Supreme Dragon System/C8 This Is What You Want 
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Supreme Dragon System/C8 This Is What You Want 
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C8 This Is What You Want 

Zhan Tianming had no idea about what was happening at the Nanqing Village as he was still killing monsters and leveling up.

Unfortunately, even after he killed droves of monsters, the experience he got was pitiful.

Without taking any breaks, he kept on hunting until noon. By then, he was only 2000 experience points away from leveling up. Moreover, after all that hunting, his Nine Dragons Aim was at level 5. Now, as long as he was within 50 meters of his target, he could hit it with 100% accuracy.

In addition, there was also the Nine Dragons Step which had reached level 4. After his agility and speed were increased by leaps and bounds, they were almost blinding.

Zhan Tianming raised his head, looked at the sky and laughed out loud.

"Awesome! This is just great!"

This kind of life was something he yearned for day after day.

Even though his first three month here were a bit disappointing, he was still satisfied and expectant of the future.

True strength triumphs all!

One he was strong enough, would he fear anyone?

"Oink…" Little Purple shouted.

“Gulp…" Its shout was like a reminder, and soon, Zhan Tianming's stomach began growling too, and he gulped audibly.

Hungry = Time for some barbecue.

He gathered firewood and built a fire.

Zhan Tianming chose a piece of rabbit meat.

"Hehe, the system is indeed good. The rabbit meat has already been processed and can be roasted directly. How convenient."

With a grin, Zhan Tianming happily took out the seasoning from his backpack. He first poured some water on the meat, salted it, sprinkled some chili powder, and then marinated the rabbit meat. After that, he stabbed two sticks into the ground and one through the meat. Then he balanced the meat over those two sticks and slowly rotated it over the fire.

Roasting a piece of meat to perfection was all about the seasoning and the heat.

Fortunately, Zhan Tianming was a master when it came to this.

As a master, he knew the meat shouldn't be placed over the flame until it's completely cooked.

It should only be kept over the fame until it was about 80% done.

Once it was done till 80%, the next step was extinguishing the flame and allowing the heat that had seeped into the meat to work its magic. Just that internal heat was enough to bring the meat to 90% completion. And to Zhan Tianming, 100% wasn't the sweet spot; 90% was.

At 90%, it tasted the best.

Seeing that it was more or less done, Zhan Tianming sprinkled some cumin powder and some seasonings that he made himself.

With each passing second, the aroma grew stronger.

Little Purple was right beside the fire, staring at the barbecue on the fire rack.


"Don't be in such a hurry. We'll have to wait a bit more." Zhan Tianming laughed.

In the past, Zhan Tianming would often go to bed on an empty stomach, so when he himself had nothing to eat, Little Purple would also starve for days.

But now, everything was going to change.

With the Divine Dragon's Supreme System, how could he starve?

"Princess, look! There's smoke over there," said a pretty woman while pointing at someplace at a distance.

Beside her sat a woman dressed in a yellow flowery dress. Her eyebrows were arched, and her gaze was slightly chesty. She looked sixteen to seventeen years old, and her body was slender and elegant. Her beautiful eyes had a trace of haughtiness and coldness in them. When she heard the woman who spoke earlier, a hint of displeasure appeared on her face and she glared at her.

"Xiang'er, how many times do I have to say this? Don't call me Princess when there are no guards. Just call me Young Miss."

"Also, when will this roast be done? I'm already hungry."


The yellow clothed girl, Zongzheng Wanyou, couldn't control her stomach, and it made a growling sound as if showing its assent.

"Princess — no, Young Miss, it will be done soon. Just wait for a bit more." Xiang'er was earnestly roasting the meat.

Soon, she brought the grilled meat in front of Zongzheng Wanyou.

Zongzheng Wanyou took a whiff and could not help but frown.

"Xiang'er, are you sure this tastes good?"

"Princ — Young Miss, this is my first time roasting meat. From what I can remember, Wang Ma used to make it just like this."

Suspicious, Zongzheng Wanyou used a jade blade to cut off a piece of the roasted meat, placed it into her mouth, and began to chew.

Suddenly, Zongzheng Wanyou's face changed.

"Pah pah pah…"

Zongzheng Wanyou spat all the meat out, and glared at Xiang'er.

"Xiang'er, are you trying to kill this princess? This... Can this thing even be eaten? You know what, you eat it! And don't you dare waste a morsel of this 'magnificent' feast!"

