Supreme God King/C16 One Palm Defeated the Enemy
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Supreme God King/C16 One Palm Defeated the Enemy
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C16 One Palm Defeated the Enemy

Upon hearing the words, Lei Tao let out a laugh, his bulky frame quivering with a mix of humor and rage as he bellowed.

"Meng Fann, it looks like you didn't learn your lesson from the last beating I gave you. Since you're not keen on hitting the dirt yourself, today I'll make sure you hit the ground hard!"

As Lei Tao spoke, his bear-like stature charged toward Meng Fann.

Gu Xin'er's delicate face tensed at the sight of Lei Tao's advancing form. She was about to intervene, but Meng Fann gestured with his hand for her to stop. His eyes were locked on Lei Tao, legs spread apart, body coiled tight, ready.

Lei Tao's towering figure swung a punch that sliced through the air, betraying the significant enhancement of his physique at Body Refining Level 5.

Incredibly fast!

All onlookers in the vicinity of the forest scrunched their brows in concern. Gu Xin'er clasped her small hands over her eyes, unable to watch. Lei Tao's fist speed was indeed a force to be reckoned with among the young warriors of Wu Town, and it was common knowledge that his punches packed considerable power—far beyond what Meng Fann, at Body Refining Level 2, should be able to handle.

"Meng Fann, time to tenderize you a bit!" Lei Tao boasted with a smirk, aiming his fist straight for Meng Fann's chest. But contrary to his expectations, Meng Fann didn't stagger backward as before; instead, he caught Lei Tao's fist in his outstretched hands.

A dull thud resonated as Meng Fann's feet slid back just a step, yet he stood his ground against Lei Tao's powerful punch!

Impossible, Lei Tao thought, stunned. Yet he wasted no time, clenching his fist and launching another fierce blow toward Meng Fann's chest.

But Meng Fann, having braced himself against Lei Tao's initial punch, was quick to retaliate. With a fierce roar, he swung his arm and launched his own punch, meeting Lei Tao's mid-air in a clash of raw power.

In the realm of Body Refining, there were no flashy moves—only a brutal test of physical cultivation and endurance. Even summoning Vitality was a challenge in such a straightforward exchange of blows.

Crash! Crash!

Fist clashed against fist, and after the third exchange, both Lei Tao and Meng Fann staggered backward. Lei Tao finally steadied himself after a few steps, staring at Meng Fann in astonishment, his arm throbbing with a searing pain.

Meng Fann had been pushed back even further, his foot sinking into the muddy earth behind him. Barely managing to regain his balance, he coughed lightly, aware that his physical condition was still slightly inferior to Lei Tao's.

Despite ten days of intense training, Lei Tao was still a level above him. Overcoming someone at Body Refining Level 5 was no small feat.

Yet, the very next moment, the crowd erupted into a buzz of shock. Gu Xin'er, who had been standing to the side, gaped at the unfolding scene, unable to fathom how Meng Fann, who had been on the receiving end of beatings just days before, now possessed the power to contend with Lei Tao.

Regaining his composure, Lei Tao's voice boomed with authority.

"You've surpassed Body Refining Level 2. You must be at least at Level 4, which explains your boldness in challenging me!"

The young onlookers from Wu Town all shifted uneasily as they processed the news. Meng Fann, the subject of their frequent mockery, had advanced to Body Refining Level 4, surpassing most of them, and they were left with an unsettling feeling.

Even Lei Tao was taken aback. He had never expected Meng Fann, known for his slow progress in training, to have nearly caught up to him. Gritting his teeth, Lei Tao declared loudly,

"Meng Fann, even if you've attained Body Refining Level 4, you still don't stand a chance against me when it comes to sheer strength and cultivation level!"

Lei Tao set aside his earlier arrogance, now seeing Meng Fann as a true rival. Cautiously, Meng Fann advanced towards him.

As Lei Tao closed in, Meng Fann acknowledged the truth in his words with a nod. Cultivation was not achieved overnight. Defeating Lei Tao would be challenging, but not impossible.

Meng Fann smirked and stepped forward decisively. In an instant, he seemed transformed. With a swift motion of his palm, he launched a forceful palm strike through the air.

The surge of energy sliced through the air, dramatically altering Lei Tao's complexion. He lifted his arms to shield himself from Meng Fann's assault, but a fierce wind soon sent him flying back several meters. Crashing to the ground, he sat coughing violently, blood flecking his lips.

"You!" Lei Tao tried to rise, only to collapse once more. Meng Fann's palm strike had drained him of his vitality, leaving him powerless to stand.

In a flash, the onlookers in the forest were stunned, struggling to reconcile this display of raw power with the once unremarkable Meng Fann.

"Big Collapsing Hand!" A youth stuttered out, recognizing the technique. It was Mayor Gu Yuan's signature move, but how had Meng Fann mastered it?

Even Gu Xin'er, watching from behind, was filled with astonishment, her youthful face clouded with confusion. Meng Fann had only been taught the move for ten days, yet even her sister, lauded as a prodigy in Wu Town, took half a month to learn it.

Meng Fann now stood transformed.

With an icy gaze, he spoke with detached resolve, "Lei Tao, consider the slap you once gave me returned. We're even now. But from this day forward, remember this: don't cross me."

Meng Fann exhaled deeply, a wave of satisfaction washing over him. The grueling ten days of training had paid off. True cultivation was about living with passion, seeking justice, and letting one's strength do the talking.

Lei Tao, still coughing, wiped the fresh blood from his mouth and fixed Meng Fann with a venomous glare. Hatred seeped into his voice as he bellowed, "What are you waiting for? Blow the whistle!"

At his command, both Meng Fann and Gu Xin'er's expressions shifted in unison.

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