Supreme God King/C1 A Youth from Wu Town
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Supreme God King/C1 A Youth from Wu Town
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C1 A Youth from Wu Town

The surrounding endless mountains winded stretch the distance like a humongous dragon crawling on the ground, thus, people named it Qinglong Mountain Range.

There was a remote town called Wu Town situated here. Locating deep in the mountain beside the stream, its environment was dainty. Looking from afar, smoke was curling up from kitchen chimneys. More than a thousand households lived here.

"It really hurts!"

A murmur sounded from the village of Wu Town, it was from a young man who looked around sixteen years old. He was wearing a green robe and had a delicate, pretty face. However, his tiny face revealed a painful look while he was pressing down on his chest. Having apparently been injured, he could only limp forward.

Coming in front of a shabby house, Meng Fann stopped and looked inside the warm and loving home. After a moment's hesitation, he tried his best to clean the dirt off his shirt, afraid that he would reveal any clues of getting beaten up.

"That fucking Lei Tao, just wait. I'll definitely defeat you some day in the future!"

Meng Fann muttered with hatred. When he thought of what had happened just now, his small face couldn't help but turn gloomy.

On the way home after completing the cultivation, Meng Fann bumped into his sworn enemy, Lei Tao. It had only been a few days since they last saw each other and Lei Tao's cultivation level had once again reached the Fifth Grade of Body Refining. He was confident that he was strong enough, thus, he started an argument with Meng Fann and mocked him.

Meng Fann was just a fifteen-year-old kid. In a moment of anger, he started a fight with Lei Tao and the others. However, due to the fact that Meng Fann's strength was only at the Second Grade of Body Refining, he wasn't a match for Lei Tao. Lei Tao punched at Meng Fann's chest, and instantly, a huge bruise appeared on his chest.

Meng Fann knew that the gap between him and Lei Tao was huge because they were both cultivating the arts that symbolized the formidable strength of the continent, the Qi Essence!

Qi Essence was the immortal source of energy of the world. It was a permanent existence. Cultivators could absorb it to enhance their strength. Qi Essence was split into eight skies, with each sky having ten grades. Among the eight skies, they were divided into three lower classes and five upper classes.

The three lower classes were Body Refining, Qi Refining, and Soul Refining.

Although these three realms were only the foundation of the Qi Essence's cultivation, ordinary people wouldn't be able to reach even the lowest one for their entire life, let alone break through to the upper five realms.

Meng Fann already reached the Second Grade of Body Refining at the age of fifteen, and as the most basic stage, he needed to use his Qi Essence to nourish his body and meridians. Meng Fann then walked into a simple and tidy room with light steps. There was nothing valuable in the room, but it was tidy, giving him the sense of home.

Just as Meng Fann was about to sneak into his room, a faint voice sounded behind him.

"Stop right there, where did you go?"

The person who spoke was a middle-aged woman with shoulder-length hair. Her face looked gentle but slightly old, however, it could be seen that she was a beauty when she was young. She was no other but Meng Fann's mother, Xinlan!

Turning around, Meng Fann smiled awkwardly at his mother and whispered.

"Mother, I just came back from the cultivation..."

Xinlan glared at Meng Fann and said sternly, "How did you get stains all over your body and even got injured if you go out for cultivation?"

Instantly, Meng Fann's expression turned ashen, knowing that he had been exposed, so he stood obediently in his spot. Xinlan did not know anything about the Qi Essence or cultivation and her body was frail. But in the eyes of a fifteen-year-old child, his parents obviously had a natural sense of dignity.

She pulled Meng Fann in front of her and untied his green robe. Seeing the bruises on his body, Xinlan's pretty face sunk. Trying hard not to yell at him, she took out some healing ointment and applied it on Meng Fann's body. At the same time, she scolded him.

"How many times have I told you? Don't get into fight with others! Why won't you listen?"

With that, Meng Fann pouted and argued, "I just couldn't give in. Lei Tao and the others are too detestable. Not only did they insult me, they even said that I am a fatherless child!"

As he said that, Xinlan was instantly stuned. A trace of gloominess appeared on her face. As her palm gently smeared the wound on Meng Fann's body, she gritted her teeth and said, "I told you, ignore what others say. You just need to focus on cultivating your Qi Essence. Do you understand?"

Seeing his mother's unhappy expression, Meng Fann realized that he had said something wrong. Making a face to his mother, he then remained silent. After applying ointment on Meng Fann's wound, Xinlan stood up and said softly.

"Stop moving around these few days. I'll make some Tuber Fleeceflowers for you to treat your injuries later!"

Tuber Fleeceflower was the most ordinary first-grade Spirit Herb in this world.

All the herbs of heaven and earth in this world were divided into nine grades and the medicine efficacy differed according to the grades. The first-grade Spirit Herbs were very common, but for Xinlan's family, who knew nothing about Qi Essence and cultivation, first-grade Spirit Herbs were extremely precious.

Just one herb of heaven and earth could dredge the meridians of vitality cultivator, allowing them to speed up the cultivation of Qi Essence. The reason Meng Fann was lagging behind others was not that he was not diligent enough. On the contrary, he spent twice the time others did on cultivating.

What others had but he didn't was the Spirit Herb. His fellows' family all had a high position in Wu Town. They may not have access to too valuable items, they didn't lack first and second-grade Spirit Herbs. That was why Lei Tao was able to reach the Fifth Grade of Body refining in such a short period of time.

The only way for Meng Fann to obtain the Spirit Herb was through the monthly distribution. However, the authority disturbed no more than two Spirit Herbs to each family every month. Sometimes, when the harvest was bad, there would be not a single herb during that time. That was why Meng Fann's Qi Essence to always be weaker than his peers in Wu Town.

Hearing Xinlan's words, Meng Fann frowned and asked hesitantly.

"Mother, there are not many Tuber Fleeceflowers left in the house. Your illness..."

"I'm fine. You need to cultivate."

Xinlan then put on a gentle smile. However, the moment she finished speaking, she started coughing unconsciously, covering the corner of her mouth with her hand as her body trembled.

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