Supreme God King/C17 Shameless Siege
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Supreme God King/C17 Shameless Siege
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C17 Shameless Siege

Whistle. The meaning of these three words could not be clearer to Meng Fann and Gu Xin'er. The reason why Lei Tao's group could be so arrogant was because it wasn't just Lei Tao and the others. There were also many younger generation members of Wu Town behind them. All of them were even more outstanding existences.

Gu Xin'er's eyes sparkled. Just as she was about to reach out her hand to stop them, one of the young men from the Wu Town took out a whistle and whistled. A sharp sound immediately came from the forest. This young man looked at Meng Fann complacently.

Obviously, the increase in Meng Fann's strength was a big blow to them. However, they could see that Meng Fann was at a disadvantage. To them, it was really good.

Gu Xin'er stomped her feet in anger. She looked at Meng Fann nervously and said softly, "Let's go, Brother Meng Fann !"

Meng Fann shook his head and said in a deep voice, "It's too late. Today was the snake tide. All the Young Generation of Wu Town should have come here. "They should be here soon!"

As Meng Fann had said, after a few breaths of time, several shadows jumped out from the surrounding jungle. Many young men who heard the whistle also rushed over after hearing the wind. There were nearly a hundred of them. When they saw the scene on the ground, they were all surprised.

Lei Tao's strength was not bad, but when they saw Meng Fann and Gu Xin'er confronting him, they were even more shocked.

Between the silent crowd, the first to stand out were two young men. Both of them were extremely tall. They were undoubtedly adults with tanned skin, and looked somewhat similar to Lei Tao. Meng Fann knew that these were Lei Tao's two brothers, Lei Hu and Lei Bao!

Their father, Lei Li, was the captain of the guards in Wu Town. Therefore, they were able to obtain more resources, and their growth was much faster than the other young men. Lei Hu and Lei Bao had even reached the Body Refining seventh grade. Their bodies were as hard as ordinary stones, and they were able to suppress the entire Young Generation of Wu Town . They were famous for being little tyrants in the Wu Town.

Lei Hu, who was the first to speak, shouted, "Lei Tao, who hurt you?"

Seeing Lei Hu's appearance, Lei Tao's expression changed. He said with some fear, "Meng Fann..."

When the two words came out, it immediately caused an uproar in the forest. Everyone looked at Meng Fann in surprise. Wasn't Meng Fann the one who was beaten up by Lei Tao before this?

Lei Hu was shocked. Lei Hu took a step forward and looked at Meng Fann coldly. He said fiercely, "It's you!"

Meng Fann sighed in his heart when he saw the gazes of Lei Hu and the people behind him. He knew that he wouldn't be able to avoid them today. He bit the bullet and stood up, replying coldly.

"It's me!"

Seeing that Meng Fann showed no signs of surrendering, Lei Hu sneered and shouted loudly, "Alright. "You are brave enough. I do not know if you will still be so brave in a while. Brothers, attack!"

As his voice fell, Lei Bao and the others around Lei Hu were ready to attack Meng Fann.

Seeing the crowd gathering around him, Meng Fann couldn't help but laugh bitterly. All his physical strength had been used up after casting the Big Collapsing Hand. At this moment, he didn't even have the chance to run.

Taking a step forward, Gu Xin'er gritted her teeth and said in a cold voice.

"Lei Hu, don't go too far. There are so many people bullying us. Meng Fan is helping me catch Green Snake. With my father's order, none of you should move!"

Hearing this, Lei Hu snorted and said with a fake smile, "So it's Gu Xin'er's Miss. Why are you with this trash, Meng Fann? I don't care who ordered him to attack my brother. I won't let him go!"

As they spoke, Lei Bao and the others were less than three meters away from Meng Fann. They had a murderous look on their faces. Looking around, Meng Fann clenched his fist. He knew in his heart that strength was the most important.

Even Gu Yuan's influence wasn't as important as strength. Lei Hu and Lei Bao were the most outstanding existences amongst Young Generation of Wu Town . Even if they beat him up, they would at most be reprimanded. He was afraid that his injuries wouldn't be light this time. Strength was the most important!

In a split second, just as Lei Bao and the others were about to approach Meng Fann... In the next moment, a sky breaking sound suddenly sounded out in the air. The one who bore the brunt of it was a young man in front of them. His body was sent flying, and he let out a 'Aiyo' sound. The force of his retreat directly knocked down quite a number of people from the crowd behind him. In an instant, everyone else was in a very sorry state.

"Who is it!?"

Lei Bao growled and looked behind Meng Fann. However, the fierceness in his eyes faded bit by bit in the next moment. There was even a trace of fear in his eyes!

An extremely long and beautiful leg pushed back the youth. The owner of this leg was dressed in a black robe. Her long hair was draped behind her back, and her hair fluttered in the wind. She was even taller than Meng Fann. However, she was still young. Her skin was fair, and her beautiful appearance exuded an indescribable charm at the same time.

Seeing the owner of these legs standing in front of him, Meng Fann already knew who it was. She could only be Gu Xin'er's twin sister, Gu Qing!

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