Supreme Dragon System/C3 I Must Never be Arrogant
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Supreme Dragon System/C3 I Must Never be Arrogant
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C3 I Must Never be Arrogant

Finally, Zhan Tianming managed to escape.

"Phew… I was about to die! Did I really risk my life for mere seventy experience points?"

Zhan Tianming was speechless.

By now, he was sure that if those caterpillars saw him one more time, they would make sure that he didn't leave their grasp alive.

Now, he was in a dilemma. If he stopped hunting caterpillars, he wouldn't get any more points as there were no other animals or insects he dared to hunt.

He finally understood that obtaining experience points wouldn't be that easy. Since other weak insects were rare and there weren't any around, he came to a decision.

To level up.

To become the strongest man in the Nine Dragons Continent.

To sleep with the most beautiful woman.

To drink the best wine.

To not being forced into bed with ugly women.

Let's go all out!

He was, once again, going to hunt the caterpillars.

But when he finally reached his hunting spot, he saw a stunning scene.

Maybe fed up with his sneak attacks, the caterpillar army has now formed a protective circle around the young caterpillars.

What was he going to do?

Soon, he decided on a plan. He was going to distract the adult caterpillars and attack the younglings while the adults were distracted.


A rock came flying from the east, landed near the encirclement, and produced a loud noise.

Sure enough, the caterpillar army rushed towards the stone.

"Humph, at the end of the day, a caterpillar can only be a mere caterpillar. You want to compete with this brother in intelligence?"

"Go back to your mother's womb and practice for a few more years."

"You might be surprised to know this, but this brother used to do his summer and winter vacation homework on time! Moreover, I did all my homework for all three years of elementary school!"

"You guys should just play ball in front of me!"

'Okay, now is the time!'

Zhan Tianming stopped talking, rushed forward, and ruthlessly stomped on the young Caterpillar's that were gathered together.

Squish! Squish! Squish!

"Ding dong"

"Ding dong"

"Ding dong"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has broken through — you are now a Martial Disciple! Increasing all stats by 1 point and opening all the professions available."

"Activating Profession: Apothecary."

"Activating Profession: Blacksmith."

"Activating Profession: Talisman Master."

"Activating Profession: Beast Tamer."

"Activating Profession: Formation Master."

"Activating Profession: Cook."


As soon as Zhan Tianming stomped on the tenth caterpillar youngling, he leveled up. At the same time, a bunch of other professions popped out.

Host: Zhan Tianming, Male, 15 years old.

Rank: One-star Martial Disciple (Nine Dragons Continent's cultivation system: Martial Disciple, Martial Practitioner, Martial Master, Martial Spirit, Martial King, Martial Emperor, Martial Ancestor, Martial Sovereign, Martial Saint, and finally — Martial Overlord. Every realm is divided into 9 stars.)

Experience: 20/200

True Qi: 100

Skills: Proud Dragon Repents (Level 1)

Defense: 5

Attack: 1


"I've finally leveled up!"

Zhan Tianming howled towards the sky with tears streaming down his face.

Who said leveling up was easy? It was definitely not easy!

This was much more difficult than leveling up while playing games.

Furthermore, when he was leveling up, Zhan Tianming could vividly feel his own condition and body improving.

Even the wounds he got from the village kid's beating were healed now.

Full HP, full HP!

This... this was exactly the same as the games he had played before.

As long as he leveled up, he would be able to recover completely.

"Haha… Big bro's amazing life has just begun!"

While Zhan Tianming was still immersed in the joy of leveling up, the caterpillar army sensed something and returned.

"Humph! You little brats, I'm not afraid of you guys anymore!"

Staring at the caterpillar army rushing towards him, Zhan Tianming's gaze turned cold.

"Proud Dragon Repents!"

He struck out with his palm.

Suddenly, an almost transparent-but-strong layer of qi shaped like a mighty dragon flew out of his palm.

Even though the true qi he had collected with so much effort vanished with a single attack, the power behind the attack didn't disappoint.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The palm strike was so strong that three adult caterpillars were instantly blasted into pieces, and bright green liquid sprayed all over the ground.

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has killed three caterpillars. You are rewarded with 210 experience points and 1 attribute point."

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has broken through — you are now a two-star Martial Disciple! Increasing all stats by 1 point."

Since he was a two-stars Martial Disciple now, his true qi limit had been increased from 100 to 200. Moreover, after he recovered from the attack, he found that his physical fitness had once again increased.



