Supreme Dragon System/C14 Get out of My Way
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Supreme Dragon System/C14 Get out of My Way
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C14 Get out of My Way


All Wang Man heard was a loud sound, and before he knew it, he found his vision blurring. He had no idea what just happened: Zhan Tianming was in front of him for a second before he just vanished. After that, Wang Man felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, and his entire body flew out fiercely. He smashed into the courtyard wall and made large chunks of the wall and its stones fall onto the ground.

Before long, Wang Man fainted on the rubble.

Nine Dragons Fist!

Zhan Tianming maintained his Nine Dragons Fist stance.

After such a powerful punch, even his own fist trembled a little.

There wasn't a shred of mercy in that punch.

It was punch filled with fury.

The fist was akin to an enraged ferocious dragon.

The might behind that punch was simply explosive.

Wang Sishi and his wife were stunned.


Looking at their son, who had fallen in the pile of rocks, Wang Sishi and his wife started to panic.

It didn't take Wang Sishi to regain his calm, and now he was infuriated.

"You little bastard, go to hell!"

Suddenly, Wang Sishi pounced on Zhan Tianming like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey. His fist, which had the weight of over 4,000 kilograms, fiercely smashed towards Zhan Tianming's head, and he was determined to kill him with one blow.

Right now, Wang Sishi couldn't care less about the consequences of his action.

Even if Zhan Tianming was selected as the successor by the Mountain God himself — so what?

'I'll still fight him!'

'Beat him to death and avenge my son.'

Wang Sishi did not hold back at all.

As for Zhan Tianming, his heart was seething with anger from the beginning.

He had tolerated this family for a long time.

Never once had he caused any trouble to the Wang family, but what was he supposed to do when they came looking for trouble instead.

They were evil down to their core.

All this wasn't something Zhan Tianming could tolerate.

"Proud Dragon Repents!"

With a low shout, Zhan Tianming struck out with his palm.

"Ding dong! You've triggered the doubling effect! Attack power has been doubled!"

Zhan Tianming was overjoyed.

His palm strike moved with much greater momentum.


The fist and the palm collided.

A resounding explosion filled the area.

Kacha! Kacha!

As bone-cracking sound filled the area, Wang Sishi could be seen flying away like a kite with a broken string.

With a loud rumble, Wang Sishi struck the same wall as his son and was knocked out.

On the other hand, Zhan Tianming maintained his palm stance, as steady as Mt. Tai.

Even though he didn't retreat a single step, he could feel a stinging from the center of his palm.

However, it was all worth it.

Although Zhan Tianming was only a five-star Martial Disciple, his Proud Dragon Repents was a Supreme level martial skill. Moreover, he had just used double the power of this supreme level skill along with the garroting effect. Wang Sishi had merely relied on his brute force to strike out with a single punch, so how could he be Zhan Tianming's match?

With a single palm strike, Wang Sishi was grievously injured.

Just doubling the attack's power was enough to deal a serious blow; due to the additional garroting effect, the bones in Wang Sishi's arms were shattered.

Zhan Tianming's eyes turned cold as they slowly swept towards Aunt Zhang, who just stood there dumbly like a fat pig.

"Y-you... What do you want? "

Aunt Zhang was scared out of her mind, and her face was white like a ghost's.

Right now, Zhan Tianming wanted nothing more than to shout, "Damn it, what can I want from a fatty like you?"

However, he didn't lash out.

After a pause, he simply shouted, "Scram!"


Aunt Zhang was so scared that she plopped on the ground. With a face full of panic and fear, she supported herself with her trembling hands.

With great difficulty, she helped the Wang Clan's father-son duo up and fled the scene.

When the villagers nearby heard the commotion, they came out to take a look.

Unfortunately, by the time they arrived at the scene, only a pile of rubble and a collapsed wall greeted them.

In one of the tents at Nanqing Village's plaza:

The tent's interior had a simple decoration, but it was still miles away from what a villager from here could afford.

That simple-yet-gorgeous tent was illuminated by a bright candlelight.

Inside this tent sat two gorgeous and charming girls, especially the one in the yellow dress. A beauty like her couldn't be found anywhere in the world.

"Xiang'er, tell me, will that pervert fall for it?" Zongzheng Wanyou asked.

