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Supreme Dragon System/C4 Caterpillar Killer
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C4 Caterpillar Killer

On the Zhan Tianming's side.

"Phew… This brother was so scared thinking that he would get caught."

Zhan Tianming, who had ran several kilometers in one breath, lightly patted his chest.

Beauty! She was truly a peerless beauty.

"Even though I couldn't see her face, but just from her side profile, I can say she must be as beautiful as a fairy. This otherworldly fairy, an angel! Unfortunately, I don't even know her name."

Disappointed, Zhan Tianming shook his head and sat down.

After calming down, he opened the system interface.

Rank: Two-star Martial Disciple.

Experience: 90/1000

True Qi: 15/200

Defense: 6

Attack: 2

Charm: 10

Fortune: 0

Berserk: 5 (100 points will be consumed every time. Duration: 30 seconds.)

Attribute Points: 4 (Martial Disciple: +1 all stats, Martial Practitioner: +2 all stats, Martial Master: +4 all stats, Martial Spirit: +8 all stats, Martial King: +16 all stats, Martial Emperor: +32 all stats, Martial Ancestor: +64 all stats, Martial Sovereign: +128 all stats, Martial Saint: +256 all stats, Martial Monarch: +512 all stats.)

'I still need about 900 experience points to level up to three-star Martial Disciple.'

"Hey! Why is my true qi at 16? Didn't I exhaust it all?"

Bewildered, he stared at his true qi bar with rapt attention.

Slowly but surely, the true qi was increasing, and soon it became 17.

'It seems like true qi can be automatically recovered. But, this speed is too slow.'

According to Zhan Tianming's estimation, it would take him an hour or so to fill the true qi bar completely.

"Charm? This is a good item, but it's not very useful right now. "

Shaking his head, Zhan Tianming did not pay that attribute any attention.

Right now, his goal was very clear.

Upgrade! Upgrade!

Upgrading continuously!

Then, he would go and explore this damned Nine Dragons Continent. He had to unravel thy mysteries of Nine Dragons Continent to complete the mission.

If he failed to do that, he could tolerate being the weakest man in Nine Dragons Continent and drinking the worst wine, but being forced into bed by the ugliest of the women.... that would just kill him.

That was unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable!

Although he was currently only a two-star Martial Disciple, Zhan Tianming could feel that his physique had become much stronger than it was in the past.

At the very least, he could say that his strength had increased by leaps and bounds.

"Eh, wait."

"6 defense, 2 attack?"

'Why does defense have four more points?'

Looking at the clothes on his body, Zhan Tianming realized something and took them off.

As expected, his defense straight up went down by 4.

Next, he took off his shoes.

Defense: 3.

"Ugh… Should I try with pants?"

'Forget it. It would decrease by a bit at most.'

Zhan Tianming now knew that with every break through, the stats for his attack and defense attributes would increase by one.

Moreover, the four attribute points he had could be used to increase his stats too.

Without even thinking, Zhan Tianming added all four attributes to his attack attribute.

If he wanted to crush his enemies, he must have insurmountable strength.

Attack: 6

Now all his attacks would have three times the strength they previously had.

Zhan Tianming looked at the skills again.

Skills: Proud Dragon Repents (Supreme)

Level: 1.

Proficiency: 3/10000

Yeah, if he wanted to raise his proficiency to Grand Perfection, it would probably take a very long time.

For the time being, he couldn't count on it.

After resting for a while, Zhan Tianming realized that his current true qi recovery speed was much faster than before.

"If I had some psyche cultivation technique, I would probably recover even faster, right?"

Unfortunately, to the best of Zhan Tianming's knowledge, in the entire Nanqing Village, other than the current Village Chief Zhang Yong, who had only cultivated a set of simple low-rank skills, no one knew any real skills.

Moreover, he knew that Zhang Young would definitely not teach him those skills, even if they were crappy.

"Forget it, let's just bet it all on luck. Hopefully, some monster would drop a psyche cultivation technique after I kill it. Or perhaps, the system could gift me one as a reward after I level up."

After making up his mind, Zhan Tianming moved his legs and prepared to stand up.

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has killed a young earthworm. You are rewarded with 15 experience points."