"This attack is so domineering!"

"Proud Dragon Repents!"

Zhan Tianming executed the move again.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has killed four caterpillars. You are rewarded with 280 experience points and 1 attribute point."

"Proud Dragon Repents!"

"Ding dong!"

'Damn! I didn't level up this time. I have no more true qi!'



Zhan Tianming turned on his feet and ran.

Rumble …

The caterpillar army crazily chased after him.

When he was finally away from the cray army, he felt truly exhausted. This time, the caterpillar army chased him for five kilometers before letting him go.

If it weren't for the fact that he had become a two-star Martial Disciple, he wouldn't have been able to run for five kilometers straight.

Had the army caught him, he would've been turned into a porcupine by now.

By now, Zhan Tianming was so thirsty that he felt like dying, so when he finally saw a lake, he drank water like thirsty ghosts.

"Ah... this is just awesome!"

Such a life was truly interesting.

This life had nothing similar to his past life. Every day after work, he would become as tired as a dead dog. That was truly miserable.

He was never this carefree in his past life.

After clicking his tongue, Zhan Tianming raised his head and looked at the beautiful lake filled with pure water in front of him.

While looking at the lake, he saw a beautiful figure bathing.

What a nice view!

Raising his hand to wipe the water off his mouth, Zhan Tianming suddenly froze.

'It can't be?'

'Is that really a naked beauty?'

Zhan Tianming's eyes locked at one place.

Saliva flowed down from the corner of his mouth.

'Those curves... so beautiful!'

That figure seemingly followed the golden ratio. It was simply perfect.

Her skin had special gleam to it.

It looked very tender and rosy. It might even give some the impression of being cream; so soft that it just might break away due to the wind.

This is what you call a body! This is what you call skin. The stuff he had seen in his previous life was like trash when compared to her.

'What Angela White? Shibuya Kaho? Riley Reid? All of you, get lost!'

This was what a beauty should be like!

A peerless beauty!

Zhan Tianming watched in a daze and his body unconsciously started to react.

"Wait, my little heart is not ready yet."


He swallowed nervously.

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has triggered a mission. Mission objective: Make the beauty come out of the water. Mission completion reward: 10 charm points."


'This actually works?'


Zhan Tianming was startled, and his leg slipped.

"Who is it?" A delicate voice rang out.

When he heard the voice, Zhan Tianming crawled up and ran like a gust of wind.

He feared that the beauty might think he was a pervert, so he ran away

The woman in the lake turned her head slightly and saw a faint figure running away.

"Damn it! How dare he peek while this princess is bathing? Humph!"


She waved her hand, and the true qi in her surroundings trembled. Soon, all the clothes on the shore flew towards her. Her figure was floating like a butterfly, and in the blink of an eye, she was fully dressed. Then, she landed gently on the ground, looking coldly in the direction Zhan Tianming had just fled.

"Princess, what's wrong?" A sweet looking maidservant ran over and hurriedly asked.

"A pervert was secretly watching this princess bath!" As she said that, her face went cold.

"Who is so bold? He dares to watch our princess take a bath? Damn it! Xiang Er will go and kill him now." The maidservant was furious.

But, Xiang Er couldn't actually do anything.

She had no idea where the pervert was.

"Xiang Er, where does that direction lead to?" The cold faced woman, Zongzheng Wanyou, pointed in the direction that Zhan Tianming had left in.

"Hmm... it seems to be Nanqing Village." Xiang Er was not sure.

"Humph! Nanqing Village? Come, let's go to Nanqing Village. We must find that pervert." With that, Zongzheng Wanyou walked forward with a face full of anger.

"Princess, wait a moment," Xiang Er said anxiously.

"What's wrong?" Zongzheng Wanyou stopped in her tracks.

"Princess, this matter cannot be spread. Otherwise, your reputation will be ruined," Xiang Er reminded.

"Then what should we do?" Zongzheng Wanyou frowned slightly.

"Princess, have you seen the pervert's face?"

"No, I have only seen his back."

"If that's the case, proving that he was peeking would be very hard."

"Humph! If this princess personally visits the village and looks at everyone's back once, she could easily recognize the pervert."

"But, if that's the case, Princess, your reputation will be sullied. How about this…"

Thinking up a devious plan, Xiang Er whispered into Zongzheng Wanyou's ear.

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