Supreme Dragon System/C7 Violet Cloud Mountain
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Supreme Dragon System/C7 Violet Cloud Mountain
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C7 Violet Cloud Mountain

Without saying anything, Zhan Tianming turned around and walked towards Aunt Zhang.

"Humph! Little bastard, why aren't you apologizing and putting the pig back?" Aunt Zhang glanced at Zhan Tianming, her eyes revealing a trace of satisfaction, and now completely devoid of the volley of tears she once had.

Zhan Tianming remained silent and just kept on walking towards her. As soon as he got close to her, he raised his legs and kicked out.


The kick landed squarely on her face.


The smug looking Aunt Zhang did not even get the time to react before she received a heavy kick on her face. With a scream, she flipped backwards like the lump of fat that she was and rolled a few times. The kick was so strong that it left a shoe imprint on her face and made her faint.

Suddenly, the trash talk, the useless chatter, and every other sound just stopped.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Was this really the trash who used to endure every humiliation submissively?

"You dumb fatty, this was just a taste of what I owe you. If you dare to offend me again, I'll pay you back everything with interest." With a cold snort, Zhan Tianming held Little Purple and left. Right now, he couldn't care less about what the other villagers were thinking.

After his domineering show, no one dared to stop him.

Returning back to the dilapidated house, Zhan Tianming caressed the little purple pig in his arms lightly.

The little pig oinked and rubbed Zhan Tianming's hands with its head.

"Little Purple, don't worry. If anyone dares to bully you in the future, I'll kill them," Zhan Tianming said.

Little Purple oinked a few more times and looked very happy in Zhan Tianming's arms.

The purple piglet was given to Zhan Tianming by Mu Qianxi.

Mu Qianxi once lived in the Nanqing Village, and he was one of the few people who were good to Zhan Tianming.

Years ago, Mu Qianxi's mysterious father appeared and took him away. Before he left, Mu Qianxi left his most beloved purple piglet with Zhan Tianming. Before leaving the village, the duo promised each other that the next time they met, Zhan Tianming would return Little Purple back to Mu Qianxi.

Little Purple was young piglet; it wasn't even bigger than Zhan Tianming's palm.

Over the years, Zhan Tianming had felt that this little piggy was already at its full size; it wouldn't grow any bigger.

It looked very cute.

Moreover, this chad of a piglet was quite the ladies favorite. Every young girl in the village was fond of this piglet.

"Tianming." A voice came from outside the courtyard.

With a smile on his face, Zhan Tianming turned his head towards the courtyard. "Uncle Mu."

In the courtyard stood a kind looking middle-aged man; he named Mu Hai. This middle-aged man was one of the few people in the entire village who looked at Zhan Tianming with kindness.

Mu Hai walked into the house with a slight smile on his face, and said, "Tianming, I heard from the villagers that you beat Sister Zhang? I say... you did good! I would've taken care of that fatty myself had I not been giving Vice-Captain Wang some face. Tianming, listen to uncle and move into our house. If you stay here alone, you'll suffer the wrath and torture of that fatty every day. What's the point of living like that?"

"Uncle Mu, I still want to live alone," Zhan Tianming said.

He was used to living alone and did not like being constrained.

Mu Hai tried to advise him again, but Zhan Tianming rejected it.

In the end, Mu Hai could only give up.

"Forget it, I'll let you be. But remember, if you ever want to move in, our doors are always open for you. Oh, I completely forgot about that. Here, have some meat that our family got. Alright, now I have to go back and take care of your aunt." Mu Hai took out a piece of meat wrapped in numerous green leaves and stuffed it into Zhan Tianming's hands before turning to leave.

"Uncle Mu... thank you." Zhan Tianming thanked him sincerely.

"Haha… Why are you being courteous to your uncle?" As Mu Hai left, only his hearty laughs were left behind.

Looking at the meat in his hands, Zhan Tianming muttered to himself, "Right now, I am a four-star Martial Disciple, and I also have the Supreme Dragon God System. From tomorrow on, I will go hunting in the mountains and become self-sufficient. As for those who were good to me, I will treat them twice as well. But those who weren't kind to me, well... they better not provoke me. If they dare to provoke me again, I'll teach them a lesson."

After completing his internal monologue, Zhan Tianming brought Little Purple into the room.

He started a fire and prepared to roast the meat he got from Uncle Mu.

When it came to barbecuing meat, he was an unrivaled expert.

Grilling, roasting, smoking, and every other form of barbecuing was something he mastered back on earth.

Soon, the fragrance of the nice golden colored roast filled the air.

It permeated throughout the entire house.

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has activated the cooking profession."

"Proficiency Level: 0. After Level 1, you can activate the profession within 3 seconds."

"Upgrade experience: 10%"

Zhan Tianming was overjoyed.

The fact that his skills as a cook were recognized by the system and were now a secondary profession was a good thing.

