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Supreme Dragon System/C18 Idiots can't Understand Ambitions
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C18 Idiots can't Understand Ambitions

After the brief discussion at Zhang Yong's house, the group came to a decision.

Zhang Yong, Wang Sishi, and a few other elders from the village all came to Zhan Tianming's house.

One look at their countenance and anyone could tell that they were there on serious business.

However, Zhan Tianming was too lazy to care about whatever they had to say.

Moreover, he didn't have a good impression of a single human in that group.

At this time, Zhang Yong, who was dressed in gray robes, walked two steps forward, looked at Zhan Tianming solemnly, and said, "Zhan Tianming, in ten days, you will reach adulthood. After much deliberated discussion, the elders of our village have concluded that your assessment mission will be to enter the Purple Cloud Mountain and kill a Grade-one Demonic Beast."

"Of course, we understand the difficulty, so you can choose one of your peers to follow you into the mountains."

"However, you can only take someone willing to go in the mountains with you."

After he was done giving out the instructions, Zhang Yong's mouth formed a cold smile, and he sneered in his heart.


'Only an idiot will follow this bastard Zhan Tianming into the mountains.'

'And if he went there alone, he would just be courting death.'

Still indifferent towards the group of old fogeys, Zhan Tianming took one look at Zhang Yong and understood that it was Zhang Yong taking the helm against him this time.

From the looks of it, Zhang Yong wanted to send him to the Purple Cloud Mountain so that he would die there while fighting a Grade-one Demonic Beast.

'Such a vicious heart.'

'As expected of that fatty's elder brother, he's just as ruthless.' Zhan Tianming was cursed in his heat, feeling a bit unhappy.

However, when his gaze swept across the crowd, he realized that there wasn't any change in their expressions. Since this examination was already set, there was no way they would be able to change it.

Zhan Tianming couldn't care less about the village chief position.

After all, his aim was becoming the strongest man in the entire Nine Dragons Continent, so why would he care about being the village chief?

But could the idiots standing in front of him understand his ambitions?

Nope. Zhan Tiaming's ambitions weren't something the likes of Zhang Yong could understand.

Then again, Zhan Tianming just couldn't bear that smug face Zhang Yong had.

According to him, people like Zhang Yong were despicable and shameless.

At this time, Wang Sishi was standing next to Zhang Yong. "Little bastard, the assessment this time was decided the moment you were born. You absolutely cannot repudiate it; if you still dare to reject it—not only will you become enemies with the Nanqing Village but also with the Mountain God. And once that happens, my village will tie you up and throw you into the mountains as a sacrifice to appease the Mountain God's Wrath."

"Old fart, did I say I won't take the test? Why are you blabbering like an idiot?" Zhan Tianming glanced at Wang Sishi, his face filled with disdain.

"Little bastard, you dare to curse me again?" Wang Sishi glared furiously.

"Old fart, old fart, old fart!"

"Not only did I curse you once, but I even cursed you three more times so that you have no doubt about it. What about it? Wanna hear a few more times? If you didn't hear it clearly, this daddy can curse you ten more times." Zhan Tianming continued to curse Wang Sishi.

"You!" Wang Sishi was furious.

Right now, Wang Sishi just wanted to rush up to Zhan Tianming and give him a good beating. But before he could do anything, he was stopped by Zhang Yong.

"Stop, Sishi. Just let this little bastard scold you. You should pretend as if you heard nothing," Zhang Yong advised.

"Zhang Yong, I completely forgot to tell you this. You're also an old, rotting piece of trash," cursed Zhan Tianming.

Suddenly, a cold glint flashed past Zhang Yong's eyes.

"What, old fart, you want to hit me?"

Zhan Tianming acted as if he wasn't afraid.

"Do you dare?"

"I knew you didn't have the balls. As for you, you are just an acting village chief. Keep this in your head—you are merely acting; you aren't the real deal. How dare you, an acting Village Chief, act so arrogantly in front of me? I am the heir to the Village Chief's position personally appointed by the Mountain God. Who do you think you are?" Zhan Tianming scolded in a very domineering manner.

