Supreme God King/C20 Divine Pearl Technique Impartation
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Supreme God King/C20 Divine Pearl Technique Impartation
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C20 Divine Pearl Technique Impartation

Meng Fann immediately stood up and quickly helped Xinlan up. He carefully examined her body and found that her body had a cold feeling. Her Cold Qi seemed to be heavier than before.

"Why are you so serious again?"

Xinlan looked up and smiled. There was a trace of blood in her mouth and she said softly, "It's fine. I'm probably tired of picking herbs recently."

Meng Fann was stunned. Then he realized that it was his negligence. While he was cultivating hard, Xinlan must have been collecting herbs in the vicinity of Yanlang Mountain in order to exchange for gold coins. Moreover, Xinlan left early and returned late. That was why she was tired.

A second grade Spirit Herb might be able to temporarily suppress the injuries in Xinlan's body, but the Cold Qi in her body had been stuck for too long. It had already penetrated deep into her bone marrow. Unless it was a real Spirit Herb, Xinlan would constantly suffer from the cold.

When Meng Fann thought of this, he gritted his teeth and said seriously, "Don't worry. As long as you get first place in the Clans Competition, you will get the blood stone. I will definitely help you get the blood stone."

Xinlan saw the determined look on Meng Fann's face and said with relief, "I am looking forward to your performance."

Although Xinlan did not really believe it in her heart, there was a parent who did not want her son to succeed. Meng Fann saying this sentence could already make Xinlan very happy.

Meng Fann helped Xinlan back to her room and then returned to his room.

Meng Fann knew that he had many important things on his shoulders. Meng Fann did not dare to imagine that he could be outstanding in Clans Competition and suppress everyone. Although Meng Fann had made a lot of progress, Lei Hu and Lei Bao were extremely troublesome in the Clans Competition. They were both Body Refining seventh grade's obstacles.

Furthermore, Gu Qing was a genius in the Wu Town. Her strength was very powerful.

Thinking of this, Meng Fann let out a bitter laugh. His hope of getting first place was extremely slim. He took out the black beads and prepared to repair his body. Meng Fann's palm moved. He was stunned. Under the moonlight, the black beads was like a rock. Meng Fann suddenly realized that in the center of the bead, it was emitting a bright light.

Meng Fann frowned. He looked at it with confusion. Meng Fann had never understood the origin and identity of the black beads. He gently grabbed the black beads and used the Essence Qi to feel the interior of the bead.

When the Essence Qi gathered on the black beads, Meng Fann's face changed. It was as if he was slapped by someone. A mysterious energy merged into his mind, and Meng Fann almost fainted from the pain.

Under the intense pain, Meng Fann's face gradually twisted. After a long while, Meng Fann finally regained his senses. He rubbed his eyes, and the sound continued to ring in his mind.

The pain just now made Meng Fann not dare to touch the bead easily. He grabbed the bead. In the next moment, Meng Fann could feel a special mark in his mind. At the same time, a voice came out of his head.

"Young master, save me. I can only tell you once about my current energy. You can only talk to me after forming the Sea of Consciousness. I'm giving this imprint to you. You will have a place to keep it."

It was a woman who was speaking. Her voice was very pleasant to the ears, but it was a little intermittent. Her voice was faintly discernible in Meng Fann's mind. It was as if she had never existed. Meng Fann suspected that the scene just now was an illusion.

Someone actually spoke in the black beads.

When Meng Fann used the Essence Qi to sense again, he could no longer communicate with the black beads.

Meng Fann frowned and thought for a while. If it was an illusion, then why was his head still hurting? But if it wasn't an illusion, then there must be some secret in the black beads, and there really was someone inside.

Meng Fann thought of this possibility and suddenly realized. He couldn't sense it because he wasn't strong enough. According to its voice, only those who possessed the true mental energy and had stepped into the Qi Refining Stage could communicate with it.

Ordinary people would have the mental energy, and even the Body Refining vitality cultivator had only just been opened. In order to truly use the mental energy, only those who had reached the Qi Refining Stage and formed the Sea of Consciousness could officially step into the realm of the mental energy.

According to Meng Fann's knowledge, there were many people on the continent who could cultivate the Essence Qi into expert, but there were very few who were truly proficient in the mental energy.

Once one broke through to the Body Refining, a Sea of Consciousness would be opened in one's mind, and only then would one be able to store a weak mental energy. This was the difference between a Body Refining and a Qi Refining Stage.

Once the Sea of Consciousness was formed, all changes within a hundred meter radius would be sensed, and it would be a great help to his cultivation and combat.

Meng Fann wanted to get in touch with the person who spoke in the black beads. He had to reach the Qi Refining Stage first. Just as Meng Fann was deep in thought, he suddenly frowned. Meng Fann felt as if something had appeared in his mind. This thing seemed to be a mark left behind by the black beads.

Meng Fann suppressed the shock in his heart. He focused all of his attention on the mark in his mind. The mark was like a seed. The moment Meng Fann touched the Sea of Consciousness, his body trembled. A large amount of information was integrated into his mind.

The mark on Meng Fann's back was like a symbol, but Meng Fann's mental energy couldn't fully contain it. However, just by looking at the effect, Meng Fann felt a sense of respect in his heart. It was as if he was even smaller than an ant in front of this mark. In an instant, Meng Fann's mental energy was ejected from his body.

Meng Fann opened his eyes and found that he was covered in cold sweat, drenching his clothes. Meng Fann frowned. The information in his mind gradually appeared in front of his eyes.

Body Refining technique, Refined Pattern Steel.

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