Supreme Dragon System/C2 Chase by a Caterpillar
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Supreme Dragon System/C2 Chase by a Caterpillar
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C2 Chase by a Caterpillar

Zhan Tianming was already plenty annoyed by fatty's scream, but when he heard the system's notification, he couldn't help but feel speechless.

'Do I really have to complete a mission like this?'

He turned to look at the pile of dirty, stinky clothes and was immediately filled with revulsion.

Not a single cell in his body was ready to accept a mission like this.

One look at the pile, and he knew that the fatty was trying to cheat him. He wasn't supposed to wash the entire pile by himself; half of it was for the fatty to wash. However, that damned fatty dropped the entire pile on him and was herself resting in the house.

'First, you attack me, abuse me, and now you even want me to wash your clothes?'

'Like hell I would do that!'

When he thought about it, Zhan Tianming couldn't help but feel angry.

This wasn't the first time that fatty had made him angry. But every time she angered him, he would sneakily go to her house in the middle of the night and throw rocks at her windows.

After pondering for a while, Zhan Tianming gritted his teeth and came to a final decision.

Was he going to accept the mission?

Of course, no! Have you ever seen a protagonist go wash someone else's stinky clothes after activating a system with a domineering name like Divine Dragon's Supreme System?

Screw his laundry!

"Ding dong!"

"Host Zhan Tianming has given up on washing the clothes."

Zhan Tianming took a careful look at the attributes page.

Experience: 0/100

"Humph, wash filthy clothes for a mere 100 experience points? This brother here is the Undefeated King of PvP matches! This little bit of experience, I can nail it and it's definitely not a problem for me!"

"Haha! My good days are about to begin!"

"I swear, I will definitely become the strongest man in the Nine Dragons Continent, sleep with the most beautiful women, and drinking the finest wines!"

Before Zhan Tianming could finish speaking, the system notification sounded again.

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has accepted the ultimate mission: Unravel the Mysteries of The Nine Dragons Continent."

"Mission completion reward: You'll become the strongest man in the Nine Dragons Continent, sleep with the most beautiful women, and drinking the finest wines!"

"Mission failure penalty: You'll become the weakest man in the Nine Dragons Continent, forced into bed by the ugliest women, and drink Moonshine and Toilet Wine."

"Mission Time Limit: Ten Years"

When he read the system prompt, Zhan Tianming couldn't help but feel startled.

"Holy shit!"

'Isn't this punishment a little too much?'

Thinking about the consequences of failing the mission, Zhan Tianming's entire body quivered.

'Damn! I must never ever and under no condition fail!'

After knowing how the Divine Dragon's Supreme System could help him to level up, Zhan Tianming's head canme up with some other scenarios.

Since accepting and completing missions could give him experience points, he could definitely earn them by tasks other than washing stinky clothes.

'So, what should I do?'

'Should I fight some monster?'

"Ugh… With my own strength, I can't even defeat that multicolored rooster outside, so how can I fight real monsters? Let's forget it for now."

'What else do I have?'


'No, those Red-Haired Rabbit on the mountain are way too powerful. Any one of them could easily kill me.'

Treasure Hunting? Pill refining? Inscription...

'Damn it! Is there nothing I can do?'

'Forget it, let's leave the village first.'

If he waited any longer, that fat woman might return and scold him again.

If he couldn't fight her, he could hide from her.


'I'll deal with you when I get back after I have leveled up.'

While he was wandering in the outskirts, another worry made its way into Zhan Tianming's mind.

If he was too far away from the village, he would encounter monsters like Red-Haired Rabbits and Eight Eared Green Rats. That would mean certain death for someone as weak as him.

Sigh! 'It is all because I'm too weak.'

With his little strength, he could probably only bully the caterpillars.

"Wait! I can defeat a young caterpillar, right?"

Zhan Tianming slapped his forehead.

Acting on his plan, he immediately headed towards the valley at the back of the village.

However, Zhan Tianming was soon given a painful reminder of the fact that nothing in this world followed common sense.

Hiding in the grass, Zhan Tianming looked at those caterpillars crawling in the distance with an unpleasant expression on his face.

'How the hell can people call those monster caterpillars!'

