Male, 15 years old.

Rank: 0 (Nine Dragons Continent's cultivation system: Martial Disciple, Martial Practitioner, Martial Master, Martial Spirit, Martial King, Martial Emperor, Martial Ancestor, Martial Sovereign, Martial Saint, and finally — Martial Overlord. Every realm is divided into 9 stars.)

Experience: 0/100

True Qi: 0

Skills: None.

Defense: 0

Attack: 0


The listed attributes and features on the display were still grayed out. However, one thing was different at the bottom.

System activation time: 1 minute 23 seconds.

1 minute 22 seconds.

1 minute 21 seconds.

Zhan Tianming stared intently at the countdown, and with each passing second, his smile grew more radiant.

Ever since he transmigrated, he had been looking forward to this day.

From the day he transmigrated into this body to this very day, Zhan Tianming had spent more than three months in this darned world. And these three months were enough to accept that was the reality, and he couldn't run away from it.

Before he was teleported to this blasted world, he was playing a game with all his mind, energy, and focus. In the entire history of that game, he was the only one capable of wielding the heaven defying Amethyst Gold Sword. Adorned with his 12 piece peerless artifact armor, he brandished his legendary sword and delivered critical hits for four hours straight. Hours later, the dead carcass of the game's final boss was lying at his feet.

While reveling in his victory, he carefully began collecting his spoils of the war and noticed a peculiar equipment dropped by the boss.

It was peculiar because it had a glowing in a golden hue. When Zhan Tianming got closer, it suddenly latched on to him and gave him the Divine Dragon's Supreme System!

'What the hell?'

'It latched on to me?'

Before Zhan Tianming could give the item much thought, he abruptly crossed over and came to this world.

After crossing over the system, he was furious when he found out that the system would take 99 freakin' days to activate.

'Shouldn't this system be called "Useless-for-the-First-99 days-Dragon-System"?'

'Damn, is there anything more darned than this?'

What was more depressing was that every Tom, Dick, and Harry here possessed monstrous amounts of strength. Every single one of these monsters could juggle around a 250-kilogram rock easily, and if they pushed themselves to their limits, they could even lift a 5,000-kilogram cauldron.

Sadly, Zhan Tianming was not one of those monsters.

Zhan Tianming had an ailing and frail body since his childhood. Moreover, just a few years after his birth, both his parents left the world one by one.

As for him, he had an extremely formidable identity.

Zhan Tianming, the future chief of the Nanqing Village.

According to the village's traditions, any sixteen-year-old who could pass their assessment would be a candidate for the village chief position.


Zhan Tianming was having quite the miserable life.

'Well, if you live under someone else's roof, you will face them one day.'

'Forget it.'

"From this day onwards, all those things are of the past. The amazing and spectacular life of Zhan Tianming is about to start!"

Zhan Tianming was sure that he hadn't looked forward to anything more than the activation of this system in his entire life.




Suddenly, someone kicked open his room's door.

"Zhan Tianming, get your ass out there and work! Our Nanqing Village never raises idlers! Don't think for a second that you can get out of work by pretending to be sick! Humph! The other men are all going up the mountain to hunt, so you don't have to go up the mountain. The least you can do is help around with some housework! Hurry up and wash these before the day ends; otherwise, you won't get any food tonight!"

The one responsible for manhandling Zhan Tianming's gate was a chubby lady—no, port belied, greasy woman. This fat woman with an abnormally bulbous belly threw a large pile of stinky and dirty clothes on the ground, turned around, and left.

"Damned Fatty! Do you think I will obey you just because you are good at shouting? Naive!"

After giving a disdainful look to the fatty's back, Zhan Tianming continued to pay attention to his system interface.

00:00:45... 00:00:44




While he was completely focused on the interface, a piece of wood came flying in and struck his head.

"Hurry up! Don't you dare laze around on the bed! Had it not been for your parent's early death, trash like you would have been chased out of the Nanqing Village long ago!" A vicious voice came from outside.

Zhan Tianming held onto his aching head and glared at the fat woman, who once again came back. He thought to himself, 'Stupid woman, had I been half as strong as you, I would've shown you who is the real loser!'

"Hoho! You dare to glare at me?"

The fat woman put her hands on her waist, and with her eyes wide open, she gave him a death glare while making her way towards him. She reached out with her hand, grabbed Zhan Tianming's ear, lifted him into the air, and literally yeeted him out of the room.

Oh, forgot to mention. Even the women here could easily lift 300-500 kilograms.

"If you dare glare at me again, I'll break your legs."

The fat woman glowered at Zhan Tianming.

"Humph! A beauty like me, who puts roses and jades to shame, has to wake a trash like him every day. The heavens are truly unfair."

With a snort of disdain, the fat woman wriggled her fat ass and left.

Zhan Tianming covered his ears in pain and glared, once again, at the fat woman.

"Ptooey! Only oxen would find someone like you beautiful!"

Trying to voice out the pain he felt from his ear, Zhan Tianming kept on cursing the fatty... in his head.

He still remembered that before he took over this body, the original Zhan Tianming was taken out of the village by this fat woman's accomplices. There they beat him black and blue and left him for dead. He was beaten within an inch of his life, and those accomplices were actually responsible for the death of the past Zhan Tianming.

Had he not transmigrated into his body, Zhan Tianming's body would have rotted and ended up being a fest for vultures.

Yet, the bruises and wounds on the body were still there. So, after transmigrating, the first feeling he felt was pain.

In the entire Nanqing Village, there were only a few people who truly cared about Zhan Tianming.

This body's previous owner was beaten to death, yet Zhan Tianming decided against confiding with the select few people who cared about him.

After all, who was he?

He was the king of PvP games!

He was the Undefeated King with an unbreakable record of 3,800 wins in PvP games.

The moment he received the Divine Dragon's Supreme System was the moment he made a decision.

He decided to revenge for all of the humiliation, pain and agony on his own.

And if he didn't kill the bastards responsible for his anguish, would he still be the Undefeated King, Zhan Tianming?


"The Divine Dragon's Supreme System has been activated. Would you like to check its attributes?"

An abrupt system notification brought him back to reality and filled him with joy.

'Would I like to check? Of course, I'll check!'

Host: Zhan Tianming, Male, 15 years old.

Rank: 0 (Nine Dragons Continent's cultivation system: Martial Disciple, Martial Practitioner, Martial Master, Martial Spirit, Martial King, Martial Emperor, Martial Ancestor, Martial Sovereign, Martial Saint, and finally — Martial Overlord. Every realm is divided into 9 stars.)

Experience: 0/100

True Qi: 0

Skills: None.

Defense: 0

Attack: 0


"Damn, are you messing with me! There is no difference in my attributes between then and now!"

Zhan Tianming tried his best to resist the urge to curse out loud.

"Ugh… If I look at the nitty-gritty, there is indeed some difference to say. Now, they are no longer gray, but that heck am I supposed to do with that? Hey, System, can you at least give me a hint? Alright, there was still a difference. How do I level up? Should I fight monsters? Complete tasks? Cultivate? Eat? Shit"

Unfortunately, there was no response from the system.

This went on for a while.

After wasting some time, Zhan Tianming looked at the interface carefully.

There was something in fine prints on the system interface.

"Ultimate mission: Unravel the The Mysteries of The Nine Dragons Continent. Reward: Guess?"

What the hell!

"Are playing with me? Bastard!"

While Zhan Tianming was expressing his contempt towards the system, an ear-piercing scream rang out, like a pig being butchered.

"Zhan Tianming, get out and wash the clothes!"


"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has triggered a laundry task. Task completion reward: 100 experience points."

"Do you want to accept the task?"

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