Zongzheng Wanyou was extremely angry.

That taste was too horrible.

Xiang'er tasted it and immediately revealed a bitter expression. With tears streaming down her face, she begged, "Miss, Xiang'er was wrong. Please don't make me eat this. If you want to punish Xiang'er, she would eat anything else but this."

Just then, the dissatisfied Zongzheng Wanyou smelled a mouth-watering aroma and her nose twitched a little.

"It smells so good."

As soon as she smelled that aroma, she began salivating.

"Xiang'er, let's go take a look."

"Yes, Princ — Young Miss!"

Xiang'er immediately replied, and threw the horrible roast far away.

Soon, the duo began following the aroma hoping to find the source of this savory fragrance.

Meanwhile, Zhan Tianming was still waiting for his roast to get ready.

Right now, the aroma from the roast could knock anyone's senses away.

After taking a deep breath, Zhan Tianming revealed a satisfied expression.

"That's what I want."

Suddenly, Little Purple, who was staring intently at the barbecue, turned around and began grunting in a certain direction.

"What's wrong, Little Purple?" Zhan Tianming looked in the direction Little Purple was grunting at.

He couldn't see anyone.

Not even wild animals.

"Squeal!" Little Purple continued to grunt and squeal.

Something was amiss.

Zhan Tianming frowned as he believed that Little Purple wouldn't make such a ruckus for no reason.

Rustle, rustle, rustle.

The sound gradually echoed out.

Zhan Tianming held onto a few stones in his hands tightly, ready to take action at a moment's notice.

Rustle, rustle, rustle.


And closer.

"Xiang Er, do you smell it? The aroma is stronger than ever now."

"Yes! I can smell it too, so it must be nearby."

Just as Zhan Tianming was about to shoot the stones in his hand, he heard two feminine voices. He could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

"So, it's just two women. Here I thought I have to fight some ferocious beast."

With a light smile, Zhan Tianming removed the barbecue from the fire rack.

"Little Purple, stop squealing. Hurry up and come eat."

With that, Zhan Tianming tore off a piece of meat and fed it to Little Purple.

Little Purple oinked with joy as it ate a piece of utter excellence.

After feeding Little Purple, Zhan Tianming didn't care about anything else and just dug in.

His appetite was at a peak after not eating his fill for the past three months.

So, Zhan Tianming was going to absolutely annihilate this roast.

As the human-pig duo ate, Zongzheng Wanyou and Xiang'er arrived at the scene.

Looking at the roast meat in Zhan Tianming's hands, their stomachs began growling, and drool started dripping from their mouths.

"Xiang'er, go and give him a few silver taels. Ask him to roast another — no, ask him for two roasts."

"Yes, Young Miss."

Xiang'er walked closer to Zhan Tianming, looked at the tattered clothes on his body, and frowned slightly. She said arrogantly, "Hey, you! My family's young miss is hungry!"

Zhan Tianming looked at her for a fleeting second and then just rolled his eyes at Xiang'er.

What kind of attitude was this?

Were you really asking for help? Then, why are you being so arrogant?

'Get lost.'

Zhan Tianming could not be bothered as he continued to eat, and even deliberately made loud eating sounds.

"It's delicious. It's simply too delicious!"

With a piece of roast meat in his mouth, Zhan Tianming lowered his head to look at Little Purple, and said, "Little Purple, do you think it's delicious?"

"Squeal!" Little Purple squealed with joy and swallowed the meat in its mouth.

"Haha! Here, I'll give you another piece. "

Zhan Tianming tore another piece and fed it to Little Purple.

Little Purple was more than happy to eat an additional slice of the roast.

"Hey, I'm talking to you! How can you ignore me?" Xiang'er was a little unhappy, and her voice became a little louder.

Zhan Tianming lifted his head, and took a formal look at Xiang'er

'She is quite pretty, but she had a bit of a temper.'

"Young lady, please take a look around carefully. Then, you might notice that there is no more roast left for you. If you want to eat barbecue, go make it yourself," said Zhan Tianming, feeling a bit impatient. After that, he shot a glance at Zongzheng Wanyou, who was standing far away and wasn't making any attempts to get closer.

Glancing over, Zhan Tianming was stunned.

"Ugh! That girl! Isn't she the one I saw yesterday?"

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