Supreme God King/C10 Cultivating the Iron Palm
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Supreme God King/C10 Cultivating the Iron Palm
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C10 Cultivating the Iron Palm

Under the blazing sun, Meng Fann's figure could still be seen at the vacant land, swinging around like a monkey. The first realm he entered for the Qi Essence Cultivation was the Peak of Body Refining.

His body was sturdier than rocks, therefore, he needed to cultivate his body more and take a small step at a time. Under the scorching sun, he felt extremely unwell, not to mention that he had to do a series of martial arts movements.

Meng Fann tensed his body with his hands behind his back, bending his body, and jumped forward one step at a time. This kind of movement consumed a lot of physical strength, and by that time his clothes were already drenched in sweat. Yet, Meng Fann gritted his teeth as if he did not notice it at all.

For three whole days, Meng Fann had been cultivating in the vacant land. Even after he returned home, he only ate a mouthful of rice before leaving in a hurry. Regarding this matter, Xinlan could only secretly feel heartache for him, but she believe it was because the Clans Tournament was around the corner, thinking that Meng Fann was just doing his best for the tournament and did not notice any changes in him.

During these three days, Meng Fann spent almost all of his time cultivating. Once his physical strength was drained, he would use the black pearl to replenish his physical strength and start to cultivate once again.

After three days, Meng Fann discovered that his body was becoming stronger and the meridians in his body had also become wider as days went by, allowing him to contain even more Qi Essence.

He had twice as much time to cultivate as others, and he could utilize the black pearl to nourish his meridians. This was enough to greatly increase Meng Fann's cultivation speed. Not to mention the fourth tier of the Body Refining Realm, which it was usually difficult for him to achieve. To the current Meng Fann, it did not seem like a dream anymore.

"It seems like I am finally qualified!"

He sat cross-legged on a huge rock, breathing heavily with a trace of excitement on his face. He then moved his palm, and an item appeared in his hand. It was the mid-tier Qi Essence Cultivation Technique that Gu Xin'er gave Meng Fann, the Iron Palm.

The Iron Palm was just an offensive skill of the Qi Essence. It couldn't be cultivated according to one's own attributes, nor could it change the variation of the Qi Essence in one's body. However, in terms of power, it was extraordinary.

Meng Fann then let out a chuckle. Initially, he thought that he would need at least a month to have the qualification to cultivate this technique, Iron Palm, not expecting it will be that soon.

Meng Fann opened the scroll and read each of the words carefully. Only after a long while, he closed the scroll, but there was a hint of astonishment on his face.

The Iron Palm wasn't that easy to cultivate, it required one to concentrate the energy in the body and then burst it out from the arm. The requirement for the cultivator itself was very high, besides, it had also left behind a Body Refining Technique.

When Meng Fann thought of this technique, he couldn't help but feel a chill down his spine.

Helplessly shrugging his shoulders, Meng Fann immediately got up and headed home. At home, Xinlan had already prepared a table of a heartwarming meal. In the white bowl, it contained liquid similar to the plain water, but it had a nice scent of medicinal fragrance. It was no other but the medicinal soup brewed with the Myriad Spirit Herb.

"Drink it, Fann!"

Xinlan looked at Meng Fann and said lovingly without bothering the cold disease she had within her body for decades.

With that, Meng Fann could only find a way to deal with it. After he received it, he took the opportunity when Xinlan was not paying attention to switch it and quietly pour all of it into Xinlan's glass.

This Myriad Spirit Herb was originally gathered for Xinlan. Although the Myriad Spirit Herb was once the herb he was yearning for, after knowing the effects of the black pearl, the desire within him had vanished. Furthermore, Meng Fann had a feeling that the effect of the black pearl nourishing one's meridians was definitely not weaker than a second grade Spirit Herb, the Myriad Spirit Herb.

After drinking the water unknowing, Xinlan did not have much reaction, but Meng Fann could clearly see that Xinlan's complexion had become much better. There was a trace of redness on her pale face, and her usual coughing had completely disappeared.

It seemed that all of his efforts were worth it. Although his mother's cold disease was not cured, it should be temporarily suppressed. As long as he found an even more precious Spirit Herb in the future, it would be able to completely cure Xinlan's cold disease.

Meng Fann was secretly delighted within him. At night, Meng Fann was quietly making some preparation in his room and once he was done, for the first time ever, he went to bed.

Due to the fact that Meng Fann knew the importance of the balance between working and resting and understood that tomorrow's cultivation would be even more brutal!

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