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C5 An Extremely Beautiful Lady

Opening his heavy eyelids, Meng Fann tried his best to recognize the surroundings and found himself being in the middle of a forest. When the sunlight shone through the dense forest, it could be seen that this was clearly the Yanlang Mountain!

This was not a dream!

Meng Fann immediately turned around and touched his chest. The Myriad Spirit Herd and the black pearl he found were still there, they did not disappear!

"Luckily, everything is still with me!"

Meng Fann grinned as he wonder what should he do if the Myriad Spirit Herb was missing.

However, in the next moment, Meng Fann's body slightly froze because he was surprised to find that other than the bloodstains, there were no other injuries on his body!

Last night, other than the wounds that Lei Tao had inflicted on Meng Fann, there were also scratches he got on his way up to the mountain. There were at least three wounds on his body, both inside and outside. But now, the wounds had completely disappeared, and even the scars had vanished.

This immediately caused Meng Fann to frown. Even if he had consumed the Myriad Spirit Herb last night, he might not have such a miraculous medicinal efficiency, let alone the fact that the herb was still in his pocket.

Could it be related to the black pearl?

Meng Fann moved his palm and took out the black bead. He then observed it carefully, but it looked just like how it was last night, he could not see any difference between the black pearl and hard rock.

"This is too odd!"

Meng Fann scratched his head, but the next moment, the expression on his small face changed. Immediately, he put the pearl and herb back into his bosom, because he noticed that it was already dawn! He quickly ran down the mountain as he cursed within.

In Wu Town, everyone would start their cultivation once dawn broke. In the slightness carelessness, Meng Fann might run into the residence there, and by that time, he would be in trouble. This made Meng Fann feel extremely anxious.

When he thought of the strict rules of the clan, Meng Fann couldn't help but run through the mountains like an ape.

However, due to the fact that it was daytime and his injuries had healed, Meng Fann didn't feel as tired as when he climbed up the mountain last night. What surprised him was that his body seemed to have become much lighter and faster.

However, Meng Fann did not mind about it, only ran down the mountain as quickly as possible. And just in an hour, he had already walked out of the Yanlang Mountain. It could be seen that his speed was twice as fast as yesterday.

Meng Fann quickly walked past the stone monument and look around cautiously. Once he didn't see anyone around, only then did Meng Fann calm his mind, tidying his clothes, and slowly walked towards his home as if nothing had happened.

However, he felt somewhat excited within him. It wasn't only because he had obtained the Myriad Spirit Herb, but also because of the strange thing that had happened to his body. His injuries had been completely healed overnight. It could be said that the process was extremely mysterious and all of this might have something to do with the pearl. Furthermore, Meng Fann's memory had only stopped at the second when the light illuminated the sky.

Sure enough, it could also be an illusion!

While comforting himself in his heart, Meng Fann was walking towards his home excitedly. Suddenly, he came to a halt and stared forward with his small face as a trace of passion appeared in his eyes.

From a distance away, Meng Fann saw a beautiful figure who looked around the age of sixteen, wearing a white robe with hair was draped behind her back slowly walked over. Although she was young, her body had developed quite well, especially her pure appearance. Her facial features were exquisite, and it gave people the feeling that they couldn't bear to hurt her.

"Gu Xin'er!"

Meng Fann blurted out, but his tone was filled with a unique feeling.

The young and cute Gu Xin'er before him was the daughter of the mayor of Wu Town, Gu Yuan. She had a twin sister, and both of them were called the Twin Lotus of Wu Town.

Gu Xin'er had a gentle personality, and her face emitted a charm that made people feel as if she was easy to approach. It could be said that she was the dream girl of countless young men in Wu Town, including the short-tempered Lei Tao who would speak in a low voice in front of Gu Xin'er.

Among the many admirers of Gu Xin'er, Meng Fann was also one of them. When Meng Fann came to Wu Town when he was five years old, he had spent his childhood with Gu Xin'er and grown up together.

However, as he grew older, especially after both of them started cultivating the Qi Essence together, Meng Fann became more aware of the gap between them. He realized that he was just a poor kid.

Gu Xin'er, on the other hand, was the mayor's daughter, and she also displayed an extremely powerful Qi Essence cultivation talent. So later on, Meng Fann started to suppress his feelings, and sealed himself away from her world. After that, he wholeheartedly immersed himself in cultivation, and deliberately distanced himself from Gu Xin'er.

Sometimes, even when Gu Xin'er came to visit Meng Fann, he would deliberately avoid her. As time passed, they had gradually grown apart, however, only Meng Fann knew that he had always adored this girl he had grown up with.

Standing at where he was, Meng Fann sighed softly, lowering his head, and walked forward. He did not intend to greet Gu Xin'er, instead, he planned to pass by quietly. However, the next moment, Gu Xin'er noticed Meng Fann and call him out in an excited voice.

"Brother Meng Fann , what a coincidence. You came out to cultivate too!"

As she spoke, a lovely smile appeared on Gu Xin'er's face, as if it was a blooming lotus flower. She then took small steps forward and arrived in front of Meng Fann. Immediately, Meng Fann sniffed out a fragrant scent, it was pleasant and mild. It was the unique body scent of a young girl.

The scent was similar to when she was a child!

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