Supreme God King/C16 Defeat the Enemy with One Palm
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Supreme God King/C16 Defeat the Enemy with One Palm
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C16 Defeat the Enemy with One Palm

Lei Tao smiled when he heard this. His body trembled slightly. He was laughing out of anger as he shouted in a deep voice.

"Meng Fann, it seems like you won't be able to remember the last time I beat you up. Since you don't want to lie down on your own, " Today, I will beat you until you lie down! "

As he spoke, Lei Tao's bear like body had already moved towards Meng Fann.

Seeing Lei Tao's figure, Gu Xin'er's pretty face changed. Just as she was about to step forward, Meng Fann stretched out his hand to stop her. His eyes stared at Lei Tao closely. At the same time, Meng Fann's legs separated, and his body tensed up.

Lei Tao's tall body punched out. There was a slight sound in the air. Lei Tao's Body Refining fifth grade had greatly improved his physique.

So fast!

Everyone around the forest frowned. Gu Xin'er covered her eyes with her small hands. She could not bear to look at him. With Lei Tao's current fist speed, he really had the ability to dominate Young Generation of Wu Town . Everyone knew that this fist contained a decent amount of power. It was definitely not something Meng Fann, who was at the Second Grade of Body Refining, could handle.

"Meng Fann, let me loosen your skin for you!"

Lei Tao smiled complacently, and his fist went straight towards Meng Fann's chest. Unexpectedly, the next moment, Meng Fann was not forced back by the punch like before. Instead, his fist landed firmly on Meng Fann's outstretched hands.

A muffled sound was heard. Meng Fann's feet took a slight step back, but he managed to withstand Lei Tao's punch!

How could this be? Lei Tao was shocked, but he reacted quickly. He clenched his fist tightly, and in the next moment, he smashed it towards Meng Fann's chest once again.

However, Meng Fann, who had taken Lei Tao's punch head on, suddenly counterattacked. He let out a low roar, then he moved his arm and threw out a punch at the same time, colliding with Lei Tao's fist in midair.

In the Body Refining, there was no such thing as a magnificent battle. The only thing that could be done was to fight head on with their bodies, and even the Essence Qi was difficult to use.

Bang! Bang!

Their fists met. After three punches, Lei Tao and Meng Fann both stepped back at the same time. After a few steps, Lei Tao stood down and looked at Meng Fann in surprise. He felt a burning pain on his arm.

Compared to Lei Tao, Meng Fann stepped back more. His foot sank into the soil behind him. Meng Fann forced himself to stand. He coughed a few times, but he knew that his body was still weaker than Lei Tao's.

Although he had cultivated for ten days, Lei Tao was still a realm higher than him. This Body Refining fifth grade was not an easy opponent to defeat.

However, in the next moment, the entire scene was in an uproar. However, Gu Xin'er, who was standing at the side, was staring blankly at this scene. Her mouth was wide open. She couldn't believe that Meng Fann, who had been beaten a few days ago, had the strength to fight Lei Tao.

After regaining his senses, Lei Tao shouted in a deep voice.

"You are no longer a Second Grade of Body Refining. You are at least a Fourth Grade Body Refining. That's why you dare to shout at me!"

The expressions of the young men from Wu Town changed when they heard this. Meng Fann, whom they usually ridiculed, had actually reached Fourth Order Body Refining, which was higher than most of them. They all had a bad feeling about this.

Even Lei Tao was shocked. He had never thought that Meng Fann, who was usually slow in his cultivation, would reach the same level as him. Clenching his teeth, Lei Tao shouted out loudly.

"Meng Fann, even if you have reached the Fourth Grade Body Refining... But you're still no match for me in terms of cultivation and stamina!"

Lei Tao put away the arrogance in his heart. At this moment, Lei Tao had already regarded Meng Fann as his opponent. He cautiously walked towards Meng Fann.

Seeing Lei Tao approaching, Meng Fann nodded his head in his heart, knowing that what Lei Tao said was right. Cultivation was not something that could be accomplished in a day. It was not easy for him to defeat Lei Tao. However, just because it was not easy did not mean that he could not defeat Lei Tao.

With a sneer, Meng Fann took a step forward at the same time. In the next moment, it was as if he had changed into another person. Meng Fann moved his palm and sent a palm strike towards him.

The force cut through the air, causing Lei Tao's facial expression to change drastically. He raised both of his arms and blocked Meng Fann's attack. However, the next moment, a strong wind blew Lei Tao seven or eight meters back. Finally, he sat down, coughed, and even spat out blood.


Lei Tao wanted to stand up, but he fell down again. Under Meng Fann's palm, he could no longer hold his breath.

Meng Fann's attack made Lei Tao unable to stand up!

In an instant, everyone in the forest was shocked. They looked at the scene in front of them in disbelief. Was this still the mediocre Meng Fann? His strength was too shocking.

"Big Collapsing Hand!"

After a moment, one of the young men said with a stutter. He was not unfamiliar with Meng Fann's palm strike, but how could the mayor, Gu Yuan, have such a technique in Meng Fann's hands?

Even Gu Xin'er, who was standing behind him, was surprised when she saw Meng Fann. Her small face was filled with doubt. This attack was only given to Meng Fann for ten days. Even the elder sister who was called a cultivation genius in Wu Town would need about half a month to succeed.

The current Meng Fann was completely different from before!

Standing on the same spot, Meng Fann's eyes were cold as he said in a flat tone, " Lei Tao, I will return the slap you gave me back then. We are now clear, but from now on, you must remember not to provoke me!"

As he spoke, Meng Fann let out a heavy breath in his heart. He had an extremely carefree feeling in his heart. The devil's cultivation over the past ten days had been worth it. This was how cultivation should be.

After coughing a few times, Lei Tao wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and stared at Meng Fann. A trace of hatred appeared in his eyes as he shouted, "What are you all doing? Blow the whistle!"

His words made Meng Fann and Gu Xin'er's facial expression change at the same time!

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