Supreme God King/C3 Going into the Mountains to Gather Herbs
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Supreme God King/C3 Going into the Mountains to Gather Herbs
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C3 Going into the Mountains to Gather Herbs

Under the night sky, it was pitch black. There was a huge mountain near Wu Town called the Yanlang Mountain! Before the mountain path, a shadow quietly arrived at this place.

Through the silvery moonlight, it revealed Meng Fann's small face, gritting his teeth as he slowly arrived in front of the Yanlang Mountain. However, he seemed slightly hesitant.

The Yanlang Mountain was one of a mountain along the Qinglong Mountain Range. If one walked deeper into the mountain, the more dangerous it would be. It was rumored that there lived vitality cultivator's natural enemy, the Devil Beast.

There was a huge stone tablet in front of this ancient mountain with a line of words, 'Do not enter!' carved on it.

The Wu Town that Meng Fann lived in had existed for a long time, and it possed some ancient rules. One of the extremely strict rules was that people who did not belong to the guards of Wu Town were prohibited to enter the Yanlang Mountain.

The reason they implemented this rule was to prevent others from intruding into the mountain recklessly and offending the Devil Beasts in the Yanlang Mountain which might cost their lives. Secondly, a more important reason was to prevent the loss of the Spirit Herbs in the Yanlang Mountain.

Despite the existence of the Devil Beasts in the Yanlang Mountain, the abundant Spirit Herbs growing here still made many vitality cultivators came to this place at the peril of their lives. Therefore, the Wu Town founded a special guard to collect these herbs.

Even with the strength of the guards from Wu Town, they only dared to wander around the vicinity of the Yanlang Mountain without venturing too deep into it. After all, there were many unforeseen dangers within the Mountain, no one could ensure that they would not offend any powerful existence. Therefore, the Spirit Herbs they obtained were extremely limited.

The only way Meng Fann could think of was to take advantage of the night and venture into the Yanlang Mountain to see whether he could obtain a Spirit Herb.

Just one first-grade Spirit Herb was sufficient to temporarily relieve Xinlan's injuries. The reason that made Meng Fann hesitate was that the serious consequences of violating the clan rules. Previously, a clansman who had entered the mountain without permission was caught by the patriarch and was beaten heavily for fifty times with a wooden plank.

Thinking about the thick plank landing on his body, Meng Fann could not help but feel anxious. That clansman was an adult, yet he was beaten until his flesh was torn and blood was dripping all over the place. If Meng Fann was to get beaten up, his small body would probably be crippled.

However, thinking of his mother who was suffering from illness at home, Meng Fann gritted his teeth, stepping into the dark forest as he slowly merged into the darkness.

The pitch-black mountain path was covered by countless trees, only faint silvery moonlight could penetrate through the forest. The mountain path was as deep as an unknown abyss, thus, Meng Fann could only rely on his senses to walk on it.

Meng Fann could only depend on the faint moonlight to walk up the mountain path. Being in the darkness, his body felt tense because he couldn't possibly be unafraid. Still, he gritted his teeth and forced himself to remain calm.

After experiencing the great changes within the family, Meng Fann knew that he must share some of the burdens with his mother. Thus, he had a stronger determination than those of the same age.

Vaguely, a gentle breeze blew across the forest. In the darkness, only Meng Fann's lonely figure could be seen and the sound of the surrounding trees could be heard. Every time while Meng Fann took a step forward, he would check his surroundings, hoping to see a Spirit Herb left behind by the guards in the forest.

At this moment, Meng Fann didn't dare to be careless, knowing that anything could happen in Yanlang Mountain. Even those who had reached the Soul Refining Stage wouldn't be able to escape unscathed.

Around an hour later, Meng Fann felt slightly disappointed. At this time, he had already entered deep into the Yanlang Mountain, but not to mention any high-grade Spirit Herb, a single first-grade Spirit Herb was nowhere to be seen.

Meng Fann's face sunk as it turned gloomy. He could only helplessly pout and muttered.

"Spirit Herb is indeed challenging to find. It looks like the Spirit Herbs at the border have all been collected by the guards. So, I could only walk towards the depths!"

Thinking of this, Meng Fann bolstered his courage and climbed forward like an ape.

However, along the ancient mountain path, the higher Meng Fann climbed, the steeper the mountain path became. The darkness was unconducive to Meng Fann's performance. Therefore, just in a short while, a few burning wounds had appeared on his body. They were all scratched by the sharp stones along the mountain path.

Meng Fann then frowned, thinking that since he had already taken the risk to enter the forest, if he went back empty-handed, it would make him feel reluctant. However, if he continued to climb, not to mention the danger he might encounter along the path, even Meng Fann's physical strength could not keep up with it.

Just as Meng Fann was hesitating, his eyes twinkled and he saw a steep cliff on the mountain path.

This cliff was extremely steep and the cliff wall was smooth. He could vaguely see a few trees, behind it was darkness, thus, Meng Fann could not see anything and know what was there.

Seeing this cliff, Meng Fann stopped immediately, and hesitated.

Obviously, even the guards were not willing to take the risk to go up the cliff. After all, if he accidentally slipped, it would cost his life. The degree of danger was self-evident, but this was also the place where the Spirit Herb was most likely to grow around this area.

If he were to return empty-handed, all of his efforts would be in vain. Looks like he could only take the risk and give it a try! Meng Fann gritted his teeth, though he knew it was dangerous, he still decided to climb up the cliff.

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