Supreme Dragon System/C16 Wang Man Learns a Lesson for Life
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Supreme Dragon System/C16 Wang Man Learns a Lesson for Life
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C16 Wang Man Learns a Lesson for Life

Even though he couldn't see the duo, Zhan Tianming still took a few steps back to better hide amongst the crowd.

Even though he couldn't see them, that didn't mean they couldn't see him either.

As he began retreating, the sky above felt much brighter.


'Wait! Taking a few steps back isn't all that safe. I can hide amidst the people but...'

'There are still so many tents in the front!'

'What if someone is secretly peeking from inside the tent?'

Troubled by his own thoughts, Zhan Tianming turned around and decide to just leave the plaza.

"Humph! Whether they are targeting me or not, I'll figure it out soon."

Laughing lightly, Zhan Tianming used the crowd and buildings to cover himself as he walked towards his house.

After getting back, he decided to eat a roast, so he prepared the fire.

Taking out the rabbit meat from the system space, Zhan Tianming quickly seasoned it and then began roasting it.

"I need to quickly level up these secondary professions. Once I'm done leveling up, I won't have to wait while it roasts," Zhan Tianming muttered to himself.

Previously, the system had informed Zhan Tianming that as long as he could reach level one, his cooking time would go down to three seconds.

In other words, he could prepare his dishes in mere three seconds.

However, that did come with a catch. In three seconds, he could either get a well roasted piece of meat, or...

An inedible piece of burnt meat.

In case his attempt failed, even the meat he had prepared would disappear.

Soon, with the soothing crackles of wood-burning, two hours passed.

The fragrant roasted meat was finally in Zhan Tianming's hands.

After two hours of cooking, the experience points in front of his cooking profession had also increased.

He found a large patch of green leaves outside his house, so he used them to wrap the roasted rabbit. Zhan Tianming then smeared some dust on his face before walking towards the village plaza.

When he got there, he took a look.

Just as he expected, the third exam was roasting rabbit meat on the spot.

With this, Zhan Tianming suspicions were no longer just baseless doubts.

Sweeping his eyes around, he noticed that there were a total of eleven people still participating in the examination, and Wang Man was among them.

"Hehe, Wang Man, even the heavens are helping me. To think you will be standing in such an inconspicuous corner."

Zhan Tianming grinned.

Without batting an eyelid, he walked closer and quietly threw the roasted rabbit meat next to Wang Man's feet.


When Wang Man heard the sound, he moved unconsciously, and his feet touched the wrapped meat. Feeling something by his feet, he was startled and lowered his head to look at it, only to find something wrapped in leaves near his feet.

Doubtful, he bent down and picked it up.

After picking it up, he began removing the leaves covering the meat.

"Roasted rabbit meat?"

When a fragrant waft from the roasted meat entered his nose, he couldn't stop himself from taking a deep breath in its appetizing aroma.

Just from the aroma, Wang Man was sure that this roast was akin to a supreme treasure.

"Could it be that Father prepared it for me?"

Certain that his well-wisher was none other than his own father, Wang Man was overjoyed. Since no one was looking at Wang Man, he used this to his advantage and replaced his roast with the one he received from his "father."

Wang Man happened to be in an inconspicuous corner, so his little trickery was discovered by none.

Pretending to roast it, Wang Man laughed complacently.

Soon, five contestants were done with their roast, so they presented their barbecue to a black-armored soldier. That solder brought those roasts to an inconspicuous tent.

Unfortunately, no response came from that tent.

Those who had finished roasting the meat could only wait in the plaza.

Wang Man didn't pretend like he was roasting the meat for too long as he soon extinguished the fire and presented the roast.

The villagers were all astonished when they saw the roast presented by Wang Man. The appearance, the color, and even the aroma that they could smell from that far away was nothing but extraordinary.

Wang Man could actually roast such an extraordinary piece of barbecue?

Where was he hiding his skills before?

This roast seemed better than anything they have ever had in their entire life.

Just the aroma wafting from the roast was mind-boggling.

They could not help but look enviously at Wang Sishi and his wife.

"Vice-Captain Wang, your Xiao Man has quite the skill."

"Vice-Captain Wang, this time Xiao Man will definitely become a County Prince Palace guard. Your family is going to have a great future."

"Sister Zhang, your Xiao Man is so talented."

"Of course. Sister Zhang's son inherited Vice-Captain Wang and Sister-in-law Zhang's talents. How could he be anything but outstanding?"