"Princess, don't worry," Xiang'er said with a face full of confidence. "Didn't we tailor this trial around the pervert's abilities? That pervert is so greedy, so if he hears about the conditions set by the palace, he would definitely fall headfirst in our trap."

"And once he enters the County Prince Palace as a guard, Princess, you can punish him as you wish."

"Humph! Let's see if he dares to peek at our princess bathing then."

As soon as she thought about Zhan Tianming, Xiang'er's face was filled with fury.

Beside Xiang'er, Zongzheng Wanyou's countenance also turned cold when she thought about him.

'Peeping at this princess bathing?'

'This is a capital crime.'

'Humph! You pervert, I will catch you soon. At that time, I'll make you beg for death.'

'No, I won't let you die that easily.'

'I want him to cook meat for me every day. If he dares to get sloppy for even a single day, I will punish him ruthlessly. I'll strip him, tie him up, and then using a whip, I'll flog him. Then I'll drip candle wax on his bruises and make him beg for mercy.'

When she thought about "torturing" him, a sinister smile blossomed on her face.

"Princess, are you thinking about whips and candles again?" Xiang'er asked softly.

"That's right. This princess wants to tie him up, whip—"

Suddenly, she stopped speaking.

When she saw Xiang'er giggling to herself, Zongzheng Wanyou couldn't help but glare at her.

"Feeling funny, huh? Xiang'er, your skin is itchy for another beating, isn't it?"

"Princess, please spare me. Xiang'er was wrong."

"Humph! You know you are wrong? If you dare to mock this princess again, I will betroth you to that pervert."

"What! Princess, please don't do that! Xiang'er knows her mistake..."

Seeing Xiang'er begging for mercy, Zongzheng Wanyou revealed a happy expression.

The next day was beautiful and sunny.

The sunlight shone on Nanqing Village's plaza, and from time to time, rings of multicolored light could be seen in the air.

Dressed in a black Battle Armor, General Li Guangsheng stood proudly on the plaza with his eyes shining brightly.

His gaze swept across the villagers around the plaza.

The plaza that was once filled with chatter and laughter immediately went silent. Not a single villager dared to make a sound after witnessing his fleeting glance.

This was the might of the strong.

And Li Guangsheng was definitely an expert.

Beside Li Guangsheng was the Acting Village Chief Zhang Yong, a 2.3 m tall, middle-aged man. After looking at the silent plaza, Zhang Yong said, "Villagers, it is the honor of our entire village that the County Prince Palace came to our Nanqing Village to select manor guards! All of you must perform well!"

Zhang Yong did not dare to take up too much of Li Guangsheng's time, and after he finished, he bowed and nodded towards Li Guangsheng.

Li Guangsheng nodded slightly.

He didn't like those who flattered him, so he was quite satisfied with Zhang Yong's performance.

Soldiers needed to be simple and straightforward.

If one was one, report one as one.

But if you reported one as two...

He would cut your bullshit.

Li Guangsheng took two steps forward and yelled at the top of his lungs, "Everyone, if you want to become manor guards, you have to clear three conditions."

"One, your age must be in between 16 and 20."

"Two, your cultivation must be above two-star Martial Disciple."

"Three, you must have mastery in an excellent barbecuing technique."

"These three are requisite conditions."

When the villagers heard the conditions, they were dumbfounded. Initially, they were prepared to give a good performance, but now, they were just stumped.

Older villagers were even more distressed as they couldn't even clear the first condition.

They couldn't help but go through a midlife crisis all over again.

What baffled everyone even more was the last condition.

Weren't they supposed to guard the manor? Why would they need barbecuing skills for guarding a door?

Could it be that the County Prince Palace did not come to pick palace guards but chefs?

Everyone was filled with doubts, but none dared to question the conditions set by the County Prince Palace.

"Alright, everyone who is in between 16 and 20 years of age and has a cultivation level above two-star Martial Disciple, come to the stage to accept the test. If you can clear the various rounds of the test, you will officially become a guard of the County Prince Palace." After he was done giving instructions, Li Guangsheng took a few steps back and sat down on a chair clothed with black bearskin.

Zhang Yong shouted from below, "You heard General Li, right? Hurry up!"

Immediately, over thirty youths took the stage one after another.

Their faces were filled with pride and joy.

As long as they could enter the County Prince Palace, they could achieve great things in their life.

Right now, that precious opportunity stood right in front of them.

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