Supreme Dragon System/C13 Bullied My Way up Here
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Supreme Dragon System/C13 Bullied My Way up Here
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C13 Bullied My Way up Here

The person had a cold and arrogant look on his face. Behind him stood a chubby woman and a towering young man.

Recently, Zhan Tianming's cultivation increased by leaps and bounds as he was now a five-star Martial Disciple, and because of that, his eyesight was better than ever now. With just the light coming from the outside, he could recognize the trio that was walking into his courtyard.

That group was none other than the three members of the Wang family.

The one walking in front was Wang Sishi, and behind him were his wife, Aunt Zhang, and his son, Wang Man.

With a sneer on her fat face, Aunt Zhang looked at Zhan Tianming coldly, raised the corner of her lips and snorted in disdain.

Aunt Zhang was still bewildered by what happened yesterday. Never in her life did she expect that one day Zhan Tianming would be the one beating her.

Today, her husband finally returned.

She was here was vengeance, and she was going to pay back the debt for that kick with interest.

Wang Man, who was standing beside Aunt Zhang, had already taken a bath and changed into a clean set of clothes.

However, if anyone brave enough dared to come close to him, they would be greeted with the worst stench of their life.

"Stop, stop, stop!"

Zhan Tianming pointed to the three members of the Wang family.

"Don't come near me. Wang Man, why do you smell like a pot of filth? Do you want to kill me with that stench?"

Wang Man was furious.

"Humph!" Wang Sishi, who was leading the group, let out a cold snort and looked at Zhan Tianming with disdain.

"Little bastard, you sure have grown a pair of wings. You dare to hit my family!" Wang Sishi stared at Zhan Tianming.

"Old bastard, what are you talking about?" Zhan Tianming was indifferent.

"I'm talking about you," Wang Sishi said.

The moment Wang Sishi finished answering, he saw a sneer appear on Zhan Tianming's face, and he was started before realizing that he had been tricked.

After all, by answering Zhan Tianming, he had unconsciously accepted that he was an old bastard.

Immediately, Wang Sishi's face became ugly and the gloom on his face reached its peak.

Zhan Tianming gave a fleeting glance to the three members of the Wang family.

He knew that trio very well.

The Wang family was the kind of family that acted all innocent while being the biggest villain in the room.

'It's alright, tough. I'll let you put on a show one last time.'

Zhan Tianming believed that people like them were the most despicable bunch.

After a brief pause, Wang Sishi recovered from the shock.

However, he quickly repressed his anger.

Towards Zhan Tianming, Wang Sishi still maintained a hint of disdain.

For him, Zhan Tianming was a piece of trash who couldn't even beat a chicken.

The likes of Zhan Tianming weren't enough to make him angry.

Wang Sishi swept his gaze across Zhan Tianming with disdain and said indifferently, "Little bastard, my Wang family gave you good food to eat and clean water to drink. Yet, what did you give us in return? You stole our pig, injured the woman who was kind like a mother to you and injured your brother. You ungrateful dog, if I don't break your limbs today, I won't be Wang Sishi."

"Father, you must teach him a good lesson." Wang Man pointed at Zhan Tianming angrily.

"Break this little bastard's foot and help me vent my anger." Aunt Zhang also looked at Zhan Tianming furiously.

"Haha!" Zhan Tianming laughed coldly.

Even though he was laughing, his heart was actually seething with anger.

'Screw you! You are one to complain.'

'I hit your wife?'

'She asked for it!'

'I caught your son off guard and splashed filth on him?'

'What a joke! You are clearly inverting black and white!'

'So preposterous!'

The Wang family was simply a group of evildoers.

The people Zhang Tianming hated the most were shameless people like the Wang family.

Suppressing the anger in his heart, Zhan Tianming said coldly, "Old bastard, don't try to make them sound so noble. What kind of people your son and that fat wife of yours are... You know it too, right?"

