Supreme Dragon System/C6 Fierce Eyes
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Supreme Dragon System/C6 Fierce Eyes
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C6 Fierce Eyes

For the first time in his life, Wang Man felt so humiliated.

Right now, he was in so much pain that he even forgot the one stepping on him was the so-called trash.

Zhan Tianming exerted force with his foot.

Wang Man, who was trying to get up, was further pushed into the ground.

"I can kill you right now, but I'll give you one more chance: where is Little Purple?"

Zhan Tianming's eyes were wide opened as he glared at Wang Man.

Just his gloomy voice was enough for Wang Man to break out in a cold sweat.

Soon, the feeling of death brought him to a realization.

A trace of shock finally appeared in his eyes.

'Is this person really that trash Zhan Tianming?'

'No! There is no doubt about it.'

'This trash, Zhan Tianming, merely caught me offhand and used that opportunity for a sneak attack.'

'That must be it.'

'Right! That's it.'

Wang Man kept comforting himself in his heart.

He just didn't want to accept the reality, because if what was happening was the reality... That would be simply terrifying.

After all, just a few days ago, Wang Man and some of his friends had "dealt" with Zhan Tianming.

It was impossible for Zhan Tianming to become this strong in just a few days.

Wang Man consoled himself in his heart and placed his hands on the ground. He did not care about the pain — he just wanted to gain some footing in this battle.

"Did I tell you to get up? Down!"

Zhan Tianming applied a little strength and stomped him further down.


Wang Man had only hoisted himself by a few inches before he was ruthlessly forced back onto the ground.


He grimaced. The pain was so intense that Wang Man's face distorted into an ugly expression.

Wang Man could not believe it. How was he not even able to get up with his two-star Martial Disciple strength?

One-star Martial Disciple — 1,000 kilograms of strength.

Two-star Martial Disciple — 2,000 kilograms of strength.

Three-star Martial Disciple — 3,000 kilograms of strength.

Following this logic, a nine-star Martial Disciple would be the strongest amongst all the other Martial Disciple cultivators. He would have a whopping 9,000 Kilograms of strength.

Once one was able to lift a 10,000 kilogram cauldron, they were considered a Martial Practitioner. At that stage, cultivators were able to cultivate true qi.

Wang Man was a two-star Martial Disciple, so he had 2,000 kilograms of strength.

However, Zhan Tianming was able to force him onto the ground with a single foot. Wang Man gave it his all, yet he wasn't able to get up.

How was this possible?

Wang Man couldn't believe it at all.

"Wang Man, if you don't open your mouth now, I will send you to the King of Hell."

Zhan Tianming glared at Wang Man.

Wang Man had fought with viscous and wild beast before without fear, but now that he looked into Zhan Tianming's eyes, he could feel fear taking root inside his heart.

Zhan Tianming's gaze was simply petrifying, more terrifying than a wild beast's.

"I…" Right now, Wang Man felt a bit relieved. "I didn't eat it."

"Did I ask you that? I asked, where is Little Purple?" Zhan Tianming roared with a sinister face.

"It's... in my backyard. " Wang Man did not dare dilly-dally anymore.

Wang Man felt that the current Zhan Tianming was an instable lunatic.

And provoking a lunatic was akin to courting death.


With a cold snort, Zhan Tianming ruthlessly stomped his foot once more.

That stomp made Wang Man grimace.

"Wang Man, let me tell you this: if anything happens to Little Purple, I will kill you."

With that, Zhan Tianming headed back to the village.

The pain all over his body made him feel as if he was dreaming. No matter what, he could not understand how Zhan Tianming suddenly become so fierce.

"Zhan Tianming, you son of a bitch, if you have the ability, just you wait." While enduring the pain coming from his body, Wang Man yelled in indignation.


A stone flew over.



Wang Man held onto the region between his legs, his mouth formed a circle, and his face went pale.

As long as Zhan Tianming was within 30 meters of his target, he could hit his target from any direction with the help of Nine Dragons Aim.

Since Wang Man's lower body was struck, he unconsciously bent down and fell onto the ground. With his face on the ground, he was actually facing Zhan Tianming's direction.



"Wuu… Ahhh!!!"

