Supreme Dragon System/C20 A Conspiracy!
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Supreme Dragon System/C20 A Conspiracy!
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C20 A Conspiracy!

Crack, crack!

Frustrated by his own chain of thoughts, Zhan Tianming clenched his fists so tight that they began bleeding and filled the surrounding with bone-cracking sounds.

Right now, his eyes were bloodshot.

If someone looked into his eyes right now, they would be frightened to death.

Even though the real Zhan Tianming was no longer alive, his emotions and feelings were still in that body. The current Zhan Tianming felt a bit of kinship towards this body's parents.

If someone killed your parents, would you take that lying down?

Endure it?


If he didn't capture the murderers of his parents and made them pay with their lives, would he still be a human?

In this world where only martial arts mattered, other than your relatives and clansmen, no one cared about your life and death.

Powerful cultivators could force entire dynasties to bow before them.

Moreover, some strong clans could even treat empires like puppets and make them follow their whims.

In this world, only one thing could help him avenge his parents—his own fist.

He would use his own fist to bring justice down on those evil people.

"Third Uncle Mu, are there any clues about my parents' death?" asked Zhan Tianming.

Mu Hai frowned and said with a bit of hesitation, "I indeed gave a clue, but... Sigh. Hours before their death, both of your parents went to Zhang Yong's house for a meal. Furthermore, Wang Sishi and Zhang Yong both didn't participate in the hunts that happened on the day of your parents' death."

"Of course, this is just a guess," Mu Hai added.

"Third Uncle Mu, thank you," Zhan Tianming said.

Mu Hai shook his head as he felt there was nothing much to thank him for.

Mu Hai continued, "Tianming, this is all Third Uncle can do for you. After you leave the village tomorrow, go as far away as you can. Don't come back—"


Zhan Tianming decisively interrupted Mu Hai's words, his face solemn. Right now, his fist had turned white from exerting too much force.

"I want to find out who killed my parents."

"Tianming, don't act recklessly."

Mu Hai revealed an anxious look.

"If you don't leave, you will be forced into taking part in the assessment in ten days. How are you going to hunt a Grade One Demonic Beast? That thing, even if we saw it, we would have to hide far away from it."

"That's right. Tianming, you should just run away," Liu Yu advised.

"I won't run away," Zhan Tianming said firmly.

How could he flee?

Escaping now only meant delivering Uncle Mu and Dog Egg to the guillotine.

He would never be able to do such a thing.

"Tianming, you don't have to worry about us. We'll think of a way to protect ourselves." Mu Hai tried to persuade her again.

"Third Uncle Mu, God Egg, come with me."

Zhan Tianming had no plans to escape at all. He took the lead and walked towards his courtyard.

Mu Hai and Liu Yu, who were filled with suspicions, followed him into the courtyard.

Zhan Tianming didn't waste time words; instead, he walked straight to a green stone the size of a millstone and punched out with his fist.


The bluestone shattered with a resounding bang.


Mu Hai and Liu Yu were startled.

Shattering a boulder with a fist?


"Tianming... you? Your body?" Mu Hai was shocked.

Liu Yu also had a face full of astonishment.

Their surprise and amazement were well within Zhan Tianming's expectation, so he immediately explained, "Third Uncle Mu, Dog Egg, a while ago, I met an expert who looked like an old deity. He gave me a pill; after consuming it, not only did my body became healthy, but I even felt stronger than ever."

"In just a few short days, I broke through multiple times and became a five-star Martial Disciple."

If you had to explain sudden strength gains, the best way was to throw it all on some mysterious old man you met accidentally.

After all, he wasn't going to tell them that he wasn't the real Zhan Tianming and he had the Divine Dragon's Supreme System.

It wasn't that he didn't trust Mu Hai.

It was just...

Too troublesome to explain.

"Five... Five-star Martial Disciple?"

Mu Hai and Liu Yu were both startled.

The duo looked at Zhan Tianming, who stood in front of them with an idiotic smile.

They could feel their heart beating like crazy.

'Oh my god!'

In just a few short days, he literally went from zero to hero. He went from being trash to being a five-star Martial Disciple.

