Supreme Dragon System/C15 You Want to Catch Me No Doors
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Supreme Dragon System/C15 You Want to Catch Me No Doors
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C15 You Want to Catch Me No Doors

Zhan Tianming stood amidst the crowd with absolutely no intention of going up the stage.

For a mere 15 taels a month, he was supposed to guard someone with his life and listen to their every command? What was it, if not a joke?

Like hell would he do that.

He was, in time, for sure, right(?), going to become the strongest man in the entire Nine Dragons Continent.

Someone as esteemed as him acting as a guard?

Who the hell do they think he was?

Bored out of his mind, Zhan Tianming opened the Divine Dragon's Supreme System and looked at Li Guangsheng who was sitting at the top spot.

He really wanted to know—what realm could such a mighty and domineering person be in?

"One Star Martial Spirit!"

'So powerful!'

At least, for the current Zhan Tianming, this kind of strength was something he could only look up to.

Soon, more than 30 youths formed an askew line and stood on the plaza. The disorderly mess of a line formed by the youths was in stark contrast to the neatly organized military team next to them.

Wang Man, who was part of the askew line, swept his gaze across the crowd and revealed a cold snort when he saw Zhan Tianming standing amidst the spectators.

On the other, Liu Yu, who was also in the line, revealed a smile when he saw Zhan Tianming.

Soon, it was the time for the first round of the test.

Lifting the cauldron! The first test was Lift the Cauldron.

Ten stone cauldrons of different sizes were placed on the plaza.

From the smallest—they were 500 kilograms, 1,000 kilograms, 1,500 kilograms… and finally, 5,000 kilograms.

Those more than thirty youth who dared to go onstage were naturally those who could lift at least the 1,500 kilograms cauldron.

Since the requirement was being a two-star Martial Disciple, the first test was a breeze for most.

Liu Yu, who was ranked eleventh, was even able to hoist the 2,000 kilograms cauldron.

"Hmm... This child sure possesses a lot of brute strength. He is worth training," praised Li Guangsheng and slightly nodded.

At the side, Liu Yu's parents heard the evaluation and just couldn't stop smiling.

After that, a few people lifted the 1,500 kilograms cauldron.

Finally, it was Wang Man's turn.

Without saying a word, Wang Man walked in front of the 2,000 kilograms cauldron.

He held the cauldron with both hands.


With a loud shout, Wang Man raised the stone cauldron above his head.

Zhan Tianming, who was in the midst of the crowd was stunned, and thought, 'This bastard Wang Man, when did he become a four-star Martial Disciple? And how did he recover from last night's injuries so quickly?'

Although he did not know the whole story, Zhan Tianming couldn't care less.

'Who cares?'

"Not bad, not bad at all," Li Guangsheng praised.

From this praise, one could deduce that Li Guangsheng, among Liu Yu and Wang Man, was impressed by Wang Man's performance.

"General, I can still lift the 2,500 kilograms cauldron," Wang Man said with confidence.

"Oh?" Li Guangsheng laughed and then motioned at Wang Man to raise it.

The confident Wang Man turned his head back to look at his father, who was heavily injured and had his arm hung on a piece of cloth. Then, he looked at Zhan Tianming, whose face was filled with indifference, and a trace of coldness appeared in Wang Man's eyes.

The villagers were surprised too when they heard Wang Man was going to lift the 2,500 kilograms cauldron.

Everyone thought that Wang Man was still a two-star Martial Disciple.

And according to that, lifting a 2,000 kilograms cauldron was already surprising enough.

But now? He was actually proclaiming that he would lift the 2,500 kilograms cauldron.

Naturally, this surprised the villagers to no end.

Feeling the amazement in their stares, Wang Man revealed an expression of complacency.

Last night after the Wang family trio returned from Zhan Tianming's place in a bloodied and battered state, Wang Man's father took out a treasured 500 years old medicinal herb and brewed it into a soup for Wang Man.

Once Wang Man consumed the soup, he slept like a log until the next morning. Once he woke up the next day, not only had he recovered from his injuries, but his strength now exceeded 2,500 kilograms.

So, he decided, in this test—he would show everyone he was an extraordinary talent.

Especially he wanted to show off in front of Zhan Tianming.

"Humph! Zhan Tianming, just you wait. I will soon become a guard for the County Prince Palace."