'A cooking profession! Yup, that's definitely something I would need in the future. I should pay attention and level up!'

"Oink, oink! Squeal~" Little Purple snorted as it nudged Zhan Tianming's pants.

"I know, I know. Just wait a second." Zhan Tianming laughed and tore off a piece of meat for Little Purple.

Little Purple was an omnivorous animal. This glutton ate everything from grass to giraffes.

Early morning of the second day, Zhan Tianming was worried about leaving Little Purple alone at home. So, along with sickles and shovels, he bought along the little purple piglet and headed up the mountain.

The mountain range that the Nanqing Village relied on was called the Purple Cloud Mountains.

Actually, villagers didn't even explore the entire Purple Cloud Mountains. Just a small part of the entire mountain range was enough for the entire Nanqing Village.

Purple Cloud Mountains were a gigantic mountain range spanning across the entire nation and had many branches.

Near the Nanqing Village and along the Purple Cloud Mountains there were two other villages.

Every village near the mountain had its own hunting grounds, and usually, they wouldn't get in each other's way.

In this enormous mountain range, there lurked all kinds of danger, so Zhan Tianming didn't dare to go too deep.

In the Purple Cloud Mountains, deadly vicious beasts weren't the only living welcoming you. Due to the natural abundance of spiritual qi in the mountains, one could even find numerous types of spirit qi infused herbs and fruits. And amongst all this, we had those terrifying blood-drinking-flesh-eating Demonic Beasts.

Demonic Beasts were classified on the basis of their strength and were mainly of nine types. However, regardless of their strength, they had one thing in common: they all had demonic cores.

Demonic cores were synonymous to treasures.

A grade one Demonic Beast's core was worth thousands of gold coins.

What absurd concept was this?

A single grade one Demonic Beast's core was enough for everyone in the Nanqing Village to eat for a few years.

However, Demonic Beast were simply too powerful.

The weakest, grade one Demonic Beast, was equivalent to the strongest human Martial Practitioner.

If a Martial Disciple met a Demonic Beast, they would die.

After entering the outer mountains, Zhan Tianming clenched his fists and his eyes lit up.

"Hunt monsters and level up! This place is the heavens for me!"

Zhan Tianming's goal was simple.

Level up!

Whether it was the martial dao or the variety of other professions, as long as one could level up, they would become forces nobody could ignore.

While he was roaming around the mountain range, an Eight Eared Green Rat with a streak of red blood on its head drilled out from the ground.

As soon as it discovered Zhan Tianming, the Eight Eared Green Mouse revealed its fangs that were emitting a cold gleam.

"1000 HP? Indeed, it is much more powerful than those caterpillars."

Zhan Tianming laughed.

Now, he wasn't afraid of these monsters at all.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Puff! Puff! Puff!

One after the another, three stones flew and struck their target.

Those thousand points of HP instantly fell to zero and so did the Eight Eared Green Rat.

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has killed an Eight Eared Green Rat. You are rewarded with 60 experience points and a portion of the rat's meat."

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has activated the system space. You get 30 space slots in the system space. Similar items can be stacked and stored in a single slot. A single slot can accommodate at most 100 stackable items."

Zhan Tianming opened up the system interface and took a look.

Sure enough, a portion of rat meat was already stored in the system space.


Zhan Tianming was very happy.

'This system space thingy is good. It's just like those spatial rings in fantasy novels. So convenient!'

Had he known about it earlier, he wouldn't even have carried his backpack full of shovels and sickles.

As for the dead Eight Eared Green Rat on the ground, Zhan Tianming didn't even bother himself with touching it.

After all the utile stuff was harvested by the system, the remaining carcass became the most worthless thing in the world. Even if the rat carcass was picked up by someone, it would taste so coarse that it would be hard to swallow.

Everything of use was already in his system space.

After this small skirmish, Zhan Tianming continued to level up.

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has killed a Red-Haired Rabbit. You are rewarded with 50 experience points and a portion rabbit meat and skin."

"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has activated the sewing profession."

"Proficiency Level: 0. After Level 1, you can activate the profession within 3 seconds."

"Upgrade experience: 1%"


"Ding dong!"

"Congratulations! Host Zhan Tianming has killed an Oxhorn Worm. You are rewarded with 50 experience points."

"Ding dong!"

"Ding dong!"

Not a single insect or beast within 30 meters of Zhan Tianming could escape his hunt.

However, this place was in the outskirts of the Purple Cloud Mountains, and people from the villages came to hunt all the year round, so there were not many beasts that could be hunted.

On the contrary, those weird-looking bugs became the main target of Zhan Tianming's onslaught.

While Zhan Tianming was busy gaining experience and upgrading, an armed army of hundreds came to Nanqing Village.

The leading general was dressed in a Battle Armor robe, looking powerful and unfazed.

"Call your village chief out!"

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