"If you just want to deal with me, come straight at me. There is no need for such excuses, now is there?"

"Also, after hearing what you just said, I'm really worried about you. Since you won't be Wang Sishi for long, what are planning to call yourself in the future? Oh, I remember now. You're the eighth child of your parents, right?"

"Why don't we call you bastard?"

"Or a son of a bitch?"

"Or a mistake?"

"Or should I just call you old bastard?"

Wang Sishi could feel anger in his very core and his eyes turned sinister.

Yes, Wang Sishi knew the kind of people his fatt—wife and kids were.

However, a good-for-nothing like Zhan Tianming had no right talking to him like this, let alone laying a hand on his wife and son.

Moreover, Wang Sishi had wanted to kill Zhan Tianming a long time ago.

As long as Zhan Tianming died, instead of being the acting village chief, Zhang Yong would become the real village chief.

And he would go from being the hunting squadron's vice captain to being its captain.

At that time, the benefits he would receive would be immense.

It was just that, no one dared to openly kill Zhan Tianming.

Out of the nine children, Zhan Tianming was the only one who survived the Mountain Sacrifice Realm.

Zhan Tianming was chosen by the mountain god as the successor to the previous village head.

No one had the right to take that qualification away from him.

Consequently, before Zhan Tianming turned sixteen and accepted the examination, no one dared to kill him.

Right now, Wang Man and the others had no idea that they had already tortured and killed the real Zhan Tianming.

They had no idea that the Zhan Tianming in front of them was an entirely different human being.

So, even though Wang Sishi couldn't kill Zhan Tianming right now, not many would raise their voice if he just beat him half to death and crippled him.

And Wang Sishi was well aware of this loophole.

The entire village knew that Zhan Tianming was an irredeemable piece of trash.

No one wished for Zhan Tianming to become the village chief of Nanqing Village.

If that happened, Nanqing Village would become a huge joke in the eyes of the other two villages.

If that happened, every human in the Nanqing Village would lose their pride and wouldn't be able to raise their head.

After he was done contemplating, a ruthless aura gradually came out from Wang Sishi's body.

'If I can't kill him, I'll just beat him till he is half dead.'

Wang Sishi laughed coldly in his heart, as he prepared to make his move.

"Dad, let me do it. I'll teach him a lesson." Just when Wang Sishi was about to make his move, Wang Man glared at Zhan Tianming and stood up. "Today, I must break all of this trash's limbs, so that he won't even be able to crawl back for the rest of his life. He can only flop on the ground and wait for death."

Although Wang Man felt that it was strange that he had fallen into Zhan Tianming's hands twice, he always chalked it up as an accident.

The first time, he was completely ambushed.

The second time, he was caught off guard.

Although Wang Man knew that Zhan Tianming was very good at throwing stones, he refused to believe Zhan Tianming could pull off any more tricks with his father around.

Wang Sishi's eyes swept across his son and nodded indifferently.

"Alright, this little bastard doesn't have the qualifications for me to make a move."

"Man'er, teach him a lesson."

Wang Sishi glanced at Zhan Tianming with contempt and disdain.

He did not believe that Zhan Tianming could catch his son off guard in front of him.

"Yes, Father." Wang Man nodded excitedly. Turning around, he looked at Zhan Tianming, clenched his fists, and mocked with a sneer, "Zhan Tianming, today, if I don't break all of your limbs, I won't be Wang Man."

The anger at the bottom of Zhan Tianming's heart burned more and more vigorously.

The rage was storming in his heart!


'Truly, a weak person is liable to be bullied; a tamed horse is often ridden.'


With a cold snort, Zhan Tianming glanced at Wang Man.

"Like father, like son. Like I said, from now on, your father will be the old bastard, and as for you, you will be the little bastard. One old and one young, the two bastards together."

"You're courting death!" Wang Man was infuriated as his eyes widened.

Suddenly, he punched at Zhan Tianming.

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