Supreme Dragon System/C10 Divine War Pet 
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Supreme Dragon System/C10 Divine War Pet 
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C10 Divine War Pet 

Because he was carrying a live Red-Haired Rabbit, Zhan Tianming couldn't run fast enough.

Furthermore, the Red-Haired Rabbit, from time to time, would reveal its fangs and roar at Zhan Tianming as if expressing its dissatisfaction.

"You dead rabbit, you dare to glare at me? I'll deal with you later."

With a flip of his hand, Zhan Tianming sent the Red-Haired Rabbit into the system space.

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has activated the War Pet System."

"Combat Beast Detected: Red-Haired Rabbit. This is a tier 3 wild beast with 1,200 hit points (HP) and 33 points of attack power (Attack). Do you want to keep it as a War Pet?"

"Suggestion: It has low combat strength and low growth potential. It's now suited to be a War Pet."


After Zhan Tianming made his choice and decided against keeping it as a War Pet, the rabbit automatically entered the system space.

Inventory: One live rabbit.

Zhan Tianming didn't have time to care about all this. With their incredible speeds, they were closing in on him.

He felt like a rabbit being hunted.

They were getting closer and closer.

"I'm not the pervert you are looking for! Why are you still chasing after me? Let me make this perfectly clear — you might be able to capture my body, but you'll never be able to capture my heart."

Zhan Tianming shouted as he flew, angering the two girls so much that their faces went dark.

"You perv! You're dead meat!"

'Damn! Still chasing?'

Zhan Tianming shouted at the top of his lungs, "Be careful of concealed weapons."


As soon as he was done saying that, he shot a stone towards them.

Receiving Zhan Tianming's reminder, the two girls quickly reacted and moved out of the way.

Even though the stones couldn't shoot them down, they did their intended purpose: they slowed the duo down.

"Damn, perv!"

The two girls gnashed their teeth in anger.

"Here! Have some more of these stones."


Before they could react, another stone flew towards them.

They had no choice but to slow down and avoid it.

Despite being attacked, Zongzheng Wanyou couldn't help but frown and say to herself, "What an exquisite technique."

"Stop right there, pervert! " Xiang'er shouted.

Hearing this, Zhan Tianming ran even quicker, but he did not forget to turn his head and shout, "What pervert? It's hubby to you! Also, the two of you are not gentle at all. Therefore, I've decided to give up on you, so you can stop chasing me!"

"Damn it!" Due to anger or embarrassment, Xiang'er's entire face was like a ripe tomato.

"Okay, pay attention! Here comes another concealed weapon!"


Soon, another stone flew towards them, and once again, they had to slow down to dodge it.

"Here comes another one!"

Zhan Tianming shouted once again, but this time, nothing flew their way.

By now, that statement had built a conditional reflex in the girls. So, as soon as they heard him, they slowed down and dodged. It didn't take them long to realize that they were tricked, and they couldn't gnash their teeth in anger.

Not long after, Zhan Tianming got rid of the two girls.

"Phew. That was close. If not for my superb concealed weapon skill, precise footwork, and excellent scheming, I would have been a lump of dead meat." After getting far away, he released a sigh of relief. Earlier, he had looked at the duo's stats with the help of the Divine Dragon's Supreme System.

Zongzheng Wanyou was a seven-star Martial Master.

Xiang'er was a one-star Martial Master.

Both of them were ridiculously strong.

He was a mere four-star Martial Disciple. If he was caught, even if he didn't die, he would at least lose a layer of skin.

'Humph! If I can't fight you, I can just hide from you.'

Sadly, the barbecue mission ended up being a bust.

1,000 experience points and 100 silver taels were just gone, reduced to atoms.

On the other side:

"Young Miss, that pervert got away," Xiang'er said with a trace of anger on her face.

Zongzheng Wanyou lightly frowned with a frosty expression and lightly snorted. "Humph! General Li should be reaching Nanqing Village by now. Let's meet up with General Li first, then we can think of a way to catch that pervert."

After their brief discussion, the two women walked toward the Nanqing Village.

Despite hiding in a tree for a long time, Zhan Tianming couldn't see the figures of the two women, so he got out of his hiding spot.

When he looked at his surroundings, he found that he had run to an unfamiliar place.

He had had no idea as to where he was.

'Forget it. Let's just continue leveling up by hunting monsters.'

'Wait a minute.'

Zhan Tianming grinned and brought Little Purple out from his bosom.

