Supreme God King/C2 Once a Man Made Up His Mind, He Must Do It
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Supreme God King/C2 Once a Man Made Up His Mind, He Must Do It
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C2 Once a Man Made Up His Mind, He Must Do It

All of a sudden, Meng Fann's face sunk. He knew that his mother had been suffering from a disease caused by the cold-evil. There was a Cold Qi in her body that couldn't dissipate. He immediately went to Xinlan's side and supported her up.


When Xinlan opened her palm, it was covered in eye-catching red. She just coughed blood! In an instant, Meng Fann stared at the blood as if he had been struck by lightning. Gritting his teeth, he looked at Xinlan. He did not think that his mother's disease had already gotten this serious.

"Mother, I'll go get some Tuber Fleeceflower and brew it into the medicine for you!"

Meng Fann helped Xinlan sit down and then quickly searched for the Tuber Fleeceflower in the room.

The only thing that could alleviate Xinlan's disease was the medicine brewed by Spirit Herbs. It was not only able to dredge the meridians in the cultivator's body, but also suppress the Cold Qi. However, after searching for a while, Meng Fann only found the last Tuber Fleeceflower in his house. When finding it, he stared at Xinlan in astonishment.

He did not expect that to be the last Tuber Fleeceflower in his house and his mother was willing to give it to him, while she was still suffering. Meng Fann's eyes could not help but turn red and become speechless.

Xinlan smiled when she saw Meng Fann's expression. She patted Meng Fann's head and said softly.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. You need this Tuber Fleeceflowe to cultivate. Mom will make you a soup using this. You're now the pillar of our family, I can still bear it!"

Meng Fann gritted his teeth the moment he heard her words. He remained silent and gently helped Xinlan into the room. However, the moment he turned around, a ferocious look flashed across his eyes. Scenes from the past instantly appeared in his mind.

Meng Fann's family wasn't like this in the past. They moved to Wu Town from somewhere else. Originally they lived in a distant place called Tianhan Mountain which was thousands of miles away from Qinglong Mountain Range.

The Tianhan Sect was in that place. It was rumored that the experts living there could tremble the mountains and shake the very seas.

Meng Fann's father was once a member of the Tianhan Sect's Inner Sect. At that time, Meng Fann was only five years old, living a good life in Tianhan Sect.

His father, Meng Cang, was the strongest among the Meng family, a branch family of the Tianhan Sect. He single-handedly built the Meng family. The Tianhan Sect took a fancy to his ability and recruited him into its Inner Sect. As Meng Cang became stronger, the overall strength of the Meng family had also improved tremendously. The Meng family even became an important ally of the Tianhan Sect.

Unfortunately, one day, something that changed Meng Fann's life had happened. When Meng Cang was carrying out a sect mission, he made a fatal mistake due to a false step. Not only did the mission not complete, but all the people who participated in the mission were killed, including the leader, Meng Cang.

That failed mission caused a huge loss to the sect. However, they couldn't find a source to vent their anger since Meng Cang was already dead. So they chose Xinlan and Meng Fann, who were only five years old, as the scapegoat. The mother and son duo were mercilessly kicked out of the Tianhan Sect.

Xinlan, who was alone, brought Meng Fann back to the Meng family. However, to Xinlan's surprise, the Meng family, which had once respected Meng Cang and his family, had turned against them, in order to cater to the Tianhan Sect, by putting on fierce questioning appearances.

All the items and resources that belonged to Meng Cang had been forcefully taken away by the Meng family. They left nothing to Meng Fann.

For the sake of Meng Fann's future path of cultivation, Xinlan knelt down before the Meng family and pleaded with them in grievance. However, what she got was a slap from the current patriarch of the Meng family, Meng Tiansheng, Meng Cang's elder brother. Furthermore, he chased Xinlan and Meng Fann out of the Meng family and said that if they were to stay in the Shangjing City any longer, he would kill them right away.

Therefore, Xinlan, who did not have any power, could only hide far away along with Meng Fann. They went all the way to Wu Town, which was thousands of miles away from Shangjing City, and lived in seclusion.

Meng Tiansheng had been cultivating Essence Cultivation Technique of the Cold Attribute for many years. A single punch from him could be fatal to an ordinary people. Although it did not take Xinlan's life, it was enough to make Xinlan suffer from the hidden disease of the Cold Qi for years. During the night, Xinlan often tossed and turned in her bed due to the pain. She even tried to kill herself several times. But when thinking of her son, she forcefully endured the pain.

"Tianhan Sect, Meng family!"

Every time he thought of these two names, Meng Fann's expression sunk and a vicious look flashed across his eyes.

The dusk slowly enveloped the entire Wu Town. Meng Fann lay down quietly on the small bed wide awake because he knew that Xinlan's injuries had flared up again after vomiting blood. Only the precious Spirit Herb could suppress the Cold Qi within her. Otherwise, she would definitely be tortured to death, and her life would even be in danger.

However, a single Tuber Fleeceflower was far from enough!

Unfortunately, it was not an easy task for Meng Fann to obtain the Spirit Herb that had a higher grade. Meng Fann furrowed his brows, knowing that it wouldn't work if he relied on the regular quota of Wu Town. Even if the mayor sympathized with them, they could not continue living like this!

Staring out the window, out of a sudden, Meng Fann's eyes twinkled when he thought of a possibility. The night sky was filled with mystery, Meng Fann couldn't help but sit up and let out a heavy breath. He muttered as if he had made up his mind.

"This is the only way. My father once said that once a man has made up his mind, he must accomplish it. Even if it's a mistake, he mustn't regret it!"

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