"When that time comes, I'll definitely trample you to death."


With a low shout, Wang Man gripped the 2,500 kilograms stone cauldron with both hands.

"Rise for me!"

Slowly, the 2,500 kilograms cauldron rose from the ground, and just when Wang Man was about to lift it up completely...

"Ah-le-le, why are Wang Man's butt cheeks clenched together so tightly? Is his butt itchy?" Zhan Tianming's voice curious question reverberated in the arena.

The question soon made its way into Wang Man's ears.

Unable to hold back his embarrassment, Wang Man loosened his butt.

That split second of distraction was enough for him to lose control over the cauldron.


The stone cauldron fell back down.

Turning his head, Wang Man glared at Zhan Tianming as if he wanted to devour him.

Unfortunately, Zhan Tianming ignored him.

With a light snort, Wang Man turned around to try and lift the cauldron again, but before he could even touch the cauldron, he saw General Li Guangsheng waving his hand. "Next."

"General, I really can lift it," Wang Man said anxiously.

"Just a bit of distraction from the outside world is enough to break your concentration. How can you accomplish anything if you can't even focus on anything? With your attention span... there is no need to continue. Next!" Li Guangsheng said indifferently and didn't spare Wang Man a second glance after that.

And why should he? Li Guangsheng was well aware that this whole "finding a guard" spiel was a lie.

Therefore, it didn't matter if Wang Man could lift it up again or not.

Right now, Wang Man's heart was in agony.

Have any of you ever felt this feeling in the past? The feeling of wanting to explode? Feeling of pouring out all of your anger?

Wang Man was experiencing the same sentiment as he stood there blankly.

That feeling...

Just thinking about it filled one's heart with pain.

However, life had to go on. Li Guangsheng had already called for the next person, Wang Man had to get off the stage and willow in his despair somewhere else.

Filled with anger towards Zhan Tianming, Wang Man slowly got off the stage.

Amongst the crowd, Wang Sishi and his wife were glared at Zhan Tianming with anger dripping down their faces. Filled with anger in their heart, every cell in their body begging them to take action, yet powerless, they just didn't dare to flare up. They still remembered the domineering display of power Zhan Tianming showed them last night, and that memory just shoved their words of anger back down their throats.

Feeling the venomous gazes from the Wang family members, Zhan Tianming shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

Soon, the first round of the test ended.

The thirty-plus people passed with ease.

The second round tested the accuracy of the participants.

Twenty meters from the participants, there were several grass targets.

All the participants had three darts in their hands.

Participants who could accurately throw all three of their darts at the targets would pass this round of the test.

When everyone heard the rules, they couldn't help but frown.

All darts had to hit the target?

The targets were so far away, yet they had to strike them down with pinpoint accuracy.

The difficulty was quite high.

Then again, this was a test designed by the County Prince Palace, how could it be easy? County Prince Palace designing an easy test? How outrageous!

Fire was the test of gold; adversity, of strong men. So, the County Prince Palace had to be strict in their selection.

Only then would they be able to select real talents.

IF you still had any doubts, look at those neatly organized troops of soldiers. Which one of them wasn't stronger than the strongest person in the village?

The only thing that could overcome hard luck was hard work.

Looking at those awe-inspiring soldiers, all the youths were filled with motivation.

When Zhan Tianming hears the details regarding the second round of the test, he couldn't help but feel something was suspicious.

Not one-on-one combat but accuracy in throwing darts?

"And mastery in an excellent barbecuing technique?"


'This is kinda sus.'

Suddenly, a thought struck Zhan Tianming's mind.

"Is this test arranged by those two girls?"

Zhan Tianming's heart suddenly skipped a beat. Regardless of he looked at it, if Zongzheng Wanyou and Xiang'er were indeed behind the test, then this palace guard test was no doubt aimed at him.

Zhan Tianming's head shrank back as he looked around.

'Not there'

'Not there'

'Not even there'


'Strange, why can't I see those girls?'

Even after sweeping through the crowd, including the troops of the County Prince Palace, he just couldn't find them.

"Am I just being paranoid?"

Zhan Tianming shook his head as he gently caressed his chin.

'Forget it. Even if this was arranged by them, it's not like I'm participating.'

'Humph! You want to catch me? In your dreams!'

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