"Come here."

"Ding dong!"

"A Divine Grade War Pet has been detected, Purple Cloud Soaring Boar. Do you want to keep it as a War Pet?"

"Divine Grade?" Zhan Tianming was startled.

What was a divine grade War Pet?

He quickly looked at the introduction.

Ranking of War Pets: Beast, Vicious Beast, Grade One Demonic Beast, Grade Two Demonic Beast, Grade Three Demonic Beast... Grade Nine Demonic Beast (Divine Grade Demonic Beast).

"Oh, so a ninth-grade War Pet is a Divine Grade pet."

Zhan Tianming immediately understood.

But then, his face abruptly stiffened.


'I-is Little Purple actually a Divine Grade Demonic Beast?'

'Damn! This glutton is actually a Divine Grade Demonic Beast!'

'No wonder Nanqing Village was free from wild beast attacks. Which beast wouldn't fear a Divine Level Demonic Beast?'

'But how did the Little Purple become Mu Qianxi's pet?'

Scratching his head, Zhan Tianming could not figure it out.

'Whatever. Let's just not think about troublesome matters.'


The moment Zhan Tianming chose "Yes," Little Purple entered the system space.

War Pet: Purple Cloud Soaring Boar (Divine Grade).

Level: 0

Experience: 15/1000

Ability: None at the moment.

Description: A little purple pig.

'What the hell!'

How was a description like this better than giving no description at all?

While looking at the system description, Zhan Tianming suddenly realized that he had established a mental connection with Little Purple.

"Master, Little Purple needs to eat to grow. Something with a lot of spiritual energy will be the best dish for growth."

"Hmm?" Zhan Tianming was startled. "Little Purple, were you the one who spoke just now?"

"Yes, Master."

Hearing that, Zhan Tianming was overjoyed.

"Haha! Alright, alright, alright, I'll definitely feed you a lot of delicious food."

To be able to communicate with Little Purple filled Zhan Tianming with joy.

"Oh right, Master. Little Purple thinks those two human girls from earlier are gorgeous, especially the one wearing the yellow dress. Her figure is so good! When she picked me up, I really wanted to lie on my stomach... on her chest."

Hearing this, Zhan Tianming was startled.

'Damn, are you the reincarnation of Zhu Bajie?'

'You are a pig! Shouldn't you find sows beautiful?'

'Why are you attracted towards her?'

"Little Purple, from today onwards, you will no longer be called Little Purple. You're Bajie from now on," Zhan Tianming said in all seriousness.

"Bajie? Why?" Little Purple expressed its confusion.

"Because your first resistance would be giving up on lust," Zhan Tianming said. (Zhu Bajie (from Journey to the West) was given a name that means "eight resistances," which reminded him to resist temptations of the flesh, including lust, laziness, gluttony, and avarice.)

"No! Little Purple likes lying on women with big breasts the most! It is soft and comfortable. Master, have you ever laid down on those heavenly pillows? You definitely haven't, right? Little Purple will find someone for you next time too. Only then will you understand the pleasure!"

"Damn, you perverted pig! Bad piggy!"

"Did Little Purple get it wrong, Master? Do you not like lying on a woman's chest? Oh, I get it! You actually like lying on a man's chest!"

"Screw you! What did you say? Are you looking for a beating?"

"Was I wrong again?"

"System, is there any punishment function for War Pets?"


"Go to hell! How come you don't even have a punishment function? Is there a mute function?"


"I'll go nuts!"

"Master, Little Purple really likes it! Not only are they soft, but also very supple."

"Bajie, you can shut up!"

"No! For the first time, Little Purple can talk with you. I still have a lot to talk about. Like their size, their comfort..."

"You're getting no food tonight!"

"Master, Little Purple is serious..."

"No food for tomorrow too."

"No... Master, Little Purple was wrong. Little Purple will shut up now. Little Purple will never speak from now on!"

"You are no longer Little Purple! You are Bajie now!"

"Yes, yes, my name is Bajie."

Finally, getting Little Purple under control by threatening it with food, Zhan Tianming felt a bit speechless.

'This lecherous pig was a divine beast?'

'A beast — yes! A Divine Grade Beast — not so much!'

'Forget it. Let's just focus on killing monsters and leveling up.'

Within the Nanqing Village:


As soon as Zongzheng Wanyou and Xiang'er appeared in the village, over a hundred uniformed soldiers kneeled down on one knee.

"Greetings, Princess!"

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