Supreme God King/C12 Cultivation of Great Collapsing Hand Successful
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Supreme God King/C12 Cultivation of Great Collapsing Hand Successful
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C12 Cultivation of Great Collapsing Hand Successful

The force tore through the air, and his big hand clenched.

Meng Fann's body fell from the sky and fell into the water, causing a lot of splashes. However, he grinned and murmured.

"According to the scroll, the first step to mastering the Big Collapsing Hand will cause a hundred jin rock to break apart. This should be my current stage. " I should have succeeded in the first stage of the Big Collapsing Hand. However, there should still be the second and third steps. The last step of the Big Collapsing Hand was written on it. The Big Collapsing Hand was enough to break open eight hundred jin of stones. "How much strength will that be?!"

Meng Fann couldn't help but feel excited when he thought of this. If that happened, he was afraid that he would also be at the Peak of Body Refining Stage. His body would be as tough as a rock, and his strength would be able to tear a cow apart.

Meng Fann rubbed his sore body and immediately sat down with his legs crossed. He used the black beads to absorb the energy within. A warm feeling spread throughout his entire body. It was a kind of enjoyment to soak in a hot spring when one was exhausted from training and had to endure the warm energy of the black beads.

After a long while, Meng Fann's eyes slowly opened. His body was once again filled with energy. Moreover, all the injuries on his body had disappeared. His body faintly revealed a luster that was as white as jade.

Compared to before, although Meng Fann looked no different after these six days of cultivation, Meng Fann could still feel that his body was much sturdier than before. More importantly, his meridians had expanded by about two times, and he seemed to be about to break through!

After such devilish training... Meng Fann's body had made considerable progress in all aspects. As long as Meng Fann did not meet any opponents who were much stronger than him, such as Lei Tao, Lei Tao could not do whatever he wanted to Meng Fann like in the past.

The gains he had gained in the past few days were even greater than the total gains he had gained in the past three years!

Meng Fann clenched his fist, and a trace of confidence appeared in his eyes. His father, Meng Cang, was once the expert of the Tianhan Sect, and was revered by many people.

He would never be inferior to his father. An outstanding father would have an outstanding son. Sooner or later, he would return to his own Shangjing City and take back everything that had once belonged to him!

On the stream, Meng Fann's figure appeared once again. However, he was much steadier than before. His body could already emit a weak wind when he moved.

He cultivated all the way until night. After greeting Xinlan, Meng Fann returned to his room and used the black beads to nourish his meridians.

This had become Meng Fann's compulsory homework every day. Every time he used the black beads to nourish his meridians, it would always allow Meng Fann's meridians to expand a lot. Meng Fann knew very well that his next breakthrough might be within these few days.

After breaking through from the warm energy, Meng Fann looked at the black beads with some doubt in his heart.

Although this bead had been very effective on Meng Fann for the past ten days, Meng Fann could faintly feel that he knew nothing about this bead.

Normally, the black bead was like a hard rock. Apart from the warm energy, there was nothing strange about it. But where did this energy come from? Could this thing be a Divine Weapons from the continent?

Meng Fann knew that the Essence Qi had been reproduced until now. It was mostly used for fighting. At the same time, the Divine Weapons between the heavens and earth had also appeared. According to the ranking, any Divine Weapons was extremely precious. Meng Fann had never seen one before.

Furthermore, Divine Weaponss involved an extremely mysterious profession within the heavens and earth, Refiner!

The person who possessed this profession lived on the Artifact Refining. The Divine Weapons could seize the power of the world, and form its own attributes that could resist the power of the world.

The Divine Weapons was something that could fight against the will of the heavens. Therefore, the Refiner could be said to be an extremely mysterious and powerful profession on this continent. They were fighting against the will of the heavens, and forging the Divine Weapons was extremely difficult for ordinary people to become a Refiner.

He was not a Refiner, so he naturally had no way of knowing the origin of this bead!

Meng Fann smiled bitterly. He knew that he could only focus all his attention on this cultivation. As for the secret of this black beads, he would find out sooner or later.

He sat cross-legged on the small bed and placed the pearl on his chest, not moving at all. Under the moonlight, his body began to change bit by bit.

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