Supreme God King/C11 Cruel Training
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Supreme God King/C11 Cruel Training
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C11 Cruel Training

The stream flowed like a stream. This was a remote stream not far from the Wu Town. Normally, no one would be willing to come here. In the middle of the forest, this place was extremely secluded, which was in line with Meng Fann's requirements for a place to cultivate.

It was different from the usual days. Now that he had the black beads, Meng Fann knew that he had to be careful and not let anyone discover him.

The sound of flowing water could be heard continuously. Meng Fann stood on top of a stream and looked at the rock in front of him.

In front of Meng Fann were several heavy rocks that were connected by hemp ropes. This thing was carefully prepared by Meng Fann last night. It was the training method recorded in the Big Collapsing Hand. This was called the Iron Cage Stone. Its meaning was to trap the cultivator's body.

This training method required the cultivator to carry a 100 jin boulder, and use it to break through to the Body Refining. This kind of heavy rock would definitely affect the cultivator's speed, and it would also consume a large amount of cultivator's energy. Of course, this kind of training method would also greatly stimulate the Essence Qi circulating within the cultivator's body.

Meng Fann clenched his teeth and grabbed the Iron Cage Stone on the ground. He put it on his body. This kind of heavy rock weighed over a hundred jin. The moment it landed on his body, Meng Fann let out a muffled groan.

Although Meng Fann had broken through to the Third Grade Body Refining, * Hong Long...... * Under such heavy pressure, Meng Fann seemed to be struggling, let alone moving.

Meng Fann's small face turned red. He gritted his teeth, but his body stepped on the stream and walked forward step by step in the clear water.

Meng Fann carried a huge rock weighing one hundred kilograms. With a single move, the rock touched Meng Fann's skin. Although his body was much harder than ordinary people after reaching the Third Grade Body Refining, his skin was still torn apart by the rock and blood flowed out.

With a low roar, Meng Fann walked along the stream, especially under the impact of the river water. This was an extremely important test for the cultivator's body.

"This is only the beginning of my cultivation. If I can't get through this, the Soul Refinement Stage after the Qi Refining will be even harder for me. How am I going to get through this?"

Meng Fann murmured softly. His face was filled with determination. He walked step by step in the stream, allowing the stream to hit him. The rock cut his skin, revealing the pain in his face. After about an hour, he was already tired and fell into the water, unable to move.

This kind of cultivation could be said to be able to instantly suppress the strength of the cultivator. Even with the Spirit Herb's replenishment, it was useless. However, to Meng Fann, all he needed to do was sit cross-legged and let the energy of the black beads merge into his body. This method not only nourished Meng Fann's meridians, it also allowed him to be full of energy once again, and he immediately threw himself into cultivation.

Day after day, in order to successfully cultivate the Big Collapsing Hand, Meng Fann became ruthless. To a fifteen year old child, this level of cultivation was really cruel.

Apart from physical torture, it was also a blow to one's will. Once he fell down and was unwilling to get up, he might not be able to continue cultivating.

In just six days, Meng Fann spent all his time by the river.

Now that they were close to the Clans Competition in Wu Town, all the young men in Wu Town were excited and started cultivating crazily. After all, the reward from the Clans Competition in Wu Town was extremely generous. It was rumored that once someone obtained the first place, they would obtain a very generous reward.

This was definitely a huge temptation for Young Generation of Wu Town . Therefore, all the people in the Wu Town were filled with cultivators from the younger generation. However, no one knew that there would be a young man who would choose to torture himself in such a cruel way in the hidden river!

Meng Fann's feet stepped on the ground, creating waves of water as he walked in the water. Six days had passed. Meng Fann had gotten used to the weight of his training. At the same time, his body had become tougher than before. He walked forward step by step.

Under the persistence of six days, Meng Fann was now carrying a hundred pounds of rock on his back as he walked normally! After a few hundred steps, Meng Fann stood in the stream. He let out a heavy breath and his body suddenly rose into the air like an angry leopard. At the same time, he moved his arm and struck at the void.

In the air, Meng Fann's palm seemed to have expanded a little. At the same time, a powerful force not only spread from his arm, but also from his entire body.

A force spread from Meng Fann's palm. It was the Big Collapsing Hand Gu Xin'er gave Meng Fann.

A force gathered from his entire body. At the same time, the rock that was tied to Meng Fann's body by a hemp rope suddenly broke apart. It fell from Meng Fann's body and crashed into the river, creating countless splashes.

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