Supreme God King/C18 Gu Qing Helped Meng Fan
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Supreme God King/C18 Gu Qing Helped Meng Fan
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C18 Gu Qing Helped Meng Fan

The entire scene was so silent that only the sound of breathing could be heard. All the young men in Wu Town lowered their heads when they saw this young girl.

Although Gu Qing and Gu Xin'er were twins, their personalities were the complete opposite. Gu Xin'er had a gentle personality and did not like to cultivate. However, Gu Qing was different. She only focused on cultivation and had reached the Body Refining eighth grade at the same time. She deserved to be called the number one person in Young Generation of Wu Town .

Most importantly, Gu Qing had a fiery temper. Everyone, including Lei Hu, had suffered a loss from Gu Qing. Once Gu Qing saw them, Gu Qing would beat them up, including Lei Hu.

Looking at the slender and enchanting woman in front of him, Meng Fann glanced at Gu Qing's proud chest and beautiful legs, and the corner of his mouth twitched.

It had been two years since he last saw Gu Qing. Perhaps it was because Gu Qing was diligent in her cultivation that her figure had far exceeded her peers back then. He did not think that it would be to such an extent now. Compared to her impressive figure, Gu Xin'er was just a little girl who had just grown up.

On the side, Gu Xin'er suddenly revealed a smile and said faintly, "Elder sister!" Gu Qing nodded her head and dotingly touched Gu Xin'er's hair.

On the side, Meng Fann sighed in his heart and knew that Gu Qing saved him, so he could only say.

"Thank you!"

However, Gu Qing snorted coldly. She glanced at Meng Fann and said coldly, "Meng Fann, I didn't expect you to be so capable. But remember to call me Sister Gu Qing. You have to be polite."

As she spoke, Gu Qing did not look at Meng Fann. Instead, she went straight to Lei Hu. Seeing Gu Qing's cold attitude, Meng Fann shrugged his shoulders and did not mind. However, Gu Xin'er, who was beside him, frowned and quietly came in front of Meng Fann and asked in a low voice.

"Brother Meng Fann , why is elder sister's attitude towards you so cold? It seems like she is very hostile towards you!"

Upon hearing this, Meng Fann smiled and didn't say anything. However, there was an awkward feeling in his smile. Only Meng Fann himself knew that Gu Qing was part of the reason why he avoided Gu Xin'er.

Two years ago, Gu Qing found Meng Fann and told him to stay away from Gu Xin'er. She did not want Meng Fann to have too much contact with Gu Xin'er.

When Meng Fann and Gu Qing had a conflict, Gu Qing, who had a hot temper, naturally attacked. She violently beat Meng Fann up, but Meng Fann had a stubborn temper and fought with Gu Qing.

Both of them had just started their Body Refining cultivation, so there was not much difference between them. Therefore, Meng Fann relied on the strength of the boy to ride on Gu Qing's body. He also grabbed Gu Qing's chest in panic.

This matter was naturally covered up by both of them, and no one knew about it. Only Meng Fann understood. He was beaten up by Gu Qing twice. In the end, he rarely went out to avoid Gu Qing. However, Gu Qing's attitude towards Meng Fann was exceptionally terrible.

In the field, Gu Qing's slender body had already arrived in front of the crowd. Although the surrounding people were all people of Young Generation of Wu Town , Gu Qing coldly snorted and said.

"You guys are really capable. There are so many of you bullying one of us. If you have the ability, go and fight with the people of the other towns. With so many of you bullying one of us, I will bring shame to all of you!"

Facing Gu Qing, all the young people in the Wu Town wanted to retreat. Gu Qing was a genius of the Wu Town who had a clear conscience. Once she attacked, there would be no good ending. Furthermore, her backer was the mayor, Gu Yuan.

Lei Hu gritted his teeth and said helplessly.

"Alright, let's give face to Gu Qing today. Let's go, but Meng Fann, you have to remember this. We brothers will look for you to deal with today's matter in the future!"

Lei Hu waved his hand as he spoke. Everyone stepped back and supported Lei Tao as they left. When they heard Lei Hu's words, some of the people in the surrounding were worried about Meng Fann, while some were secretly laughing at him. However, they all knew that it would be a big problem for them to be targeted by Lei Hu and the others in Wu Town.

However, Meng Fann's expression was cold, and he clenched his fists tightly.

Today, he really didn't even have the chance to fight back. However, it didn't matter. He had the black beads, and as long as he cultivated crazily, it would allow him to have a speed of growth that no one else could match. Although the gap between him and Lei Hu and the others wasn't small, it wasn't something that couldn't be made up for. One day, he would also be like Gu Qing!


Meng Fann silently chanted these two words. His eyes had a kind of resolute light!

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