Supreme God King/C4 Second-Grade Spirit Herb — Myriad Spirit Herb
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Supreme God King/C4 Second-Grade Spirit Herb — Myriad Spirit Herb
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C4 Second-Grade Spirit Herb — Myriad Spirit Herb

With just a few steps, he arrived at the top of the cliff, grabbing onto the rock tightly with his small hands, and simultaneously moved towards the other side of the mountain with care.

With the slightest carelessness, Meng Ran hit his body on a rock, causing Meng Ran's face to twitch after feeling sudden intense pain. Blood slowly flowed out from his wounded chest, but in the next moment, Meng Fann grabbed the cliff tightly once again with his palm. He used all his strength to lean against the rock and then continued to climb forward.

Finally, Meng Fann stopped at the platform which had three meters away from the cliff, staring at the cliff and moved his legs as he shouted in a low voice.

"Let's do this!"

As Meng Fann said that, he jumped towards the cliff. A strong force transmitted from Meng Fann's legs, in an instant, Meng Fann dashed across the sky and accurately landed on the back of the cliff.

However, Meng Fann landed on the rock, causing him to feel the pain immediately. The wound was in scorching pain that it felt like his bones were going to break. However, he smiled excitedly, knowing that he had made the right bet. The Traceless Swallow Stomp that he had been cultivating so hard was all worth.

This Traceless Swallow Stomp was a Qi Essence Cultivation Technique, and also the only cultivation technique Meng Fann was proficient in.

Based on Meng Fann's knowledge, this Qi Essence Cultivation Technique had existed for an unknown period of time in this world. It was an existence that could fully unleash the power of the Qi Essence. According to the classification of the Qi Essence Cultivation Technique, it was divided into lower, middle, and upper realms. With every advancement of the realm, the power of the Qi Essence Cultivation Technique would be doubled.

And above these realms were the realms of the Cloudburst, Desolate, Earth, and Heaven Realm, which were the four legendary realms. However, Meng Fann had only heard about it.

The Traceless Swallow Stomp that Meng Fann cultivated was the most basic Low-grade cultivation technique. All the youth in Wu Town had cultivated it.

The Traceless Swallow Stomp was just a technique that could increase one's speed. It couldn't even be considered a powerful technique, but it was something that Meng Fann was proficient with. He had cultivated the technique well to be able to increase his speed by quite a bit.

Meng Fann forced himself to stand up, looking around excitedly under the faint moonlight due to that the land behind this cliff was all of Meng Fann's hope.

In the next moment, Meng Fann's pupils shrank as he suddenly noticed that there was a faint glow emitting under a withered tree some distance away. He then took a closer look and saw a small grass. The leaves on the grass were slightly separated, and at the same time, there was a pleasant fragrance emitting from it.

"Myriad Spirit Herb!"

Second-grade Spirit Herb, Myriad Spirit Herb!

At that moment, Meng Fann's body could not help but tremble in excitement. Although he had never seen a Myriad Spirit Herd before, he had seen it in the pharmacopeia in Wu Town before. The description on it was exactly the same as the appearance of this little grass! This herb had a stronger medicine efficacy compared to the First-Grade Spirit Herbs — Tuber Fleeceflowers.

Instantly, an excited smile appeared on Meng Fann's small face, knowing that the Myriad Spirit Herb would be a great help for Xinlan injuries. Although it couldn't heal her completely, it was enough to temporarily suppress her cold disease.

Thinking of this, Meng Fann immediately walked towards the Myriad Spirit Herb in excitement. Unfortunately, when he approached the Myriad Spirit Herb with big strides, his gaze shifted to an inconspicuous black object next to the herb.

Lifting his eyebrows as he picked it up doubtfully, wiping away the dirt on it, and realized that it was a black pearl.

The pearl was the size of a palm, and it was filled with cracks. Not only that it was pitch black, but also as hard as a rock!

This thing was buried together with the Myriad Spirit Herb. If one didn't look carefully, one wouldn't be able to find it. It was probably someone who had left it here.

Meng Fann smiled and didn't pay too much attention to it. Instead, he placed all of his attention on the Myriad Spirit Herb. With that, he carefully picked up the herb, wrapped it with a piece of cloth, and put it in his arms.

After everything was done, Meng Fann felt relieved as he secretly sighed about his good luck. In his excitement, Meng Fann weighed the black pearl in his hand and muttered softly, "This thing is quite heavy!" As he spoke, he casually placed the pearl into his bosom.

Under his clothes, when the blood on Meng Fann's chest touched the black pearl, it fused into the black pearl without Meng Fann noticing.

In the blink of an eye, a dazzling light flashed across the pearl, illuminating the dark sky!

At the same time, Meng Fann let out a muffled groan, feeling all his blood rushed up to his head and a warm current flowing inside his body. In the next moment, his body slowly collapsed and fell into a deep slumber.

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