Zhan Tianming knew that this duo wanted his death more than anything, so there was no need to be courteous to them.

He believed that those who deserved a scolding should be reprimanded harshly.

Zhang Yong was already on the verge of losing his temper. However, he suppressed his anger and snorted inside him, "Bastard. Let's just wait and see. You will meet your end in just about ten days."

"Zhan Tianming, how can you humiliate the acting village chief like this?" At this moment, one of the old thingies in the group began rebuking Zhan Tianming.

"Old thing, did I ask you to speak?" Zhan Tianming scolded.

When that old guy heard Zhan Tianming, his face darkened.

"Who do you think you're to rebuke me?" Zhan Tianming didn't give the old man any leeway. "When Zhang Yong was scolding this daddy, you didn't say anything. But when I said something to this old fart, you feel like teaching me respect? Where was your respect before? Don't tell me you're deaf and didn't hear it?"

"Humph! When I'm scolding him, you have a problem. But when that old fart scolds me, you act like you didn't hear anything?"

Facing Zhan Tianming's questioning, the old man's face trembled.

Unfortunately, he didn't have any words to refute.

That's right. It was Zhang Yong who scolded Zhan Tianming and called him little bastard first.

Zhan Tianming berated back, which was not wrong.

However, the few elders that came with them were very dissatisfied with Zhan Tianming. It was a pity, no matter how dissatisfied they were, that they didn't have the authority to strip Zhan Tianming of his identity as the village chief's successor.

After all, this was the Mountain God's choice.

These villagers who depended on the mountain for food were extremely respectful towards the Mountain God.

No one dared to oppose the Mountain God's decision.

"Alright, Zhan Tianming, from today onwards, you are not allowed to take even half a step out of the village until you participate in the assessment!" Zhang Yong immediately announced.

"What?" Zhan Tianming was furious.

'House arrest?'

'Damn you!'

If he was confined like this, he would be left with no way to raise his strength for the next ten days.

After all, hunting monsters was his primary way of levelling up.

Right now, every single day was as precious as gold for him.

"Zhang Yong, every second of mine is worth a million taels. It's extremely precious. How can you force me to stay in the village?"

Zhan Tianming's frustration knew no bounds.

"Humph! What if you run away before the assessment?" Zhang Yong scoffed.

"Run away with whom? Your sister?" Zhan Tianming scolded.

Zhan Tianming was even prepared to start fighting.


Little Purple warned him, "Master, don't be rash."

"Bajie, don't stop me! I will definitely beat this bastard down to the ground today."

"Master, impulse is the devil! Calm down, calm down. You have to be calm. You are not that bastard's opponent yet."

"What? I can't beat him?"

"Master, he's hiding his strength."


Zhan Tianming was startled as he immediately opened the Divine Dragon's Supreme System and checked Zhang Yong's strength.

Sure enough, Zhang Yong was not a mere one-star Martial Practitioner.

Instead, he was a nine-star Martial Practitioner.


'He hid his strength too deep!'

If not for Little Purple's reminder, he would have already rushed forward and suffered a huge loss.

'Well, I'll let you live a little longer.'

Zhan Tianming endured.

He had no choice but to endure.

He even suspected that Zhang Yong was a Hidden Boss.

In the past, he had always been looking forward to encountering a Boss, especially a Hidden Boss. After all, a Boss and a Hidden Boss were the first choices of every gamer who wanted some great in-game equipment.

Killing a Boss would definitely drop something good.

Had this was a game, he could've continuously healed himself and killed the Boss easily. However, right now, he only had one life. He would die if he was killed. (People die when they are killed - Shirou Emiya)

This was not a game.

Cautious! He had to be cautious.

"Humph! Zhang Yong?"

"Just you wait. This daddy will definitely kill you."

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