Supreme Dragon System/C11 As a Villain You Have to be Aware
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Supreme Dragon System/C11 As a Villain You Have to be Aware
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C11 As a Villain You Have to be Aware

Everything went on like a routine: evening came and the sun set in the west.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

More than ten stones flew out in succession.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

"Oink! Squeal!"

A pig that had eight shape black teeth, and was a little bigger than a tiger, let out an angry roar. Its predatory bloodshot eyes glared at Zhan Tianming, who was not far away from them.

"Proud Dragon Repents!"

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Zhan Tianming rushed forward and struck his palm on the Hairy Tail Eight-toothed Boar's body. With a single palm strike, he sent the boar flying.

Instantly, the boar's HP decreased by 1,823 points.

'This won't do. That Hairy Tail Eight-toothed Boar still has over 3,400 HP.'

Furthermore, his true qi was at 125 points. This was only enough for one more Proud Dragon Repents.

'Humph! One palm strike it would be then!'

"Proud Dragon Repents!"

"Ding dong! You've triggered the doubling effect! Attack power has been doubled!"

Zhan Tianming was overjoyed.

Just when he needed the doubling effect.

With that, he released a mighty powerful palm strike. Once again, the familiar transparent dragon silhouette enveloped around his hand, roared, and then rushed towards the boar.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

With a single palm strike, he had killed nearly 3700 HP.

The ferocious Hairy Tail Eight-toothed Boar finally collapsed onto the ground after letting out a final groan.


The moment it fell, the ground shook, and the dried leaves around were sent flying into the air.

"Phew. Finally, got rid of it."

Zhan Tianming let out a deep sight, extended his hand out to wipe the sweat off his forehead, and revealed a content smile.

Even though he defeated the boar, he never forgot about the motto: if you can't fight it, hide from it.

The Hairy Tail Eight-toothed Pig was a sixth-grade Vicious Beast.

Even if the hunting team from his village met it, they wouldn't have dared to fight it and would've just run away. Only ten or twenty people together could think of trying to kill it. However, such a Vicious Beast had now fallen under his feet.

The advantage brought by the Divine Dragon's Supreme System was simply too obvious.

Zhan Tianming was very happy and felt good about his progress.

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has killed a Hairy Tail Eight-toothed Boar. You are rewarded with 530 experience."

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has broken through — you are now a five-star Martial Disciple! You are rewarded with one attribute point."

"Haha! I've leveled up! I've finally leveled up!!"

After working hard for an entire day, he was finally a five-star Martial Disciple. A silly smile appeared on Zhan Tianming's face when he thought about all the work he had to do for leveling up.

To Zhan Tianming, this sort of combat experience was way more exciting than playing games.

Zhan Tianming checked the system space's inventory.

Inventory: Rat meat (x3), rabbit meat (x1), deer meat (x1), boar meat (x1), live rabbit (x1), rabbit skin (x1), pig teeth (x8), hairy tail (x1).

The harvest was not bad.

Zhan Tianming took a look at the attribute value.

Attribute Points: 19

'Attack! Add everything to attack attribute!'

Instantly, his attack rose from 45 points to 64 points.

As for defense, it was only a pitiful 10 points.

The next day, Zhan Tianming did a few experiments. When he used a tree branch for offense, his attack stat went from 64 to 66. But, when he used stones as his primary weapon, his attack points went from 64 to 76. In conclusion, a fragile branch gave him an additional 2 points of attack, and the stones increased his offense capabilities by 12 points.

In the future, if he were to replace stones with throwing knives and the like, his attack would definitely increase by leaps and bounds.

'This is good.'

With the help of this system, not only could he use hidden weapons, but he could also make them with the blacksmith profession.

In the future, he would definitely forge his own top-grade hidden weapons. At that time, if anyone dared to provoke him, he would definitely make them regret being born.

Thinking about that, Zhan Tianming could not help but shiver.

'You'll fear my wrath, idiots!'

Zhan Tianming was so proficient with concealed weapons that no one in a sixty-meter radius could get away from him.

Moreover, his Nine Dragons Aim was now at the sixth level.

And the Nine Dragons Step at the fifth level.

Unfortunately, Proud Dragon Repents proficiency was only at 54 points. A far cry from the 10,000 points required.

Leveling up Supreme level techniques was indeed a tough job.

Other than that, Zhan Tianming had also dug up a few ordinary herbs, activating the secondary profession — Alchemist.

"Let's go home now."

Happy, Zhan Tianming retrieved his backpack from the system space, slung it on his back, and walked in the direction of the Nanqing Village.

When he returned back to the village entrance, Zhan Tianming took a look around.

"Huh. Wang Man's group actually did not stop me? Seriously, he has no idea how to be a good cannon fodder." After expressing his contempt, Zhan Tianming shrugged and walked back to the village in boredom.

As he walked, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

"Such quiet? Not even a bark?"

Such abnormal silence only meant one thing: something was wrong.

When Zhan Tianming passed by Old Li's house, he took a peek inside. Their ferocious, tiger-like big yellow dog was actually lying inside, looking as if it didn't dare to come out.

Zhan Tianming couldn't help but frown.

'What is going on?'

'What happened in the village?'

'So many questions.'

When he entered the village, he saw some tents in the distant plaza. What was that for?

Zhan Tianming ran to the plaza.

He took a look...

'Those are military tents!'

In the middle of the plaza and surrounded by military tents, there was a mighty flag. The triangular flag was embroidered with a fierce tiger with four eyes and two words embroidered crookedly next to it. Those words meant "above the forest" or something. Furthermore, outside the tent, there were a few soldiers dressed in black Battle Armor robes. They stood guard with spears in their hands.

Could it be the Royal Army?

An army camp in the Nanqing Village was a rare occurrence. Something like that only happened once in a hundred years.

'Whatever. I'm sure this has nothing to do with me.'

As if nothing had happened, Zhan Tianming shook his head and headed back home.

When he got back home, he lit a fire, set up a pot, and added some water into it.

Zhan Tianming took out three portions of rat meat and put them in the pot along with a few herbs he picked.

He was actually making a medicinal stew.

These three portions of rat meat were not small at all. Each serving was about the size of a small lamb stew. The meat was tender and delicious.

Three servings were more than enough for him.

After he made three servings, he found that there was still quite a bit left in the pot.

"I've stewed it, so might as well send it to Uncle Mu and Dogegg," Zhan Tianming muttered to himself. (The name Dogegg was used in ancient China as a way to prolong toddlers' life. For more information, search: 狗蛋.)

Uncle Mu and Dogegg were the two people who treated Zhan Tianming the best in the village.

Although Dogegg's mother was a bit petty and looked down on Zhan Tianming, he always treated Zhan Tianming like a brother.

While he was stewing, Zhan Tianming suddenly heard a rustling sound coming from outside the house. He could not help but smile.

"Humph! Wang Man, you finally remembered that you are a villain."

Zhan Tianming extended two fingers and picked up a burning branch.

He walked to the window and peeked out.

It was indeed Wang Man.

Wang Man was sneakily walking towards his home while holding onto a wooden bucket with his right hand and pinching his nose with his left hand. Obviously, the stuff inside the wooden bucket was not anything good.


The burning branch flew out and sent sparks all around Wang Man.


The branch struck Wang Man's right hand.


Wang Man screamed, and the barrel in his hand was flung high into the air.

Splash! All the dirty water in the bucket poured all over Wang Man's body.


The barrel, then, fell onto Wang Man's head.

Looking at Wang Man, who now stood at his spot in a daze, Zhan Tianming couldn't help but burst out laughing.


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