Supreme God King/C18 Gu Qing Helped Meng Fann!
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Supreme God King/C18 Gu Qing Helped Meng Fann!
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C18 Gu Qing Helped Meng Fann!

The entire area fell into such a hush that only the sound of breathing remained. Every young man in Wu Town bowed their heads at the sight of the young girl.

Gu Qing and Gu Xin'er might have been twins, but they were polar opposites in personality. Gu Xin'er was gentle and had no interest in cultivation, while Gu Qing was all about it. She had achieved Body Refining Level 8, rightfully earning the title of the foremost among Wu Town's younger generation.

What's more, Gu Qing was known for her fiery temper. She had a reputation for not sparing anyone, including Lei Hu, who had all felt the sting of her wrath. If Gu Qing caught them, she wouldn't hesitate to give them a thrashing, Lei Hu included.

Meng Fann's gaze lingered on the tall, bewitching woman before him, taking in Gu Qing's impressive figure, and a twitch crossed his lips.

It had been two years since Meng Fann had last seen Gu Qing. Perhaps her dedication to cultivation was the reason her physique had matured well beyond her peers. Now, she stood there, a stark contrast to Gu Xin'er, who seemed but a young girl in comparison.

Beside her, Gu Xin'er's face lit up with a smile as she softly called out, "Sister!" Gu Qing responded with a nod and affectionately stroked Gu Xin'er's hair.

Meng Fann sighed internally, acknowledging that Gu Qing had come to his rescue. "Thank you," he managed to say.

Gu Qing, however, let out a cold snort, giving Meng Fann a brief glance. "Meng Fann, I see you've got some skill. But don't forget to address me as Sister Gu Qing. Mind your manners," she said icily.

Without another look at Meng Fann, she headed straight for Lei Hu. Meng Fann simply shrugged off Gu Qing's chilly demeanor. Gu Xin'er, however, furrowed her brows and stealthily approached Meng Fann to whisper, "Brother Meng Fann, why is sister always so cold to you? She seems almost hostile."

Meng Fann just smiled in response, his expression tinged with embarrassment. Only he knew that his avoidance of Gu Xin'er was partly due to Gu Qing.

Two years ago, Gu Qing approached Meng Fann with a clear message: keep his distance from Gu Xin'er. She was determined to limit their interactions.

At the time, Meng Fann clashed with Gu Qing. Known for her fiery temper, Gu Qing didn't hesitate to lash out, giving Meng Fann a thorough beating. Yet, Meng Fann's stubborn streak meant he didn't back down easily, standing his ground against her.

Since both were novices in Body Refining cultivation, neither had a distinct advantage. Meng Fann, leveraging his boyish strength, managed to pin Gu Qing down and, in a moment of panic, grabbed her chest.

This incident was subsequently kept under wraps by both parties, leaving the rest of the town oblivious. Only Meng Fann was acutely aware of the consequences—he had endured two more beatings from Gu Qing and had taken to staying indoors to avoid further confrontations. Gu Qing's treatment of Meng Fann, however, remained distinctly frosty.

In the center of the town, Gu Qing's tall figure had already made its way to the forefront, surrounded by the Young Generation of Wu Town. With a cold snort, she addressed them disdainfully.

"Quite the heroes, aren't you? Ganging up on one person. If you're so capable, why not challenge people from other towns? The lot of you bullying a single individual is a disgrace!"

Confronted by Gu Qing, the Wu Town youth were visibly intimidated. Gu Qing was not only a prodigy of Wu Town but also had the formidable Gu Yuan, the mayor, backing her. A confrontation with her rarely ended well.

Lei Hu, with a clenched jaw and a sense of resignation, conceded.

"Fine, we'll back off out of respect for Gu Qing today. But Meng Fann, don't forget this—we'll be settling the score with you later!"

With that, Lei Hu signaled, and the crowd receded, escorting Lei Tao away. Some onlookers were concerned for Meng Fann, while others couldn't help but snicker. Yet, everyone knew that catching the attention of Lei Hu and his gang meant trouble in Wu Town.

Meng Fann, however, remained stoic, his fists clenched. He hadn't had a chance to retaliate today, but it was of little consequence. He possessed the black beads, and with relentless cultivation, he was confident of achieving a rate of growth unmatched by anyone else. The gap between him and Lei Hu was significant, but not insurmountable. He was determined that one day, he too would stand tall, just like Gu Qing.


Meng Fann repeated these two words to himself, a resolute gleam shining in his eyes!

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