Wang Man's butt tightened and he almost fainted.

Two streams of tears could be seen flowing out of his eyes.

A grown man was crying miserably.

"Humph! If you dare touch Little Purple again, I will use ten stones and blast your backdoor open!"

Zhan Tianming's cold voice once again rang out.

Wang Man unconsciously tightened his butt cheeks and raised his hands to shield them.

'T-ten stone?'

'No, no, no! One was enough!'

'Ahh... My ass hurts!'

Looks like that Little Purple was Zhan Tianming's reverse scale.

Whoever touched it would suffer the consequence.

After returning to the Nanqing Village, Zhan Tianming went straight to the Wang Family residence.

"Good, you little bastard, you're finally willing to come back?" When Aunt Zhang saw that Zhan Tianming had returned, she set her arms akimbo and stomped on the ground. The stomp was so fierce that those two lumps of fat on her chest and the one on her stomach shook like crazy.

"Stop! Stop right there! Where are you going? I told you to stop!"

Aunt Zhang pointed at Zhan Tianming and arrogantly shouted.

Zhan Tianming completely ignored her and went straight to the backyard.

"Humph! Little bastard, although you haven't washed the clothes, I see that you are still willing to clean the pigsty. It looks like our Man'er has already taught you a lesson, right? You lowly scumbag, if you aren't beaten every once in a while, you completely forget how to be obedient." Seeing Zhan Tianming walk towards the backyard, Aunt Zhang scoffed with disdain.

Just when she was about to turn back and go back to her house...

Zhan Tianming carried a purple pig and quickly walked out.

Aunt Zhang stared blankly for a moment, then became furious.

"Little bastard, who allowed you to take our pig? Put it back. "

Suddenly, Aunt Zhang's face froze.

Zhan Tianming's ice-cold gaze swept over her, and she could immediately feel her back tingling.

"Stupid woman, if you dare to be arrogant again, don't blame me for being impolite."

After giving her one last glance, Zhan Tianming turned and left.

Looking at the figure that was about to leave the yard, Aunt Zhang abruptly fell down and began throwing a tantrum.

"Aiyo, my god… All of you, quickly come out! Look at this little bastard of the Zhan Family, he… Woo… Woo… even after I gave him so much to eat and drink, fearing that he would starve. But now, he actually hit me, his benefactor, and even stole our pig! I don't want to live anymore! There was no justice left in the world… Ahh… Someone, just kill me!"

Aunt Zhang's resentment filled wailings immediately attracted everyone's attention.

A few women, who just happened to be passing by, stopped Zhan Tianming in his tracks.

"I say, you're an ingrate! How could you hit Aunt Zhang? She's your elder!"

"Exactly! If it wasn't for my Nanqing Village helping you, you would have starved to death long ago."

"Ungrateful bastard, to repay kindness with enmity. Sigh."

"All those meals were for nothing. Even feeding those meals to dogs would've been better."


A few women pointed at Zhan Tianming in contempt.

Soon, even more people surrounded them.

Aunt Zhang continued to cry. "Neighbors, please do me justice. Normally, I treat this little bastard so well, yet this is how he treats his benefactor. Not only did he hit me, but he even stole our pig. Aiyo, are the heavens really sleeping? How could they let a person like him live?"

"This Zhan Tianming is so evil! How could he do such a thing?"

"Humph! Zhan Tianming, aren't you embarrassed even a bit? Return the pig and apologize."

"Sister-in-law Zhang, don't cry. This kind of evil person will definitely get his retribution."

"That's right…"

It was the universal rule: people in groups would always trash talk. So, that was what they did here.

Zhan Tianming was furious.

He clenched his fist.

'A shrew like Aunt Zhang is truly rare.'

'You? Nice to me?'

'You'll beat me, abuse me, and threaten me every day. Even in the night, I wouldn't be able to sleep because of the bruises.'

'You'll feed me food that even our cattle refused to eat. You fed me spoiled rice with sand for years.'

'And after all that, I had to do your laundry and farming.'

'Is this what treating someone well like?'

'Screw it all! I'll show you, Fatty!'

He had seen shameless people before, but he had never seen such a shameless person before.

'Didn't you say I hit you?'

'Good! See how I deal with you!'

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