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has obtained the lower rank technique — True Qi Return! Do you want to cultivate it?"

'Damn! Am I really that lucky?'

Slightly startled, Zhan Tianming lowered his head and saw that he had accidentally stomped on a thumb sized earthworm youngling.

Not only that…

He even obtained the lower rank technique, True Qi Return!


He was just so damn lucky!


Skills: True Qi Return (Lower)

Level: 1

Proficiency: 0/100

Description: True Qi Return can increase the recovery speed of true qi by 10 times and increase the upper limit of your true qi by 50. With a peak proficiency, the true qi recovery can be increased to 90 times.

To check, he looked at his true qi bar, and indeed, it was 250 now.

"Hmm... 250? Can't it be a bit more?"

The upper limit was too small, he couldn't even execute Proud Dragon Repents three times.

Unsatisfied, Zhan Tianming began cultivating the technique.

Sure enough, the true qi recovery speed increased by leaps and bounds.

It increased with each passing second.

After a while, he stopped cultivating the True Qi Return technique.

As he expected, his true qi recovery speed dropped drastically.

If he wanted to keep that increased state of true qi recovery, he had to cultivate that technique continuously.

After a brief moment of consideration, he began concentrating on cultivating the technique.

Soon, Zhan Tianming's true qi recovered back to 100 points, so he stopped cultivating.

"100 is enough."

After running back into the caterpillar valley, Zhan Tianming unleashed another Proud Dragon Repents.

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations. Host Zhan Tianming has broken through — you are now a three-star Martial Disciple! Increasing all stats by 1 point."

In an instant, his upper limit for true qi went from 250 to 350.

Continue killing!

"Proud Dragon Repents!"

"Ding dong"

"Proud Dragon Repents!"

"Ding dong"

"Proud Dragon Repents!"

"Ding dong"

After three continuous palm strikes, his true qi bar depleted to 50. So, once again, Zhan Tianming retreated.

"Zhan Tianming!"

"You little bastard, get back here and wash the clothes."

Even though they still had a few kilometers in between them, Zhan Tianming could still hear her sharp and harsh voice.

"Tch, don't think that I would come back just because you're shouting! Idiot!"

Ignoring the oleaginous fatty, Zhan Tianming continued to hunt the caterpillars.

Half a day later.

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has killed five hundred caterpillars. You are rewarded with the title, Caterpillar Killer, and 1,000 experience points."

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has broken through — you are now a four-star Martial Disciple! Increasing all stats by 1 point and activating all basic martial arts."

"Congratulations to host Zhan Tianming for learning the basic boxing technique: Nine Dragons Fist!"

"Congratulations to host Zhan Tianming for learning the basic leg technique: Nine Dragons Legs!"

"Congratulations to host Zhan Tianming for learning the basic sword technique: Nine Dragons Sword!"

"Congratulations to host Zhan Tianming for learning Basic Saber Techniques: Nine Dragons Saber."

"Congratulations to host Zhan Tianming for learning the basic staff technique: Nine Dragons Staff."


A bunch of basic martial arts began popping inside his head.

"Damn! When I became a one-star Martial Disciple, I received a Supreme-ranked technique. Now that I'm a four-star Martial Disciple, I get a bunch of basic martial arts? Which bastard designed this?"

"Does he have no brains?"

Zhan Tianming glared at the interface with his eyes wide opened, and could not help but scold.

Since him aim was to level up, his remaining day was spent in quite a bizarre way. First, he would cultivate the True Qi Return until his true qi bar was full, Then, he would go to the valley and hunt caterpillars until he had exhausted all his true qi. Finally, he would return to his hiding spot and once again cultivate the True Qi Return.

Run away. Come back. Fight again. Rinse, repeat.

Before all this, he thought that the system didn't have any basic martial arts.

Who knew that it would only activate once he became a four-star Martial Disciple.

And then there was the title — Caterpillar Killer.

Zhan Tianming was startled for a moment, as he looked at the system interface carefully.


Caterpillar Killer: Additional 5% damage to reptiles.

"This title is too weak."

"However, it's not bad if it can increase my offense."

Zhan Tianming grinned. During all this, he had no idea that due to his act of peeking at someone bathing, an army was making its way towards the Nanqing Village.

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