How was this possible?

This was too unbelievable!

Right now, they were feeling a volley of emotions. Amazement, shock, a bit of jealousy, but all those emotions were overshadowed by the joy they felt for him.

Recovering from his shock, Mu Hai raised a hand and placed it in front of Zhan Tianming.

"Tianming, give me a punch."

"You have to do your best."

Only a few people in the village understood this method of testing strength.

And Mu Hai happened to be one of them.

Aware of Mu Hai's intention, Zhan Tianming nodded.

Yet, he didn't dare to use his full strength.

Mu Hai was just a sever-star Martial Disciple, so if Zhan Tianming used his full strength against him, he could injure him gravely.

Injuring Mu Hai was never on his to-do list.

Assuming a horse stance, Zhan Tianming rushed towards him.


His fist accurately landed on Mu Hai's palm.

5,000 kilograms of strength was transferred onto Mu Hai's hand and left it a bit numb.

Despite the numbing sensation in his hand, Mu Hai had a smile on his face.


"As expected of a five-star Martial Disciple!"

"Tianming, you..."

Mu Hai was so excited that he did not know what to say.

However, now Mu Hai was certain Zhan Tianming was indeed a five-star Martial disciple. With this strength, he really stood a chance in the village chief assessment. He could become the youngest village chief in the history of the Nanqing Village.

Looking at Mu Hai's honest-clear eyes, Zhan Tianming knew he had made the right decision.

It was a pity that Zhan Tianming's ambition was not limited to just this small village; he had his eyes trained on the entire Nine Dragons Continent.

He wanted to be the strongest man in the entire Nine Dragons Continent!

He wanted to sleep with the most beautiful women.

He wanted to drink the finest wines.

His ambitions... they were up there.

Only a life like that could be called an amazingly wonderful life.

What? Live a mediocre life?

Like Hell!

'Only I'll control my fate and life!'

In the end, Mu Hai and Liu Yu no longer persuaded Zhan Tianming to escape.

They knew that with Zhan Tianming's personality and his godly rate of improvement, he might be able to complete the assessment mission.

If that was the case, then the village could also welcome a better future.

After sending Mu Hai and Liu Yu off, Zhan Tianming sank into deep thought.

In ten days, he had to increase his strength enough to kill a Grade One Demonic Beast—this was no easy feat. After all, the amount of experience he could gain from killing wild beasts and vicious beasts was not much.

Moreover, the number of experience points required to level up increased exponentially with each breakthrough.

To kill a Grade One Demonic beast in ten days, he had to become a Martial Practioner in ten days.

Could he kill it while being a Martial Disciple?


It was nearly impossible.

After preparing for a while, Zhan Tianming took Little Purple and left the Nanqing Village, charging straight into the forest.

"Big Brother, that little bastard has already entered the Purple Cloud Mountain range." Wang Sishi glared in the direction that Zhan Tianming left with venom in his eyes.


Zhang Yong let out a cold snort.

He thought to himself, 'It looks like this little bastard's hidden injuries have already healed. I wonder how he managed to recover."

Zhang Yong really couldn't understand it.

Back then, he had personally given those hidden injuries to Zhan Tianming. How could an ordinary person like him recover from injuries like that?

Despite giving them himself, Zhang Yong might fail to heal those injuries

How could Zhan Tianming possibly recover completely?

"Sishi, tail him secretly and find what he plans on doing," Zhang Yong instructed.

"Yes, big brother."

After replying, Wang Sishi was ready to follow along.

"Wait a moment."

Zhang Yong stopped him and reminded, "Remember, don't stir the grass and startle the snake."

Wang Sishi nodded and followed Zhan Tianming.

Zhang Yong's eyes revealed a sharp look when he saw the duo disappearing into the mountain range.

His entire person seemed to have transformed into another person.

"Zhan family? Zhan Tianming?"

"I want to see what exactly is so special about your Zhan family's Bloodline. Why did that person hold people of your family in such high esteem? He even scattered hundreds of warriors around you to secretly observe your."

"Ten days later is your deadline. I wonder how you're going to survive."



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