"Haha!" Wang Sishi just gave a humble laugh.

On the other hand, Aunt Zhang couldn't hide the pride on her face.

In truth, the Wang Man's parents were more stunned and speechless than anyone present here.

Ever since Wang Man's childhood, they had never once seen Wang Man roast such a good barbecue before. Furthermore, when they saw Wang Man roasting the meat, they were actually worried about their son.

Never did they expect that their son would be able to roast such an appetizing barbecue.

Then again, as long as their son could succeed, why should they care about the means?

"Vice-Captain Wang and Sister-in-law Zhang, come to my place for dinner when you have time. I have a jar of good wine."

"Vice-Captain Wang, come visit our home. Didn't you propose marriage for Xiao Man last time? My daughter, she's rather interested in Xiao Man. Shall we talk about their getting together?"

"I say, Ma family's second sister-in-law, didn't your family refuse them last time?"

"Sister-in-law Zhang, come to our house. Our daughter is not bad. She's pretty, she's diligent…"

At that moment, many people started a conversation with Wang Sishi and his wife.

Some wanted to marry their daughters into their house, and some wanted to treat them to a meal. All in all, many people jumped at the opportunity to get in Wang family's good books.

Wang Sishi and his wife were laughing so hard that their mouths wouldn't close for even a second.

However, despite everyone fawning over them, a trace of disdain could be seen in their eyes. Wang Sishi thought, "Humph! You bunch of peasants are trying to shackle my son down? My family's Man'er will soon soar to greatness; will he care about commoners like you, then?"

Amidst the erupting chatter of the villagers, a soldier dressed in black armor carried Wang Man's roast meat and brought it into the tent.

The villagers could not help but look forward to it.

After all, the piece of roasted meat that Wang Man offered was the best.

If even Wang Man couldn't pass the test, probably no one could pass the level.

Amongst the crowd:

Zhan Tianming could not help but laugh in his heart, as he keeked at Wang Man. Right now, Wang Man was overflowing with glee, but Zhan Tianming could only look at him sympathetically.

"Sigh~ Wang Man, oh Wang Man, if you want to blame someone, you can only blame yourself for being dishonest."

"As your brother, at least I was able to teach you a good lesson. From now on, you won't take stuff that's not yours without asking."

"Had you not picked it up, nothing would've happened."

'Can you even comprehend honesty?'

'If you are dishonest, something bad is bound to happen to you.'

So, be an honest person like our honorable protagonist, Zhan Tianming.

Not even a moment after the roast meat was carried in.

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has completed the barbecue mission. You have received 1000 experience points and 100 silver taels."

The system's voice sounded. As soon as he heard the notification, Zhan Tianming's suspicions turned into facts.

The two people in the tent were indeed that yellow-clothed lady and Xiang'er.

Opening the interface of the Divine Dragon's Supreme System, Zhan Tianming looked at his current financial status.

Wealth: Gold taels (x0), Silver taels (x110), Copper taels (x0).

"110 taels... huh. So, I'm rich now?"

Zhan Tianming grinned.

Along the way, he took another glance at his level of experience points. To break through and become a six-star Martial Disciple, he still needed 6,000 experience points.

After a while, the soldier wearing black Battle Armor came out of the tent.

Immediately, the villagers became more expectant than ever.

Was Wang Man really going to become a palace guard?

The expectation of the villagers was peaking, but when the guard looked at Wang Man, his gaze was ice-cold.

"County Princess has ordered me to cane this man 30 times."

Suddenly, everyone was stunned.

Cane him?

Zhan Tianming was also slightly startled.

"County Princess?"

So the yellow-clothed lady was actually the County Princess.

This was something that Zhan Tianming had never expected.

Because of this surprise, Zhan Tianming's expression was no different from the villagers.

Moreover, had he looked calm or unaffected by this unexpected scenario, it would have raised many eyebrows.

Before anyone could even regain their senses, two soldiers dressed in black armor strode forward with large strides to escort Wang Man down. As they swung their military canes, those canes made the most intimate contact with Wang Man's butt.

"Ah! Ahh! Ahhhhh!"

Wang Man's screams echoed throughout the entire plaza as if he were a pig being butchered.

When everyone came back to their senses, the punishment was over.

Inside the tent in the plaza, Xiang'er frowned with a look of confusion on her face.

"County Princess, this voice... It doesn't sound like that thief's. "

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