'Can a two-meter long caterpillar still be called a young larva?'

The setae on its body were long and were as hard as steel needles. Every thing about it screamed danger.

"Eh, wait."

Suddenly, Zhan Tianming noticed something and was startled by his new discovery.

He could see red colored alphabets and numbers floating above the caterpillars' bodies.

HP: 500

HP: 10

"Adult caterpillars have 500 HP and young caterpillars have only 10 HP. Killing a young caterpillar shouldn't be a problem."

Zhan Tianming rubbed his hands together. He had already set his eyes on a young caterpillar, but he did not dare to make a move without any proper preparation.

He was thinking about how to escape after killing the young of the caterpillar.

In the three months since he had transmigrated here, Zhan Tianming had heard a lot of second-hand information about the adult caterpillars; he knew that they were terrifying.

He shuddered at the thought of those needle like extensions stabbing into his body.

He decided to lay-low and wait for an opportunity.

Finally, after hiding patiently for an entire eight minutes and three seconds, Zhan Tianming found an opportunity.

When none of the adult caterpillars were paying attention, he quickly rushed over, raised his foot, and ruthlessly stomped down.


A young green caterpillar, the size of a palm, exploded under Zhan Tianming's stomp.

Its flesh body exploded and bright green colored splattered everywhere.

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has killed a young caterpillar. You are rewarded 10 experience points!"

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has just killed his first target! You are rewarded with the first move of the Divine Dragon's Supreme Martial Arts manual: Proud Dragon Repents! Martial Techniques Rank: Supreme."

'Damn! Did I really just receive a Supreme ranked martial technique for killing a caterpillar?'

Currently, Zhan Tianming had no time to think about the matter deeply; he could feel a hundred pairs of eyes filled with rage staring at him.


The moment Zhan Tianming began running, all the adult caterpillars started to chase after him crazily.

After expending a great deal of effort, Zhan Tianming was finally able to escape the caterpillar army's pursuit. He lifted his hand to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

"Phew... Phew..."

While panting heavily, he couldn't help but shake his head in disappointment.

His body was really in a bad state. He was so unfit that he couldn't run properly even when his life was on the line.

After confirming again that the caterpillars were no longer chasing him, he finally had time to open the system interface.

Skills: Proud Dragon Repents (Supreme) (Nine Dragons Continent's Martial Technique Ranking: Lower, Middle, Upper, Star, Moon, Earth, Sky, God, Sovereign. A total of nine levels).

Level: 1

Proficiency: 0/10000

True Qi Consumption: 100

Description: Proud Dragon Repents is extremely powerful martial technique. 20% of the time, it can double the users attack power. 20% of the time, it can also help the user to deliver a critical hit to their opponent. The increasing proficiency increases the probability of triggering the above effects. If you increase your proficiency nine times and reach the state of Grand Perfection, you can trigger the double effect and the critical hit effect 100% of the time.

When he saw the true qi consumption, he unconsciously looked at his own true qi bar.

True Qi: 10

"Ah, man! How can I use this technique without any true qi?"

Zhan Tianming was speechless. Was the system forcing him to stomp another nine young caterpillar? Did he have to be chased by the caterpillar legion nine more times?

If he really did this, that caterpillar legion wouldn't stop until it had killed him nine times over.

Also, was this really a move from the Divine Dragon's Supreme Martial Arts manual?

Shouldn't it be called Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms or something?

"Tch, there is no point to disguise, I can even figure out its true identity. Damn! I still recognize you."

Forget it, who cares.

However, this Supreme level technique is indeed impressive enough.

'Supreme — it sounds so cool!'

"Haha… What a magnificent life? Right now, it can't be more darned! Despite having a system, I have to hide from freakin' caterpillars! What respect would I have among other transmigrators if the found out? I don't even enough true qi for a single attack! System, are you trying to tempt me by telling me that I have to kill more caterpillars to execute this attack? I'm telling you, I'm not that easily convinced!"

"Forget it, there was no other way. I can only bully young caterpillars."

The second time.

"Ding dong …"

The third time.

"Ding dong …"


Seventh time.

"Ding dong …"


Zhan Tianming shouted as he frantically tried to escape.

Behind him, a large army of caterpillars chased after him in anger.

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